Alanya's Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Alanya's Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Alanya is a place with a lot of history and beautiful beaches. It has different areas that people might like for different reasons. Some areas have old buildings and some have new ones with all the modern things you might need. Each area is special in its own way. If you are thinking about visiting this beautiful town in Turkey, this guide will help you choose the best areas to stay and look around.

1. Alanya City Center

The center of Alanya is a busy and lively place that mixes the best parts of the city’s neighborhoods. It combines the old charm of the town with modern things you need. Here, you can see traditional Turkish buildings, busy markets, and new shops and places to eat. The area around the harbor is full of life, with cafes and great views of the Red Tower and Alanya Castle. Walk on the stone streets, look around the markets, and spend a calm afternoon by the sea.

2. Cleopatra District

Named after the famous queen, Cleopatra District is a great part of Alanya to visit. It's known for being a luxurious place by the beach. The area has Cleopatra Beach, known for its clean golden sand and clear blue water, which draws people who love the sun and enjoy water sports. There are many high-end resorts, hotels by the beach, and places to eat, making the Cleopatra District ideal for those looking for a fancy beach holiday.

3. Oba

If you want a quiet and home-like feel, Oba is the right place. It's one of the top areas in Alanya. It's not far from the city center and has a calm vibe with streets full of trees, parks, and local markets. Families and travelers looking for a peaceful place like it a lot. Oba has new facilities but is still peaceful, making it a great spot for a relaxing break.

4. Mahmutlar

If you want to experience many cultures, think about staying in Mahmutlar. This area in Alanya is known for being a place where many cultures come together. People from different parts of the world visit here. Mahmutlar has many restaurants, cafes, and shops that offer a variety of foods and items from around the world. The place is calm and close to the beach, making it a good choice for people who like to see local and global things mixed together.

5. Tosmur

This is one of the nicest areas in Alanya, right by the Dim River. Tosmur is a very calm place. It has lots of green plants around and beautiful views of the river. If you love nature, you'll love it here. You can take easy walks by the river, check out the local shops, and enjoy the quiet. Tosmur is close to the city center and also near natural sights like the Dim Cave and Dim River. It's a great spot if you're looking for a peaceful place.

6. Kargicak

This area in Alanya is great for visitors who want a quiet place away from busy areas. Kargicak is peaceful and has beautiful views of hills and the Mediterranean Sea. It has fancy resorts and small hotels for a special and private holiday but is still near Alanya’s main spots.

7. Kestel

Kestel is one of the best places to live in Alanya. It's right between the busy city center of Alanya and the quiet town of Mahmutlar. Kestel is special because it's peaceful, beautiful, and easy to get around. More people are starting to like this area because it's calm and not too crowded. If you want a quiet place that's still close to the city and nature, Kestel is great. People are also interested in buying houses here. It's peaceful, has beautiful sea views, and is in a good spot, which makes it a good choice for a holiday house or a place to live when you retire.


Every top area in Alanya has something different to offer, matching different likes and wants. If you love old and historic places, the city center is great. If you prefer staying by the sea in a fancy area, Cleopatra District is the place. Or, if you want somewhere quiet, Tosmur is perfect. You'll find a place that fits what you like for your trip. No matter where you stay in Alanya, its beauty and friendly people will make your visit very special.

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