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7 hours
Up to 100 peoples

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Alanya Jeep Safari is one of the best ways to explore the unexplored places in Alanya, including the emerald green areas of the Taurus Mountains, the icy river, the untouched forests, and the narrow mountain highways.

Be it the rocky landscapes or the inaccessible geo-morphological topography of Alanya, jeep safari in Alanya is the best option for traveling. Jeep safaris give you a unique and exciting experience. It takes you on adventurous and unusual routes where you will feel the clean oxygen that is rare in today's conditions.

This excursion is full of adrenaline and speed, but also a fun way to enjoy Alanya's beautiful nature and incredible landscapes. The tour guide will tell you about religious traditions in Turkey while visiting a local village mosque. You will have your lunch in the special environment of Dim River (Dim Stream). Here you can also cool off by swimming in the ice, melting the water from the mountains. Before you have your lunch, the driver will take you to a landscape in the rugged mountains. Don't miss the opportunity to book early to experience the peak of your experience.

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Expert Guide

Excluded Features

Photos & Videos
Any Beverages

Important Notes

Don't Forget; Sun Cream, Swimsuit, Towel, Sunglasses, Hat

Important Notes

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