Everything About Alanya's Old Town: How To Get There? What's Around and All

Everything About Alanya's Old Town: How To Get There? What's Around and All

Alanya's Old Town, located on the Turkish Riviera, tells old stories as you walk through its ancient streets and see important buildings that have been there for hundreds of years. If you love history or want to see cultural treasures, this place offers a special experience. Whether you're already planning to visit Alanya or you're in a nearby city like Antalya, the Old Town attracts you with its historical charm. Get ready for an online tour that's both interesting and educational, helping you plan a visit to Alanya's Old Town. Discover its hidden and famous sights as we take you through its narrow streets and big old buildings.

Alanya Castle

The Alanya Castle is built on old fort ruins and stands strong over the town. It looks out over the Mediterranean Sea, offering a beautiful and peaceful view. The castle has walls with notches and tall towers showing the skill of the Seljuk architects. Inside, there's evidence of a long and complex history.

Start your visit by going through the big gate of the castle. Once inside, you'll feel like you've traveled back in time. You'll see old churches, Byzantine buildings, and amazing views that make you feel amazed and inspired. If you like taking photos, the castle's terraces are great places to get the perfect picture, with colorful flowers around you and the wide sea in the background.

To really get into the history of Alanya Castle, you need to pay about 300 Turkish Lira (TL) to get in. Inside the castle, as you walk and look at the old stones, you can see stories from a long time ago. It's a place everyone should go to if they want to learn about the history of Alanya.

Old Houses and Hamams

As you walk through the Old Town's narrow streets and busy markets, you'll feel like you're in a living museum filled with old Ottoman buildings. Here, wooden screens lightly separate private from public areas, and the ceilings with detailed carvings tell stories from the past. Courtyards with stones and soft sunlight offer a quiet break from the busy areas. People still live in these old houses, showing what daily life is like in the town, blending history with today in a natural way.

Among these old buildings, the traditional bathhouses, known as hamams, stand out for keeping old customs alive. These baths, with their big domed roofs and warm feel, are not just a place to relax after a busy day but also a way to experience the culture. The warm stones, steam, and the careful touch of the workers make this more than just a physical experience. It connects you to traditions from hundreds of years ago and offers a peaceful place for your mind, body, and soul.

Sultan Suleiman Mosque

The Sultan Suleiman Mosque in Alanya's Old Town is a big and beautiful building that shows great design, mixing two old styles of architecture. It has a big tower that points up to the sky, a beautifully decorated inside, and a quiet outdoor area that makes you want to think and relax. It shows how design can be both necessary and beautiful.

When you walk in, you see amazing ceilings that carry a lot of history in their designs. There are lights hanging down that make the place feel welcoming, and the walls have beautiful writing that shows deep belief and the long-lasting beauty of Islamic art. This mosque is a strong symbol of belief and culture, with a deep history in Alanya.

Visitors are welcome to see the Prayer Hall, a quiet place that feels like time has stopped, as long as they come at times that do not disturb the prayer times. This place lets you really feel the peaceful and spiritual feeling of the Old Town, giving you a break from the busyness of traveling. The Sultan Suleiman Mosque is a place worth visiting for its spiritual and architectural beauty, making it an important place to see in Alanya's Old Town.


These old water storage areas are quiet but tell us a lot about the past, especially when Alanya was an important place because of where it is located. These cisterns are hidden underground, not seen by many people, but were always important for those living there. They were essential for the town's survival, providing water which was needed every day and for business, especially in an area with not much water and a tough climate.

By building these cisterns, Alanya's people found a smart way to collect and keep water, showing early engineering skills that helped them live and work in that town.

What To Do There?

Planning your day in Alanya's Old Town means mixing must-see places with unexpected finds. Start your day easy at the castle, spend enough time there to take pictures and look around. Then, walk down slowly to the center of the town. Make sure to shop and eat snacks along the way. Set aside time for the Archaeological Museum and then go to the Sultan Suleiman Mosque for a quiet break.

Your day isn't complete without trying local food – like mantı and künefe. If there's time, end your day with a walk through the markets under the street lights for a special end to your day of culture.

How To Get There?

Getting to Alanya's Old Town from the city center is easy and has many options for all travelers. You can walk, which lets you see the city's busy streets and daily life. This walk starts at Cleopatra Beach and goes through different places until you reach the Old Town. If you want to get there faster, you can take a local taxi. These taxis are quick and drop you off right at the entrance of the Old Town. There is also public transport, like buses and minibusses (dolmuş), that go from the city center to the Old Town often. They are cheap and efficient. However you decide to go, traveling to Alanya's Old Town is an important part of your visit to this historic city.

What's Around Alanya Old Town?

Alanya's Old Town is surrounded by many interesting places that make a visit more enjoyable. Very close by is Cleopatra Beach, famous for its beautiful golden sand and clear water. It's a great place for lying in the sun and swimming. For those who like history, the Red Tower and the Alanya Shipyard are important places to see. They show the city's history related to the sea. If you love nature, you will like visiting the Dim River and nearby picnic spots for a calm day outside. Also, Alanya has busy markets and lively places to go out at night. This means people visiting the Old Town have lots of different activities to choose from.


Alanya's Old Town is special not just because it's old and has lots of history, but also because it's still full of life. Locals love it and people who like history enjoy it too. It invites you to walk around and see where different groups of people used to live.

If you're looking for something different than just the beach, the Old Town is the perfect place to go. It has a lot of history and is great for exploring. It's a chance to see what makes Alanya special in the Mediterranean area. Get ready to see the beautiful Old Town of Alanya. There's a lot to discover on your adventure.

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