What to Do in Alanya at Weekend?

What to Do in Alanya at Weekend?

Alanya, nestled on the turquoise coast of Turkey, offers a lot of activities for the perfect weekend getaway. From its pristine beaches to historic castles, and vibrant bazaars, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a history enthusiast eager to explore the ancient ruins, a nature lover looking to hike in the Taurus Mountains, or someone who just wants to relax on sun-soaked beaches, Alanya promises an unforgettable weekend.


The best way to start a happy day is with a good breakfast, and Alanya has many options for everyone. You can try local foods and different tastes at various places, each with a special view to make the meal better. To try traditional food, eat a dish called şebit in Gedevet, where the place feels real and the food is great. If you like many choices, the buffet breakfast in Park Orman has lots of foods to pick from. For something sweet, pancakes in the castle area are tasty and let you see the old fortress. In the industrial area, you can quickly get bagels for breakfast. Or, for a calm morning, have breakfast by the Dim River, where you can listen to nature and enjoy fresh food. Each breakfast spot in Alanya makes your day start nicely.


When it's very hot, it's important to cool down. The blue water at Damlatas and Cleopatra Beach is good for a cool swim. If you like fun, Alanya Aquapark with its slides and pools is a great choice. Or, you can swim in the cold water of the Dim River. If you don't want to swim, there's still a lot to do in Alanya. You can go on a boat tour to see the coast, try Maraş ice cream, or go to the mountains to eat a local food called karlama. For a cool drink, try an atom drink while seeing the sights around Damlatas. There are many ways to have fun and stay cool in Alanya during the hot hours.


If you want to see beautiful sunsets in Alanya, we have a list of 4 great places for it. For a wide view of the sunset and Alanya from high up, go to Alanya Castle or Alanya Terrace. These spots have amazing views.

If you like short trips and want to see a great sunset, take a 10-minute cable car ride from Damlatas to the castle. This quick trip lets you see the sunset from a special spot and is exciting as you go up to the castle.

For those who love the sea and want to watch the sunset with the sound of waves, a Sunset tour from Alanya Pier is a good idea. These tours are about 45 minutes and are peaceful as you see the sun go down and the sea turn golden.

No matter where you choose to watch the sunset in Alanya, it's a peaceful and beautiful time. Each place shows the sunset in a special way, making your experience in Alanya memorable.


Start your evening with a nice dinner, then have some coffee, and end with fun activities. Alanya has a lot of places to eat, offering many choices.

If you want to try local Alanya food, go to Yöresel Alanya Ev Mutfağı. They cook traditional meals very carefully, giving you a real taste of the area.

For people who love seafood, the Alanya Fish Market is the place to go. It’s busy and has many restaurants where you can try different fish and seafood dishes, each with its own special touch.

For those who prefer meat and chicken, we recommend the restaurants near the Dim River. These places offer great food and a wonderful setting. Eating there feels extra special because of the cool breeze from the river and the calm atmosphere.

In short, no matter if you want local food, seafood, or meat and chicken, Alanya has the perfect place for you to have a great evening. The tasty food and peaceful setting mean you’ll have a memorable dining experience in Alanya.

Coffee and Entertainment

After a busy day in Alanya, a cup of coffee can make you feel better. You can have coffee at places near the beach, small cafes on Damlataş Street, or at the castle with a great view of Alanya. For fun, there are places with or without alcohol.

If you don't like alcohol and want a quiet place, go to the Alanya Tea Garden. There, you can listen to live music in a peaceful place. It's a good spot for relaxing. You can also go to cafes by the sea for a quiet time near the water.

If you like to drink alcohol and enjoy a busy night, Alanya has that too. Alanya Bar Street has clubs, bars, and discos where you can dance and have fun. The clubs at Alanya Yacht Marina are fancy and near the water.

Alanya has something for everyone. Whether you want to drink coffee with a view, listen to music in a quiet garden, or dance in a club, Alanya is where you can make memories and enjoy.

Outdoor Activities in Alanya

Alanya is a great place for people who love being outdoors and seeing beautiful natural sights. If you're looking for excitement and fun, there's a lot to do that will get your heart racing. You can try paragliding to see amazing views from the sky or go on a jeep safari or a quad bike tour to see the wild side of the Taurus Mountains up close.

If you like the sea, Alanya's clear blue waters are perfect for many water sports. You can go scuba diving to see colorful fish and corals, or try parasailing and jet skiing to enjoy the speed and spray of the sea. For a calmer experience, taking a boat tour lets you see beautiful bays and interesting caves at a relaxed pace.

For people who like walking, the Lycian Way Trail is a great choice. It's a path that takes you through beautiful landscapes and old ruins, making you feel connected to history. There's also the Dim Cave, which is cool to explore and offers a break from the sun.

In short, Alanya has a lot to offer for outdoor lovers. Whether you're into thrilling adventures or quiet time in nature, you can find something special in Alanya that will make your experience memorable.


A weekend in Alanya is both exciting and relaxing, making memories that will stick with you. You can enjoy water sports and explore mountains for excitement or relax on beautiful beaches and in caves for quiet moments. Every activity adds to your experiences, making you feel thrilled, at peace, and close to nature. Alanya is more than just a place to visit; it's an adventure that makes you feel refreshed and full of energy. Whether you're watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea or seeing the sunrise from the Taurus Mountains, spending a weekend here is a special experience you won't forget.

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