Things To Do In Alanya For Young People

Things To Do In Alanya For Young People

Do you want to go on exciting adventures where your heart beats faster, in a place full of bright sunshine and interesting history? Then you should visit Alanya in Turkey. It has beautiful coastal views that will amaze you. But there's more. It's a great place for young people who want fun activities and experiences they'll always remember.

Imagine walking in the Taurus Mountains where every path is a new adventure with beautiful views. Or think about swimming in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, where you can see colorful fish and corals. Alanya is a special place where you can find both adventure and beautiful nature.

Alanya is on the Turkish Riviera and it's a great place for those who love both old history and modern adventures. It used to be a place where pirates lived, but now it's full of life and perfect for people who want excitement and to learn about culture. Because of where it is, Alanya usually has good weather, making it perfect for lots of activities. You can explore historical places, relax on beautiful beaches, or have fun with outdoor adventures without worrying about rain ruining your plans.

Activities For Youth

Jeep Safari

The Taurus Mountains are a big area with many paths, hidden caves, and beautiful views. It's a great example of how amazing nature is. The best way to see this rough area is by going on a jeep safari. This means riding in a jeep with experienced drivers who take you over hills and through valleys. It feels like a rollercoaster ride but in nature.

Why You Should Go: The jeep safari is not just exciting; it also lets you see the beautiful Taurus Mountains closely. You get to be right in the middle of nature. Plus, you'll see how local people live by visiting their villages. This adds a special part to your trip, where you learn about different cultures and make new memories.

What You'll Need: If you're going on this adventure, you need to be ready for the sun. Bring sunscreen to protect your skin, and a hat to keep the sun off your face. Also, bring a camera because you'll see amazing sights that you'll want to take pictures of to remember. These things will make your jeep safari fun, safe, and something you'll always remember.

Going to Hammams

After a fun but dusty ride in a jeep over rough lands, enjoy the peaceful yet exciting experience of a Turkish bath called a hammam. This bath is an important part of Turkish culture and includes a few steps. First, you steam to open up your pores. Then, you get scrubbed hard to clean off all the dust and tiredness. Finally, you get a soft, relaxing massage. This whole process cleans your body and makes you feel new and full of energy.

Why You Should Go: A hammam is more than a place to get clean; it's a key experience in Turkey that shows a lot about its culture. The Alanya hammams are famous for being true to Turkish traditions and offering great service. It's a chance to relax and feel fresh in a way that mixes fun with calm.

What You'll Need: To make the most of this refreshing experience, be ready. Bring extra clothes for after your hammam visit, a swimsuit for the treatments, and most importantly, be ready to try this special cultural experience. It's not just a bath; it's an adventure that touches all your senses and connects old traditions with the present.



Scuba Diving

Alanya has very clear water that invites you to explore what's under the sea. Whether you have dived many times or it's your first time thinking about diving, the diving teachers and guides in Alanya are the best. They make sure your diving experience is amazing, safe and comfortable.

Why You Should Go: The sea around Alanya is full of life. When you scuba dive in Alanya, you can see many different sea animals and beautiful underwater places. Each dive is like entering a new story. This is your chance to be part of that story.

What You'll Need: You need to be ready for an adventure and excited to see what's under the water. You should bring your swimsuit because you'll wear it for diving. If you have any health papers that are important for diving, bring them too. Get ready for a unique experience where you discover new things and see beautiful sights under the sea.

Quad Safari

Start an exciting adventure that helps you see how powerful nature is. When you ride a quad bike on tough paths, you control a strong vehicle that can go anywhere. You'll speed by rocky places, go through green forests, and feel the cool wind. This activity is not just about going fast; it's about feeling a special connection with nature.

Why You Should Go: You'll feel totally free in a new way. Riding a quad bike off-road lets you really see and enjoy nature at your own speed. You'll go places most people don't see and find things you'd usually miss. It's an adventure that mixes excitement with quiet moments of enjoying the nature around you.

What You'll Need: You should wear clothes that are okay to get dirty, shoes good for rough ground, and bring an eager spirit to enjoy and overcome the off-road biking. Having these things will make sure your time on the quad bike is exciting, comfortable, and worth it.



