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Do Not From Break Life, Travel With Me To Catch Life

Under the leadership of Adil Tanriverdi, Travel with Me and Trip Ventura Travel Agency are proud to be the representative of safe tourism and 100% satisfaction in Turkey, especially in Alanya, in the Mediterranean and in the Aegean. Developing himself on customer relations, tourism and guidance, Tanrıverdi is also an example of entrepreneurship that will be exemplary at his young age. The energy you will receive from the moment you enter the door of this company actually comes from the sincerity and success of Adil Tanriverdi and his team.

Destination Management Company 'Travel with Me and Trip Ventura', which has been serving with its experience in daily adventure tours, domestic and international tours and networking since 2010, sees the satisfied returns of tourists as the inspiration behind it. We excel in luxury, expert experience, 100% satisfaction and affordable price guarantee to give you an experience you've never had before. Our aim is to create anything less than 'extraordinary' for you at any cost. We leave no gaps to give you an experience you can't find anywhere else. Our dedication and commitment combined with personalized services are also sure to help you make the most of every moment of your vacation.

We are working to 'turn travel into memories'.

We believe that leaving a footprint to the whole world means creating traces in the mind, that the only way of human development is to see and learn, and for this reason, we are constantly trying to offer you the real 'Turkey full of adventure'. You can explore the beautiful places of Turkey, daily adventure tours (parachute, jeep safari, rafting, pirate boat tours etc.) Our team of experts work diligently to understand your expectations and offer you customized itineraries that will allow you to experience the heart and soul of Turkey. After understanding your interests and expectations, it brings together the activities and experiences you have always dreamed of. It is clear that Turkey is a treasure trove of souvenirs with no shortage of tourist attractions and attractions. We specialize in providing customized vacations that allow you to experience entertainment, art, culture, history and architecture, and we are here for you.

Our vision is to go global on the way we set out with the philosophy that we need to develop more, not 'I have developed', which is not satisfied with the point it stands at. The idea that we do not compete and do not see it as a competitor is that we see everyone who enters the door as 'guests, not customers'. Because Travel with Me is like a “welcome museum” where you present our guests our tastes, passions and priorities.


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We make travel unforgettable. Our tours are personalized, unique, and expertly crafted to showcase the best of your destination. We're changing the way people connect with the places they visit, and we've already helped millions of travelers.

Let us help you create your dream vacation. Join us on our journey to transform ordinary trips into extraordinary experiences.

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