10 Best Things to Do in Alanya

10 Best Things to Do in Alanya

Getting to Alanya

Alanya is a very beautiful coastal city located in the south of Turkey. It is famous for its lovely beaches, old historical sites, and lively culture, attracting people from all over the world. The city is easy to get to by plane because Antalya Airport is not far away, only 130km. This makes it easy for people from other countries to visit Alanya. There are direct flights to Antalya from many cities in Europe, so getting to this pretty place is simple. When you arrive at Antalya, you can rent a car if you want to explore the area by yourself. This lets you see the beautiful views at your own speed. Or, you can take a bus to Alanya. This is a cheaper and easy option that also lets you see the beautiful views on the way to the city.

Getting around in Alanya

Alanya is a small city, so it's easy to walk around and see everything. But, if you don't want to walk, there are many other ways to get around. You can catch a taxi easily on the street or use an app to book one. Taxis won't cost you much to travel around the city. Another choice is the dolmuş, which are small buses that share their rides with others. They travel on specific routes and you can stop one on the street. They are cheap and good for short trips. If you want to go further or outside the city, you can rent a car or book a private tour.

1. Alanya Castle

You can't miss the castle because it's really big and stands out in the town. A long time ago, during the time of Alexander the Great, pirates used to hide in this castle. The castle walls start at the sea and go all the way up to the top of the hill. At night, they turn on lights around the castle and it looks very pretty. You can go inside for a little fee and look around. The best part is the view from the top where you can see everything below. Just so you know, even though people call it a castle, it's actually the remains of one.

2. Damlatas Cave

The cave is not very big, so you can look around it in about 15 minutes if you wish, or you can stay more time and sit on the benches inside. While making the harbor in Alanya in 1948, workers found the cave by chance. In World War II, German soldiers used it as a hiding place and it’s believed that the cave’s air helped cure their breathing issues. It costs a little to go in.

3. Dockyard

The Alanya Dockyard is an old place where ships were kept for repairs. To move the ships into the dock, they used a big crane from Roman times. This crane worked by having people walk inside a big wheel, like hamsters, to make it turn and pull the ships up.

4. Red Tower

The Red Tower is only about $1 when you buy a ticket with the dockyard. Everything is really cheap here! The attractions are close to each other. From the Red Tower, you can see a wall that goes to the castle. Inside, you walk up to see the view from the top. There are some small boat models, but the main thing is to enjoy the view.

5. Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is a well-liked beach area with many restaurants lined up, each named by a number. Relax at restaurant #22, which is a great choice. The food is good, the drinks are affordable, and they have nice hammocks to relax in. The water at this beach is very pretty, so even if you usually don't like sitting on the beach, you should try to spend some time enjoying the Mediterranean Sea when you're here. The water might be a little bit cold in May.

6. Pirate Ship Tour

Long ago, pirates were common here. Now, you can rent pirate ships for tours. They take you to see caves and rocks by the coast and you can jump off cliffs. You can eat on the ship or have a party on it.



7. Lunch at Dimcayi Pinarbasi

There's a very cold river coming from the mountains, flowing just outside the town. Many restaurants are next to the river, but this one is the most well-known.

You shouldn't miss this place! You can find it on Google Maps. All these places next to the river are named “Dimcayi”, so make sure you go to the correct one. You'll get a lot of food for about $8-9.

8. Quad Tour in the Taurus Mountains

The sea is nice, but don't forget the mountains! The Taurus mountains are really pretty. You can go on jeep tours there.

The tour starts at the top of a castle. There is a mountain where you can choose to paraglide down or take a cable car. At the bottom, there are a lot of restaurants and a nice park.

You need to line up in a single file, but it moves quickly and is exciting. There are a few jumps and some sharp turns which are fun. They take pictures and videos to sell to you later. If you want to save money, bring your own glasses and a bandana because there's a lot of dirt and dust. The cost is around $50 for one person on quad.



9. Paraglide off the Taurus Mountains

Blue skies, clear waters, and amazing views. Flying with a parachute from the Taurus Mountains is a special adventure. It's not easy for everyone because it can be scary, but it's worth the money.

The company that takes you flying will have experienced teachers. They will help you with everything you need. You will get a helmet and a belt for safety. After you put these on, you will jump from the top of the mountain and fly over the stunning area below.

Remember to bring a camera or a GoPro. You will want to take pictures or videos of this adventure to remember and enjoy it again.



10. Turkish Coffee & Tea

For only a few dollars, you can get the strongest coffee. In Turkey, it's common to pause for tea or coffee many times from morning until night. It has a thick, soup-like texture with coffee grounds in the small cup. You should try it at least once! It will definitely give you a rush.


Visiting this beautiful place lets you enjoy exciting adventures, relaxing moments, and tasty local foods, making your trip better. You can do fun things like flying over beautiful scenery, riding a quad on dusty paths, or trying out strong local coffee and tea. Each of these activities helps you learn more about the area's lively culture and stunning nature. Remember, trying new things is a chance to grow and have stories to tell when you get back. Until you go on another adventure, keep looking for things that make you happy and connect you with the world.


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