The Best Places To Visit In Oman During The Summer

The Best Places To Visit In Oman During The Summer

Oman has a special location by the Arabian Sea and its weather mixes desert calmness, rain from the Indian monsoon, and a beautiful green landscape. This makes Oman one of the most beautiful places in the Gulf. Heavy Monsoon Rain In summer, Oman's desert turns green with plants because of the heavy rain. This attracts tourists from nearby countries who want to spend a unique summer enjoying Oman's beautiful nature. Here's a guide to the best places to visit in Oman during summer for a great holiday with beautiful nature and traditional Omani hospitality, which is well-known for being warm and welcoming.


The capital city is usually the first place you visit on your trip to Oman. It's a big tourist spot that serves as a bridge between the East and West. It has a mix of old history and new culture with lots of museums, gardens, places to go diving, shopping areas, and beautiful beaches to see. Muscat also offers many modern hotels that are comfortable, relaxing, and close to tourist sites. One of the nicest beaches in Muscat is the orchard beach, surrounded by mountains on all sides and near Riham Garden, which is filled with trees and flowers. If you like water sports like swimming and snorkeling, you'll want to go to Al Bustan Palace. It welcomes visitors and gives them great service.


Nizwa is a beautiful place in the mountains and is one of the top places to visit in Oman. It has a lot of old forts, including Nizwa Castle, the oldest in Oman, and Al Rudeida House fortress, which is known for its special location and design. Nizwa also has the highest point in the Arabian Peninsula, called the Sun Mount. There, you can see a big hole that looks very impressive. If you visit Nizwa, you should also check out the famous green mountain, which is 2,700 meters tall. This mountain has cool weather similar to the Mediterranean and is full of different fruit trees like pomegranate, apricot, almond, and others.

Cave Adventures in Mirbat

Mirbat is a perfect place for adventure lovers and those who like to discover hidden caves and see different kinds of animals. It has the world’s second biggest cave and the biggest one in Oman, offering a unique experience for those who like exploring underground. Mirbat is a great spot for people who love nature and seeking adventures.


Bahla is a green place that attracts people who love old castles and big palm tree forests. It looks like a piece of old history that has been kept very well. When people visit Bahla, they go on a trip back in time. They see the big Bahla fortress on a high hill and an old area with historic things. This fortress and the 400-year-old Gebrin fortress show beautiful building design and decoration inside a strong building. The journey gets even better with the big wall around the oasis. This wall has many towers and rooms that share stories from the past. This wall is special because it goes all around the oasis to protect it and has lasted a very long time. All these things together make Bahla more than just a place to visit. It's like a door to history, inviting travelers to explore its lasting beauty and amazing buildings.

The Prettiest Natural Place in Arabia - Salalah

Ending your Oman trip in Salalah, one of the top places to see in Oman and its second big city after Muscat, is a great choice. Salalah is beautiful with amazing beaches and valleys. For instance, Mughisel Beach is among the top 10 most beautiful beaches worldwide. It has natural water sprays from its rocks, making it a memorable place to visit by the sea. Wadi Derbat is another beautiful spot in Salalah, known for its greenery and many waterfalls, making it one of the prettiest natural areas in the Arabian Peninsula. If you like driving off-road, walking in the forest, sitting by ponds, and hiking up green mountains this summer, Salalah is perfect for you. The cool weather, thick forests, and clean water springs make it a great place to explore. Here, you can imagine what the Arabian Peninsula looked like thousands of years ago.

Castle of Nakhl

This castle is one of the best places to visit in Oman and is a key monument in Nakhl, located in the Al Batinah region. It sits on a rock about 200 feet high at the base of the West Stone mountains, giving it a beautiful and appealing view. The castle dates back to before Islam was established and was rebuilt in the 3rd and 10th centuries AH. It's a big building made on rocky bases and includes several towers, with the most well-known ones being the eastern, western, and middle towers.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque

This is a beautiful building and the biggest mosque that Qaboos bin Said, the Sultan of Oman, had built. It took 6 years to finish building it. The mosque's design includes several simple and artistic features like art from Morocco, gardens with water fountains, and decorations made of wood, marble, colored glass, wall paintings, and copper.

State of Dibba

If you want to see beautiful high mountains and a place full of fish, go to Dibba state. It's in the Musandam tour province and is known for its old castles and ancient graves. A big thing to do there is the Arabian Dow Cruise. You can sail on Oman's clear waters.

Royal Opera House

One of the top spots to see in Oman is the Opera House, set up in 2011. It's a key cultural spot in Oman. Even if you don't like opera, visiting the Opera House is great because the building itself is impressive.

The Muttrah Corniche

When you visit Oman, go to the Muttrah Corniche for some quiet time away from the city's noise. You will see a row of attractive buildings and mosques along the Corniche. It looks especially beautiful at sunset. It is one of the top places to see in Oman.

State of Khasab

It is one of the best places to visit in Oman. If you want a nice holiday away from the city, Khasab's waters are famous for dolphins and colorful fish. It's a good chance to go diving and see life under the water. It's bright and a great place to enjoy sunbathing.


Oman is a great place to visit because it has different kinds of landscapes, a lot of cultural history, and amazing places to see. You can enjoy the calm waters in Dibba, see the impressive Royal Opera House, and explore the natural beauty of Khasab. There's something for every traveler here. You can relax at the Muttrah Corniche or have fun looking at sea life underwater. Oman is all about discovering new things. Don't forget to visit these special places to really see what Oman is all about.

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