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Amazing Antalya tours are full of amazing adventure destinations, each with their own adventure activities. Water rafting is the coolest gift Alanya will give you. Would you like to have lunch by the river while you are gliding through the angry waters with the splendor of the Taurus Mountains? Of course, YES to this unique experience that you will not find anywhere else! Nothing is more captivating than the feeling of adrenaline in natural settings/ice-cold blue waters. When you come to Alanya and return without experiencing it, make a reservation now for a completed holiday feeling. Shortly after you book your tour of an unforgettable adrenaline adventure with friends and family in the beautiful setting of the Bridge River, you will receive a confirmation and an email with your pickup time.

Program (9 hours)


07:50 Pick up from hotel to meeting point
10:45 Arrival at the meeting point to suıt up
12:00 Rafting
14:00 Swimming break at köprülü kanyon
14:30 Second part of rafting
15:05 Late lunch break
15:45 Departure from endpoint to hotel 18:00 Arrival at the hotel.





Guide, instructors

Main Equipment (Helmet, life jacket, boat)

Photos, DVD 
Rafting shoes 


Meal included
Transfer included

Hotel Pickup Free Pickup
09:00 Start Time
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