Kaş Scuba Diving Tour

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Whether you’re a seasoned dive professional, or this is the first time you’ve ever put on a pair of flippers, Kas Diving Tour guarantees memories to cherish for a lifetime. Did you know that the Mediterranean sea is one of the best dive seas in the world and that the waters off Kas are some of the best in the whole sea. The warm temperatures and the slow, gentle currents make it perfect for marine life to come and breed and give birth. The conditions are also perfect from a safety point of view making this a great spot to take your first underwater adventure.

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Equipment and Training: Our dive centre is very experienced at dealing with all types of divers. If this is your first dive, we will take the time to teach you the basics and you can have a practise dive before we do anything too far out of your comfort zone. For those of you who have dived before and who are looking to have a deeper dive we will pair you with our experienced divers who will take you that bit further. All our equipment is well maintained and all of our dive instructors are certified professionals.

Boats: We do not use speed boats in Kas which makes this a more relaxing and unique dive experience. Our wooden boats are the perfect way to get you from the shoreline to your dive site.

Plenty To See: All the dive sites are within easy reach of the shoreline. No more than 40 minutes boat ride away. The outlying islands off the Kas shoreline make for fantastic residences for local marine life. The warm and slow-moving currents also encourage a lot of different species to come here to breed. There is always plenty of visibility which allows you to see the best of local marine life.

Diving: Our expert instructors will accompany your dive and help to point out different types of marine life. Each dive is about 30 minutes and goes to between 5 and 7 metres. For more experienced divers there are plenty of different dive sites to visit including some ship wrecks as well as caves, under water canyons and the drop offs which are always teeming with sealife. The slow moving, sheltered waters of the Mediterranean also make Kas one of the safest places to dive.

Marine Life: This area is very well populated with marine life. On a typical dive you will see hundreds of different colourful, tropical fish. The area is also home to sea turtles, sting rays and even dolphins. Unique coral and different marine plants are also in abundance under these waters.

Return Back: Following your underwater adventure our driver will be on hand to take you back to your hotel.

Important Notes

Important Notes About the Tour


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