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Manavgat River Boat & Grand Local Bazaar Tour

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6 hours
Up to 100 peoples

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Welcome to a traditional "Manavgat Boat and Bazaar Tour"!

Enjoy a day of sightseeing and a relaxing boat tour on the beautiful green Manavgat River. Manavgat Boat Tour and Manavgat waterfalls sightseeing tour from Side is a combination of nature and culture. Manavgat waterfalls and river are the most beautiful natural formations a tourist can see.

We start this trip by heading to the district where we will visit the Manavgat Kulliye Mosque.The guide will give you information about religion and Turkish culture. In Manavgat Tour, we will also find a large bazaar (marketplace) where you will have some time to yourself to buy your holiday souvenirs or fresh fruit and experience Turkish-style bargains. Manavgat waterfalls and river are the most beautiful natural formations a tourist can see. We offer a river cruise, magnificent waterfall views, the natural habitat of pelicans and turtles, a rare swimming opportunity or an exciting trip in a river delta where you can swim in the cold and still waters of the Manavgat River.

Afterwards, we will take off to the Manavgat River where the boat will be waiting for us. While we are sailing down the cold river we will be severing you a nice lunch. In the end, the river meets the ocean and here we will make a stop to relax and enjoy a swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea or the cold water from the Manavgat River. Before heading back to the hotels we will make a stop at the Manavgat Waterfall.

Included Features

Expert Guide

Excluded Features

Photos & Videos
Manavgat Waterfall Entrance Fee

Tour Program

Picking up from hotels/apartments in Side

Arriving at Manavgat River Port

Getting on Boat and Leaving from the Port

Sailing on the Manavgat River (About 2 hours)

Watching Pelicans and Sea Turtles

Swimming Break (You can swim both in sea and river)

Lunch Time

Sailing Back to Manavgat Port

Visiting Manavgat Bazaar (Local Market), Free Time About 2 Hours for Shopping

Visiting Manavgat Waterfalls

Dropping-Off at Hotels & Apartments in Side

Important Notes

We organize the Manavgat boat and waterfall tour on Mondays and Thursdays. Because those days are market days in Manavgat Town

You should take your swimsuits and camera


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