Fethiye Camel Riding Tour

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1 hours
Up to 100 peoples

Experiences descriptions

Just like in desert countries, you can now experience the pleasure of Fethiye Camel Tour in the best way in Turkey, and besides, you can get the chance to do it under wonderful sea views surrounded by lush forests. Within the scope of the special organization tours we provide for you, you can experience this pleasure among the lush forests intertwined with nature, while at the same time you can find the opportunity to perform on the beach under personal preferences. This excitement will make you feel completely different as you rock on the camel. It is a wonderful trip where you can laugh and have fun. We pick you up from your accommodation and take you to Kayaköy, where you can ride camels. You will rest in the pine forests and refresh yourself on the walking paths with magnificent views of the Taurus Mountains. You don't need any experience for this trip. Our guides will teach you how to ride a camel in Fethiye.

You can get the chance to join the Fethiye Camel Tour organization in the magnificent forested areas of the Mediterranean. In addition, while you can do this on the beach within the route, you can enjoy this magnificent visual in the best way under the view of Ölüdeniz nature park. You can also experience the chance to visit the historical Kayaköy, which has different architectural structures from the past to the present, at the other stage of the route. Within this plan and program, you can find the opportunity to enjoy a camel ride alone or with your friends and loved ones.

Included Features

1 Hour Camel Ride
Full Insurance

Excluded Features

Food & Beverages
Photos & Videos

Important Notes

We recommend that you bring sunscreen, glasses and a hat with you.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Important Notes

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