3IN1 Rafting & Zipline & ATV Safari Adventure Combo Package

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7 hours
Up to 100 peoples

Experiences descriptions

This fantastic holiday on the Koprucay River includes rafting, quad bike activities, and ziplining! As a result, you will never be bored! It’s now or never to learn more!

Go on adventure tours in Belek, far away from the daily experience, with plenty of adventure opportunities! The region's mind-blowing geographic diversity makes it one of the country's top destinations for adventure lovers. It boasts dense forests, lush greenery, rumbling rivers, scenic bridges, sprawling meadows, beautiful beaches, deep gorges, dunes and much more.

Whether you are a young man, young or old man, Belek has the 3IN1 package to offer you in terms of adventure. You can choose from a variety of adventure trips, from air adventure to water and land: Rafting, Zipline and Atv Quad Safari.

Included Features

Instructor & Expert Guide

Excluded Features

Photos & Videos

Tour Program

Arrive to Land

You will be picked up from your accommodation in a comfortable, fully equipped car to begin your Belek Rafting Zipline and ATV Tour.

We go to the first stop on our excursion when everyone comes. We arrive in the region after passing through Belek’s beautiful countryside and charming villages.

The work crew will greet you pleasantly when you arrive. They’ll next provide you information and talk about security. After that, we’ll take a test drive. The journey begins! 

Ride an ATV Quad

The ATV excursion will start on schedule, and we’ll head into the woods. Nature, flowers, and pleasant odors abound here. Stick to the path and have a good time riding there. Riding an ATV is a lot of fun! It takes around an hour to finish.

Rafting Time!

You will go rafting at Koprucay.

Then we’ll teach you how to go to a rafting location. Following that, our knowledgeable team will greet you with a friendly greeting and go through the details of what will take place. After understanding the essentials, you will begin rafting in a boat.

The journey is 14 kilometers long in total. You’re going to have a terrific time!

Zipline Time

Prepare for a magnificent journey over the valley… Glide safely through the woods and have fun… You’re in for a delight!

The zipline journey begins, and you’ll be overjoyed! Feel the air and float like a bird through the sky!

As you pass, keep an eye out for the earth and other objects! Feel the ground beneath your feet and keep an eye out for everything you pass by.

Important Notes

You should bring a towel, swimsuit, shorts, sunscreen, shoes suitable for water, sandals, etc., and an extra t-shirt.

We do not recommend buying valuables, money, metal accessories (necklaces, earrings, tags, etc.). You can only get some money for drinks and tour DVDs, photos.

Participants must be over 5 years old. Pregnant women cannot participate.

You should choose shoes with low slippery properties suitable for water conditions.

The only disadvantage of rafting tours from Alanya is the long route. To facilitate this, we make our transfers with comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles.

We have free transfer services in Antalya, Side, Kumköy, Manavgat, Lara regions.


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