Side Buggy Safari Tour

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3 hours
Up to 100 peoples

Experiences descriptions

Side Buggy in Safari is a trip full of adrenaline and adventure! You will get to explore the beautiful surroundings of the majestic Taurus Mountains near the Oymapınar Dam. The Buggies are easy to drive and you do not need to have any prior experience or a driving license to join this tour. After a short briefing by our professional instructors and a test drive, you will be ready to drive.

This trip takes you on off-road 27 kilometers and on the challenging tracks in the muddy and wet tarring of the mountains and the area of the Green Canyon. This trip let you enjoy the outstanding flora and fauna of the mountains and during the trip, there will be a break near the could and refreshing lake where you can enjoy a swim.

Included Features

Expert Guide
Equipment & Tour Insurance

Excluded Features

Photos & Videos

Tour Program

Transfers from the Hotels in Side

Arrival at Koprulu Canyon

Briefing regarding the rafting by professional guides

Getting kitted out with your rafting equipment

Travelling to the starting point (the journey is 7km and takes approximately 15 minutes) before the rafting begins there will be an opportunity to visit the Roman bridge, take some photos and enjoy some swimming

Then the first part of the rafting experience 10 km all supervised by our expert professional guides

Then lunch break at the restaurant by the river

After lunch, we commence on the final 3.6km of your rafting journey

When we arrive at the final station there will be an opportunity to view the photos and videos taken along the way these will be available for you to purchase as a keepsake of your adventure if you wish to do so

Transfers to the Hotels 

Important Notes

We recommend you to take sun cream, swimming suits (as you'll stop for swimming), comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and face protector from dirt and dust. You can also buy sunglasses and bandanas from our tour guide.

You should not wear your new and valuable clothes. Because your clothes will get dirty and dusty.

We are happy to accept your payment in cash on the bus to our tour guide.


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