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Green Canyon Boat Tour

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8 hours
Up to 100 peoples

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The Green Canyon Boat Tour from Side is an extraordinary boat tour that you will take at the Oymapınar Dam, which is about 20 kilometers away from Side and called the Green Canyon. You will find everything you are looking for on this tour, where you will find not only natural beauties but also a peaceful feeling. As Trip Ventura, our priority is inner happiness, adrenaline and then witnessing the art of nature.

Oymapınar Dam, also known as Green Canyon Tours, was built on the Manavgat River. It is the third largest dam in Turkey. It stretches towards the Taurus Mountains on both sides, accompanied by lush forests, and is surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

The Green Canyon in Side, its magnificent protracted landscape, consisting of a combination of forests and smoky mountains that contain every shade of green, inevitably invites an adventurous boat tour here. We offer this opportunity in the best way for adventure and nature lovers. You will definitely love the Green Canyon tour from Side.

We pick you up from your hotel and take you to the canyon pier and start our boat tour. You should be ready for a journey of up to 17 kilometers. You should have your cameras handy to capture a great view on the road. You will be very happy to be away from the stifling and humid air of the beach. Moreover, you can fill your lungs with the fresh air of the mountains.

You will also have the opportunity to swim in cold waters from time to time on the green canyon boat tour. No matter how hot the weather was that day, it is surprising that the water temperature never exceeded 12 °C. It would be great to beat the heat in these cold waters on the hottest days of the year, wouldn't it?

Lunch will be served at our restaurant next to Green Canyon. We invite nature lovers to our Green Canyon Boat Tour from Side.

Included Features

Expert Guide
Lunch (Grilled Fish or Chicken, Salads, Macaroni or Rice, Appetizers )
Boat tour on Green Canyon Dam

Excluded Features

Photos & Videos

Tour Program

Pick-Up at the Hotel & Apartments

Arrival at the Boat

Boat tour at the small canyon

First swimming break

Lunch at the Restaurant

Great Canyon Tour and Swimming and Fishing

Drop-off to the Hotel & Apartments

Important Notes

Changing cabins, restrooms and showers are available on the yacht.

You can take your swimming suit, towel, and camera

We are happy to accept your payment in cash on the bus to our tour guide


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