How To Spend The Best Days in Alanya?

How To Spend The Best Days in Alanya?

Alanya is a beautiful city on the south coast of Turkey, known for its amazing beaches, old history, and active culture. It attracts tourists from all over the world who want to enjoy the warm weather, try the tasty local food, and do lots of different activities like water sports and tours of historic places. If you're planning a trip to Alanya, getting the most out of your visit is important. In this guide, we'll give you simple tips to plan the perfect trip, so you can enjoy exploring, relaxing, and learning about the culture and history. Whether you love learning about old places, eating new foods, or going on adventures, Alanya has something for you. Let's start this journey together and find out how to make your visit to Alanya great.

Explore The Old Town

Alanya's old town, also called Kaleici, is a place you should definitely visit. It's a beautiful area with narrow streets that twist and turn, going by old houses that look like something from Ottoman times, decorated with detailed carvings and lots of colorful flowers. As you walk around, you'll find markets selling handmade stuff, local spices, and fabrics, showing off the area's rich culture. Walking through the old town lets you really feel what it's like there, mixing the old with the new smoothly.

Make sure to check out the Red Tower, a famous landmark in Alanya. It's an old defensive tower from the 13th century, located near the harbor, with walls made of red bricks that stand out against the sky. If you go up to the top of the tower, you'll see amazing views of the city and the sea, great for photos. Inside the tower, there's a museum that tells you about Alanya's history, adding more to your visit to this lovely city.

Visiting Kaleici in Alanya is like taking a walk through history, seeing beautiful buildings, and learning about the culture, making it a memorable experience for anyone who goes there.

Relax on The Beaches

Alanya has some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. There are many different kinds of beaches, including sandy ones and pebble ones, so everyone can find something they like. Each beach is special in its own way, making them perfect places to spend a day enjoying the sun, swimming in clear blue water, and trying different water sports. If you like exciting activities, you can try parasailing to see the view from above or jet skiing for fast fun on the water. Some of the best-known beaches in Alanya are Cleopatra Beach, with its golden sand and history; Damlatas Beach, which is quiet and has a beautiful cave; and Keykubat Beach, which is great for people who want a calm place to relax and see the beautiful view. These beaches are not just beautiful; they also have everything you need for a fun and relaxing day, from places to eat to activities, making your time at the beaches in Alanya something you'll always remember.

Visit Historical Sites

Alanya has a long history that goes back to ancient times, which makes it a great place for people who love history and those who just like to explore. Take some time to go around its historical spots to really get to know the city's old stories. One place you must see is Alanya Castle. This old castle is in good shape and sits on top of a hill, where it looks over the sea. The castle's walls and towers have been part of many old battles and have lots of stories to tell. Another place to go is the Archaeological Museum. This museum has many old things from Greek, Roman, and Byzantine times. It helps you understand how important Alanya was in history and shows the art and culture from those times. This museum is worth a visit if you want to learn more about the area's past.

Try Local Dishes

Visiting Alanya is not complete without trying its local food. This beautiful town offers many delicious foods, including fresh seafood from the Mediterranean Sea and traditional kebabs that show the rich food culture of Turkey. Don't forget to try the famous Alanya Tava when you're there. This special dish is made with tasty lamb and a mix of fresh vegetables. It's cooked slowly in a traditional clay pot, giving it a great flavor that's both rich and simple. For those who like sweet things, you should try the local Turkish delight and Baklava. These sweets are made with layers of pastry, nuts, and honey, and are very enjoyable. So, be sure to enjoy these foods and let the tastes take you on a journey through Alanya's food scene.

Go on a Boat Tour

One of the best ways to see Alanya's beautiful coastline is by taking a boat tour. There are many different boat trips you can choose from. For example, there's a pirate ship cruise that's great for families and anyone who likes a bit of history and make-believe. There's also a romantic dinner cruise at sunset that's perfect for couples wanting to make special memories. As you sail on the blue waters, you'll see special spots like hidden beaches and secret caves that you can only get to by boat. This shows off the area's natural beauty and quietness. You also get to swim in private bays, which is a cool way to beat the heat and enjoy the clear sea. During the trip, you'll see amazing views of the sea all around you, which is perfect for taking photos and making memories that will stay with you forever. Whether you're looking for adventure, romance, or just a calm day on the water, Alanya's boat tours have something for everyone. It's a must-do for anyone visiting the area.



Attend Festivals and Events

Alanya is a lively city known for its many festivals and events that show off its culture, food, and traditions all year. One of the main events is the Alanya International Culture and Art Festival. This festival features live music of different styles, food stalls with local and international dishes, and art shows showcasing talent from around the world. The Alanya Jazz Days are also a big deal, offering days of jazz music with beautiful views of Alanya. Plus, there's the Alanya Triathlon, a big sports event where athletes swim, bike, and run. All these events make Alanya an exciting place to visit for people who want to enjoy culture and fun activities.

Experience Turkish Hospitality

The people in Alanya are known for being very friendly and welcoming, making it a special place. When you visit, take some time to talk to the locals. Try using some Turkish words with them - even simple ones like "Merhaba" (Hello) or "Teşekkür ederim" (Thank you). They will like that you tried to speak their language, and it will help you make friends. You will also learn about their way of life and traditions by talking to them. This will make your visit more interesting and real, and you'll remember it better.

Explore Nearby Towns

If you have extra time in Alanya, think about visiting nearby places like Side, Manavgat, or Belek for a day trip. These towns show the different cultural and historical sides of Turkey, with their own special sights. Side has old ruins and beautiful beaches. Manavgat is famous for its amazing waterfall and quiet places by the river. Belek is great for people who love golf and want to stay in fancy hotels. Besides the natural and historical spots, these towns have markets where you can learn about the local culture and buy local things like crafts, clothes, and gifts. Going on these day trips is a great way to see more of Turkey's history and beautiful places outside of Alanya.

For tips and more information on visiting places around Alanya, make sure to read our blog post titled "Day Trips from Alanya".


Visiting Alanya is special because of its beautiful scenery, interesting history, and friendly people. You'll never forget your time here. The beaches are beautiful, and talking to the local people is enjoyable. Every moment in this lively city is a chance to learn about life in Turkey. You can see old ruins, try local food, or just enjoy the sun. Alanya makes sure you have fun and relax. It's important to remember that it's not just about the places you go, but also the memories you make and the friends you meet. Enjoy your stay in this lovely part of the world and take back stories you'll always remember.

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