How to Get to Land of Legends Theme Park from Alanya?

How to Get to Land of Legends Theme Park from Alanya?

If you're in Alanya and want a day full of excitement, fun, and memories you'll never forget, check out the Land of Legends Theme Park! It's great for families, tourists, and anyone looking for adventure. This guide will show you how to get from Alanya to the Land of Legends. 

Land of Legends Theme Park

Located in the lively center of Belek, close to Alanya, the Land of Legends Theme Park offers a fun day out. It has many different things to do, including exciting rides for people who love adventure and interesting shows for those who enjoy watching performances. It's a place everyone should go to if they are nearby.

What to Do There?

When you get to the Land of Legends Theme Park, you'll see many fun things to do for everyone. If you like exciting rides, go straight to the Hyper Coaster and the Water Coaster. They're fast and have great views. Families will enjoy gentle rides, shows, and a dolphin show that everyone will like. If it's hot, the water park is cool. It has slides, wave pools, and a lazy river. There's also a place to shop and many places to eat different kinds of food. Visiting the Land of Legends Theme Park means you'll have lots of fun in different ways.

How to Get to Land of Legends from Alanya?

Alanya is about 120 kilometers away from the exciting Land of Legends, but getting there is easier than you might think. You can choose a private car if you like to go on your own, use public buses if you want to save money, or take a shuttle if you're looking for an easy option. Each way fits different needs.

Public Buses

If you want to save money, taking a public bus to the theme park is a good option. It's cheaper but slower, taking about 3 to 4 hours and you need to change buses. It's a good chance to see what local life is like and save money. Just check the bus times before you go and leave early to have more time at the park.

Shuttle Services

Many tour companies in Alanya have day trips to Land of Legends, including a shuttle service there and back. This choice is good because it's not too expensive and it's easy. You don't have to worry about how to get there using buses or trains, and you can relax and see the nice views on the way. Also, you get to travel with other people who want to have fun at the park!

Private Transfers

If you want to be comfortable and save time, choose private transfers. They cost more, but getting a car or taxi takes you straight from your home in Alanya to Land of Legends without any trouble. The journey takes just under 2 hours, so you get more time to see the park. Remember to book early to get a good price!


As Tripventura, we'll come to your hotel and take you to the Land of Legends theme park. You don't have to figure out how to get there; we'll do the driving for you. Just hop in, relax, and we'll make sure you arrive safely and ready for a fun day at the park.



Tips for Travelers

  • Start Early: Try to leave Alanya early to spend more time at Land of Legends. This helps if you're using buses or want to avoid long lines for the best rides.
  • Pack Right: Take sunscreen, hats, and water for the trip, especially when it's hot. Wear comfy shoes!
  • Get Tickets Early: Buy your tickets before you go. This can save you time and sometimes money. You might find special deals online that you won't get at the park.

What to Not Miss at Land of Legends

There's a lot to see and do, and it might be hard to decide what to do first. Here's a simple guide to some of the best things to see:

  • Hyper Coaster: If you love excitement and fast rides, you will really enjoy this speedy roller coaster. It's very thrilling.
  • Waterfront Kingdom: This is a great place for families. It's a big water park with slides, pools, and a slow-moving river that you can float down.
  • 5D Cinema: This movie theater lets you feel like you're part of the movie with special effects. It's a very cool way to watch a movie.


The best way to get from Alanya to the Land of Legends depends on what you like and think is most important. You can choose a cheaper bus, an easy-to-use shuttle, or your own private ride. The main thing is to plan this before you go. Once you know how you're getting there, you can look forward to having fun and enjoying yourself at the Land of Legends Theme Park.


How much does it cost to go to Land of Legends?

The tickets for The Land of Legends theme park are priced at 59 euros for each adult until June 2024. For children aged 4 to 11 years, the price is 46 euros. Babies and very young children can enter without any fee.

Can you visit Land of Legends for a day?

The Land of Legends Theme Park Tours and Tickets are available for everyone to visit during the day, including people who are not staying at the Land of Legends hotel. This theme park is one of the biggest in Turkey.

Is it worth going to Land of Legends?

The place is great for families, especially if your hotel doesn't have water activities. The park is big and takes a lot of time to try all the slides and rides. But, it's good for families. The Land of Legends Theme Park Hotel offers a memorable holiday experience.

Can you pay on the gate at Land of Legends?

At The Land of Legends Theme Park, you can only pay with the bracelets given to you when you enter. If you need more money on your bracelet, you can add it using cash or a credit card at certain places inside the park.

Is the boat ride in Land of Legends free?

Sit down and relax on the way to the Land of Legends, where make-believe turns into real life. Dive into exciting rides, amazing shows, and great attractions for everyone. Don't miss out on the free Boat Parade Show when you're there.

What to wear to Land of Legends?

You must wear clothes suitable for swimming pools and slides, like swimsuits, when using the pools and slides. While at The Land of Legends Theme Park all day, you need to wear suitable shoes.

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