River Rafting

The river rafting trip in Alanya is amazing and the best of its kind. It has rapids that are not too easy or too hard, making it exciting. The place, Koprulu Canyon, is beautiful and adds fun to the adventure. There are experienced guides who help keep everyone safe while moving through the water and enjoying the views.

Why You Should Go: Going on this rafting trip is exciting because you get to move through water fast and see beautiful places. It's great for people who like adventure and nature.

What You'll Need: You should wear clothes that dry fast and shoes that won’t slip and protect your feet. Be ready to get wet and have fun with it!

This rafting trip is perfect for people who love excitement and nature, offering a mix of both.

Going to Aquapark

For a fun day out, Alanya Aquapark is a great place to go. It has many slides that go in different directions, pools for all ages, and lazy rivers for relaxing. It's a perfect place to make happy memories with friends or family.

Why You Should Go: You can try the world's biggest slide or relax in the wave pool. The park has many fun things to do for everyone, whether you like exciting rides or just want to chill in the water.

What You'll Need: Bring only a few things so you can move around easily. Make sure to bring sunscreen that's waterproof. Putting it on again during the day is important to protect your skin from the sun so you can have fun all day without getting burnt.


The beauty of Alanya, with its beautiful beaches and old landmarks, is amazing to see from the sky. Going paragliding lets you fly over Cleopatra Beach or go around the old castle in the city. This gives you a great view from above of Alanya's lovely beaches and shows how beautiful this place is.

Why You Should Go: Seeing Alanya from the sky is special. It's a chance many travelers wish for. Looking down from high up, where you can't hear the city noise and can see the calm land and the big blue sea, is something you'll always remember.

What You'll Need: You need to be a bit brave to fly, especially at the start when you jump off the ground. It feels exciting and a bit scary to step into the air, but this is part of the fun. You also need to wear the right clothes. It gets colder up high, so wearing different layers helps you stay warm and enjoy your time in the sky.



Horse Riding

Start a trip through the beautiful countryside of Alanya, like the knights and nomads from long ago. Ride a horse slowly over the hills, with pine trees softly around you. This adventure is calm but still very special.

Why You Should Go: Riding a horse in Alanya is more than just an activity. It's a special way to be close to nature, peacefully and in an old-fashioned way. You get to see beautiful views in a different way, enjoying Alanya's nature in a special experience that's hard to find anywhere else.

What You'll Need: To make sure you enjoy your horse ride, you need a few important things. Wear shoes that cover your whole foot to keep them safe, wear clothes that are comfortable for riding, and bring your love for nature. This love for nature will make your trip even better. Whether you have ridden a horse before or it's your first time, this adventure is something you will always remember.

Tips and Recommendations

Best Times of the Year for Each Activity

Each outdoor activity is best at a certain time of the year, making them more enjoyable. For example, summer is the best time for paragliding because the warm air creates the right conditions for long flights, allowing you to see amazing views from the sky. Rafting in Koprulu Canyon is great from spring to summer. This is because the snow melts and makes the river perfect for a thrilling adventure.

Horseback riding is good from April to October. This time is cooler than the hot summer but not too cold, making it nice for riding horses through different places. You can quietly ride through forests or quickly go across open areas. Horseback riding during these months is a special way to see nature and have fun outside.

Safety Reminders and Precautions

To have a safe and fun time, it's very important to listen carefully to what your guides tell you. These guides know the area well and can help you deal with unexpected changes in nature, making sure your adventure is exciting but safe. It's also important to remember that nature can be unpredictable. Even though it's beautiful, it can surprise you with challenges, so being ready and careful is key.

If you have any health issues or worries, it's really important to talk to a doctor before you do anything that's physically hard. Checking with a doctor to make sure you're okay to join in these activities means you can have fun without hurting yourself. This way, you can enjoy exciting activities knowing you're taking care of yourself in the best way.


Alanya is a place full of exciting things to do and beautiful sights to see, perfect for young people who love adventures. It's right by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. This city has everything from tall mountains that are great for brave explorers to warm seas that are perfect for swimming and diving. Every part of Alanya is filled with fun adventures waiting to be had. If you like swimming in clear water, hiking up big mountains, or learning about the area's old traditions, Alanya is the place to go for an unforgettable trip. For a mix of fun, natural beauty, and a bit of history, Alanya is the best choice for an exciting adventure, where every moment is a chance to discover something amazing.

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