Alanya's Traditional Dishes

Alanya's Traditional Dishes

Alanya, a beautiful coastal town in Turkey, is famous for its nice views, old places, and delicious local food. This post talks about the classic Alanyan dishes: Akdarı Soup, Gozleme, Guluklu Soup and more. We'll explain what's in them and how they're made. If you love food or enjoy trying new things, this food journey is for you.

The Tradition of Alanya's Local Cuisine

Alanya's food history is a mix of old recipes from many years ago, mixing Ottoman Empire flavors with typical Mediterranean dishes. Nowadays, keen chefs and home cooks are saving these customs, understanding how important it is to keep our culture alive through food. Every meal has a tale, a memory, and brings people together, linking the past with now.

Akdarı Soup

Akdarı Soup is a warm and hearty dish popular in Alanya during winter. It's comfort food made with chicken broth, flour, yogurt, and spices. This soup is like a cozy hug in a bowl and is enjoyed by those who love nourishing dishes.


Gozleme is a popular food in Alanya. It's a flatbread with different fillings like spinach, potatoes, cheese, or meat. It's cooked on a flat pan. Each gozleme is made with local ingredients for a traditional taste. If you want to have an authentic gozleme experience, try it with Ayran.

Guluklu Soup

Guluklu soup is a soup with stuff like lentils, bulgur, rice, and chickpeas. You can add veggies, spices, and sometimes meat. People like it in cold weather because it's warm and filling. If you're into Turkish food or like traditional flavors, you might enjoy it. It's also healthy with protein and fiber from the legumes.

Alanya-Style Pumpkin Dessert

Try the Alanya-style Pumpkin Dessert with a touch of sugar, walnuts, and a hint of cinnamon. It's a light and fruity sweet treat for those who like gentle, fruit-based desserts.

Yaprak Ciger

Yaprak Ciger is a dish for meat lovers. It has thinly-sliced beef liver with spices cooked in oil for a flavorful dish. It's typically served with fresh greens.

Bademli Sucuk

Bademli Sucuk is a special candy with crushed almonds inside a sweet sausage skin. It's great for folks who want to try a mix of different textures and flavors in Turkish sweets. Don't forget to pair it with a cup of Turkish tea or coffee for the perfect combination.

İlibada Sarması

İlibada sarması is made with ilibada leaves, rice, onion, fresh parsley, vegetable oil, salt, black pepper, and optionally red pepper flakes or lemon juice. It is usually enjoyed by those who appreciate traditional Turkish cuisine and prefer natural flavors.

Starting Your Alanya Food Journey

Alanya has old-style food that's a real find. If you like trying new food or know about local dishes, these meals show the area's history and culture. Use this guide to walk around Alanya's busy streets and quiet paths, where the smells of these old-style dishes invite you to join in a special food journey.

Keeping and enjoying old-style cooking is not just about the food. It's about respecting the hard work of farmers, long-used cooking methods, and the folks who pass down these recipes. When you eat these Alanyan dishes, think about the people who made them and the stories behind them. Back local shops and cooks who love sharing their culture, and enjoy every bite of this food journey.

In summary, Alanya's traditional food is diverse and interesting, just like the area around it. By trying the flavors of this old region, you're not just satisfying your taste buds—you're taking part in a cultural experience that's as interesting as the food itself. Whether you're enjoying a bowl of Akdarı soup or tasting a sweet İlibada dessert, every meal in Alanya lets you connect with the heart of the place. It's an experience that will stay with you, reminding you of the strong spirit of the people who have shared their meals for years. 

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