Alanya Pirate Boat Tours Detailed Comparison: Prices, Opportunities, Pros and Cons

Alanya Pirate Boat Tours Detailed Comparison: Prices, Opportunities, Pros and Cons

If you're looking for an exciting sea adventure, Alanya's pirate boat tours are perfect for you. Sail the Mediterranean Sea and experience the thrill of being a pirate.

Let's compare two popular pirate boat tours in Alanya: the Big Kral Pirate Boat Tour and the Grand Pirate Boat Tour. We'll help you decide which one is right for your next holiday.

Pirate Boat on a Sea

Alanya Big Kral Pirate Boat Tour

Begin on an all-day journey filled with exciting experiences. Start with a hotel pick-up and head to the harbor to begin your adventure.

What to Expect:

Step aboard the Big Kral, a replica pirate ship that will transport you to a past era. Experience the life of a mariner as you explore the ship's charming ambiance.

Time at Sea:

Enjoy swimming breaks in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. Indulge in delicious local-inspired meals and entertainment for all ages. From cannonball dives to relaxing on deck, there's something for everyone.

Pros of Big Kral:

  • Plenty of time at sea for a leisurely experience
  • Multilingual and family-friendly, with entertaining shows
  • Competitive pricing for what's offered

Tourist Pirate Ship on Sea

Cons of Big Kral:

  • Some may find the entertainment too loud or intrusive
  • Limited time in one location for swimming due to the packed schedule
  • Longer pick-up and drop-off times compared to other tours

Pricing and Logistics:

The Big Kral Pirate Boat Tour offers good value for a full day of adventure, with inclusive offerings. However, keep in mind that the long day might test the patience of younger travelers.



Alanya Grand Pirate Boat Tour

Seaside Escapades

The Grand Pirate Boat Tour takes you on a tour of the region's beautiful coastline, with hidden caves and pirate tales. You'll have quick breaks for swimming and sunbathing, so you can enjoy the views.

Joyful Maritime Adventures

The lunch buffet is similar to what Big Kral offers, but you'll spend less time at sea. There's also a foam party and a fun show to make the trip lively and exciting.

Pros of Grand Pirate

  • Well-balanced schedule with lots of activities
  • More swimming breaks, though shorter
  • Affordable price for a mid-day adventure

Cons of Grand Pirate

  • Quick transitions may feel rushed for some
  • Shows are shorter compared to other tours
  • Slightly less time in the water than Big Kral

Pricing and Logistics

The Grand Pirate Boat Tour offers an affordable adventure, perfect for those with a busy schedule. The fast pace is balanced with onboard events, but it may not suit those looking for a relaxed day at sea.

Pirate Ship on Sea Sunset

Comparison of Experiences

Sailing vs. Adventure

If you love sailing and want an authentic pirate experience, choose the Big Kral Pirate Boat Tour. The Grand Pirate Boat Tour is more fast-paced and focuses on coastal attractions.

Animation and Entertainment

The Big Kral tour offers more entertainment, with longer shows and more for children. The Grand Pirate Tour has concentrated bursts of fun, making it a high-energy day for adults.

Culinary Comparisons

Both tours offer local-inspired meals. Big Kral has a wider range of food and longer meal times. The Grand Pirate Tour has a simpler lunch but it fits well with the fast-paced nature of the trip.

Target Audience

For families or those who want a full-day program, the Big Kral Pirate Boat Tour is a great choice. If you're an adventure seeker or have a busy schedule, the Grand Pirate Boat Tour provides a quick and exciting pirate experience.


Choosing between the Big Kral and Grand Pirate Boat Tours in Alanya depends on the type of adventure you want. Both offer memorable experiences on the Mediterranean Sea, tailored to different preferences. Whether you prefer a leisurely pirate life or a more contemporary experience, there's a tour for you in Alanya. Remember, the real treasure is the memories you make along the way. Choose your tour wisely and embark on your next grand adventure.

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