2 Days in Alanya for First Timers

2 Days in Alanya for First Timers

You can see the sights of this Mediterranean city, take easy walks along the coastline, and relax on the beach in two days in Alanya. Here's how you can see the best of Alanya in 48 hours, from water sports and a Turkish hammam to ancient buildings and cultural events.

Day 1


Begin with a cable car ride to Alanya Castle for stunning views. Explore the castle, including a Byzantine Church and medieval ruins. Optionally, hike down to Damlatas Caves.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Average Fee:  Around $10-$15 per person


Relax at Kleopatra Beach for swimming and water sports like Jet Skiing or paddleboarding.

Duration: Flexible

Average Fee: Activities like Jet Skiing, paddleboarding, or paragliding may range from $20 to $50 per activity


Experience Turkish culture at Gloria Aspendos Arena with the Fire of Anatolia show. Book in advance.

Duration: 2 hours

Average Fee:  Range from $30 to $60 per person

Day 2


Take a cruise to explore the Turquoise Coast. Options include private yachts, scuba diving, or party cruises with lunch and cave visits.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Average Fee:  A half-day cruise might be around $30-$50, while a full-day or luxury yacht cruise can range from $50 to $150 or more


Back in Alanya, visit the Red Tower and explore the town. Shop at the bazaar and enjoy Turkish cuisine at local restaurants.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Average Fee: Approximately $5-$10


Relax with a Turkish hammam and traditional Anatolian dinner. End the night at the seafront nightclubs or explore the town center's pubs and live-music venues.

Duration: 3 hours

Average Fee: 

Turkish Hammam Package: Prices vary, but a basic hammam experience might cost around $20 to $40, while a more luxurious package could be $50 or more

Nightlife: Costs for drinks and entry fees at nightclubs can vary. Plan to budget $20-$50 or more for a night out, depending on your preferences

    As your visit to this Turkish gem comes to an end, you'll take with you a variety of memories – from the excitement of cruising the seas to the serenity of an ancient hammam. Alanya is a place of contrasts and harmonies, where the old world meets the new, and the sea meets the sky. Embrace the rhythm of this coastal town, because 48 hours is just the beginning of Alanya's captivating story. Start planning your tour today and let the charm of Turkey's Alanya sweep you off your feet.

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