The Best Beaches in Alanya

The Best Beaches in Alanya

When you think of places to visit in Alanya, the beautiful beaches are the first thing you should remember! Alanya has lots of beaches with blue flags, which means they are really clean and safe. It also has the longest time for swimming in the sea in Turkey, from April to November. If you like swimming in clear and calm water or if you love seeing fish and plants under the water, this guide is perfect for you! Let's quickly check out the best beaches in Alanya together:

The Most Popular Alanya Beaches

The beaches on our list of Alanya beaches are favorites for both local and foreign tourists. But, we want to say that these beaches have good points because of their facilities. However, they all share one bad point: they are crowded. Because there are many hotels around them and lots of people visit, it might be hard to have a quiet day there.

1- Alanya Cleopatra Beach

People say this beach, called Cleopatra, was a favorite place of hers. Cleopatra liked to swim here in Alanya, a place given to her by the Roman general Anthony. Some even say the famous gold and fine sands of the beach were brought from Egypt just for Cleopatra. Let's talk about what's good and what's not so good about Alanya Cleopatra Beach.

Pros of Cleopatra Beach

  • About 2 km long coastline
  • The beach is long and also wide
  • Has a blue flag
  • Good for diving and seeing sea life
  • You can do sports like jet skiing, paragliding, canoeing
  • Great place to see the sunset
  • You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas
  • Lots of cafes & spots for what people need
  • Easy to get there from the town center

Cons of Cleopatra Beach

  • Many people (Cleopatra Beach has lots of people, even at night.)
  • Sea with waves
  • Deep water (At Cleopatra Beach, the water can be deeper than you are tall after 2-3 steps.)
  • Not good for families with kids (because it's deep and has waves)

2- Alanya İncekum Beach

One of Alanya's best-known beaches is Incekum. It is famous for its very fine and clear golden sand that stretches along the bright blue sea. This beautiful place is perfect for people who love the sun and want to enjoy the quiet beauty of nature. The water is very clear, and the waves are gentle, making it a great place for swimming and different water sports. This makes it an ideal spot for families and people who love the beach.

İncekum Beach's Pros:

  • Very nice gold-colored sand
  • Beach has a blue flag
  • Water is not deep, good for families with kids
  • Lots of services available
  • You can rent things like chairs and sun shades
  • You can do things like sailing and riding jet skis
  • There's a place for camping overnight
  • There's a forest area good for picnics

İncekum Beach's Cons:

  • İncekum is one of the most crowded beaches in Alanya. It has a lot of people.
  • The space where you can park your car is far from the beach.

3- Alanya Emirgan (Ulaş) Beach

Another well-known beach in Alanya is Emirgan Beach, which is also called Ulaş. In the past, this area with rocks was just used for picnics. Later on, people made changes to turn it into the beach it is now.
Emirgan Beach's Pros:

  • There are areas with rocks and areas with sand.
  • There is a place to have a picnic (You can find tables to sit at for your picnic.)
  • It's easy to get to, just 5 km away from the city center.
  • The place has a nice view.
  • You can rent things like sunbeds and umbrellas.

Emirgan Beach's Cons:

  • The sandy area is very small. You might want to use the rocky area or the picnic area instead.
  • It's very crowded because a lot of people want to use a small space. It might be better to join boat tours rather than trying to use the beach.
  • It's not good for families with kids because it's one of the deepest parts of Alanya.

4- Alanya Keykubat (Begonvil) Beach

Begonvil beach is also called Keykubat beach. It gets its name from the bougainvillea flowers found in the green spaces by the sea. It's a well-known beach in Alanya because it has lots of greenery and colorful flowers next to the sea.

Pros of Keykubat Beach:

  • Good for families with kids (It's not taller than a person by about 20 meters.)
  • Has a Blue flag
  • You can see green and blue areas mixed together
  • Many ways to get there
  • The sandy beach is long (about 3 km)
  • Activities in the water and classes you can take

Cons of Keykubat Beach:

  • Busy (Finding a quiet spot on Keykubat Beach is very hard, especially in July and August, because it's near the center.)
  • Sea has a dark color
  • If you like swimming in light blue and clear waters, Keykubat Beach might not be for you. The sea here turns dark blue and gets murky after it rains because of the rivers flowing into it.

5- Alanya Portakal (Oba) Beach

The last well-known beach in our Alanya list is Portakal Beach. People also call it Oba Beach because rivers flow into its sea.

Pros of Alanya Portakal Beach:

  • A beach that's 1 km long with golden sand
  • The beach is wide, up to 100 meters in some spots
  • The water is cool
  • There are many ways to get there
  • You can see both the sea and mountains, which is pretty
  • You can rent things like sunbeds and umbrellas
  • It's a good place for activities in the water

Cons of Portakal Beach:

  • It is very busy because it is near the center and many people like to go there.
  • The water is cold, which might not be good for families with kids.


Alanya's beaches are special and offer something for everyone, making sure every visitor finds a perfect spot. If you want a beach that's good for families, full of water sports, or just a quiet place to enjoy the sun, Alanya has it all. Every beach has its good and bad points, but all of them show off Alanya's natural beauty, with its blue seas and green landscapes. When you plan your visit, think about what you want from a beach to enjoy your time in this sunny place to the fullest.

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