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Pirate Boat Tour with Lunch

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5 hours
Up to 100 peoples

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Alanya is a city located on the Turkish Riviera in the province of Antalya. It is known for its Mediterranean climate, beaches and ancient castle.Alanya boat tour is a kind of guided tour on the boat. Boat tours can be found in many different places, including rivers, lakes and oceans. They are a popular activity for tourists and can offer a unique way to see and experience a new place. Alanya boat tours vary as 1 or 5 hours and these trips include animation shows and foam parties. While this boat tour focuses on touring the surroundings, it is designed to provide an experience for passengers to see the natural beauty of the Alanya region. Boat tour in Alanya is a fun and enjoyable way to turn your holiday into a paradise for a day.

Pirate boat tour in Alanya is a popular touristic activity where the animation team can take a boat trip along the coast of Alanya and enjoy the beautiful scenery by wearing pirate costumes and participating in pirate-themed events. The tour typically includes stops at popular landmarks and attractions along the coast, such as the Red Tower and Alanya Castle, and may also include activities such as swimming and snorkeling. Some pirate boat tours also include a traditional Turkish barbecue lunch or dinner. If you are interested in taking a pirate boat tour in Alanya, you should book a tour now or get more information.

Various boat tours are available in Alanya that allow visitors to explore the coastline and visit nearby landmarks and attractions. Some of the popular boat tours in Alanya are:

Alanya Castle Boat Tour: This tour takes visitors around Alanya Castle and along the coast, offering stunning views of the city and the surrounding landscape.

Alanya Sunset Boat Trip: This tour offers a romantic experience with a sunset cruise on the Alanya coast.

Alanya Pirate Boat Tour: This fun-filled tour is popular with families and includes games, music and a pirate-themed atmosphere.

Alanya Honeymoon Boat Trip: This tour is ideal for couples and includes a romantic dinner on board as well as a visit to a secluded bay.

There are many tour operators offering boat tours in Alanya, but Trip Ventura is the first choice to get the best price and experience.

Included Features

Soft Beverages
Animation & Entertainment Team

Excluded Features

Alcohol Beverages

Important Notes

Don forget; Hats, Sun Cream, Swimsuits, Sunglasses, Towel, Camera, Extra Clothes & Comfortable Shoes.

Important Notes

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