1 Day in Alanya, Turkey: How to Spend Your Day in Alanya?

1 Day in Alanya, Turkey: How to Spend Your Day in Alanya?


Alanya is a beautiful town on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. It's a favorite among travelers because it has a mix of rich history, stunning beaches, and modern features. This historical port city offers a view of the Taurus Mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It's perfect for adventure seekers and those looking to relax. If you're visiting Alanya for the first time, get ready for an amazing day of exploration. Our plan is designed to help you make the most of your time and create lasting memories. Let's explore the highlights of Alanya in just 24 hours.



Explore Alanya with a Jeep Ride

Start your day by touring Alanya from your hotel. Drive through the lively streets, then take a jeep ride to the Taurus Mountains. Feel the fresh air as you climb to Alanya Castle for a panoramic view. Stops at the Red Tower and Cleopatra Beach are included. The adventure covers transportation, a guide, lunch, and a cable car ticket.

Jeep Ride Alanya


Paraglide Over Alanya

After lunch, experience the thrill of paragliding over Alanya. With experienced pilots and all necessary equipment provided, rise above the blue waters and landscapes. Capture this unique moment with available photo and video packages. Paragliding in Alanya offers exclusive views, making it a memorable experience for both first-timers and experienced gliders.

Alanya Paraglide


Sunset Cruise on the Mediterranean

As the day becomes evening, relax on a sunset cruise for a calm night. The round trip includes a BBQ dinner, soft beverages, and lively entertainment. Enjoy the peaceful Mediterranean waters and relax after a day of activities. The cruise provides a perfect end to your adventure-filled day.

Sunset Cruise Alanya

Unforgettable moments await you in Alanya. It's not just about visiting places; it's about the emotions you'll carry with you. It's about the sound of the Mediterranean waves, the history embedded in the castle, the rush of air as you paraglide, and the twinkle of stars on a sunset cruise.

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