Adventure Activities in Antalya

Adventure Activities in Antalya

Antalya, on the Turkish Riviera, is famous for its clear blue seas, lively nightlife, and old historical sites. But it also has exciting activities for those who love adventure. You can find lots of thrilling things to do, from diving in the sea to climbing mountains. Antalya is perfect for people who like to try new and challenging things. It offers many activities that let you really get into nature and have fun, making your trip memorable. Whether you are experienced in outdoor adventures or trying them for the first time, Antalya has something for you. Let's look at what makes Antalya a great place for adventure lovers.

White Water Rafting

The Köprülü Canyon National Park in Antalya is a beautiful place you should visit if you like white water rafting. It has beautiful green pine forests and a river called the Köprüçay River. This river has parts where the water is calm and other parts with faster water, up to class III rapids, making it exciting for people no matter their rafting experience.

The best time to go rafting here is from April to June. This is when the snow has melted, and the river has a lot of water.

You start with a safety talk and instructions from your guides. Then, you get into the raft and go down the river, seeing the beautiful canyon as you go.

Professional guides who know a lot about safety lead the rafting trips. You also get very good safety equipment to wear.


Canyoning is for people who want to see nature closely. Antalya has different paths for different skill levels.

Canyoning in Antalya means walking, going down ropes, and swimming in cool water and waterfalls.

Get ready for both wet and dry places, so you need a wetsuit or special socks for canyoning and equipment to go down ropes.

Every canyon is different, so it's important to choose one that matches how skilled you are.


Flying smoothly over the Mediterranean Sea is an amazing experience for adventure lovers.

Beginners can fly with experienced pilots in tandem flights, while those who can fly alone get to enjoy the sky by themselves.

The flight starts with a short but detailed lesson on how to take off and land. Then, you fly up into the air and glide peacefully over beautiful places.



Jeep Safari

Go on an exciting trip through the countryside near Antalya with a tough Jeep Safari that's both fun and interesting.

Explore the big area of the Taurus Mountains, with lots of different landscapes to enjoy.

Keep an eye out for the many animals that live in these mountains, like wild goats and sometimes even bears.

Drive through small towns, thick forests, and see some of the best views around.

Scuba Diving

The Antalya coast has a lot of sea life and old things under the water for brave scuba divers to find.

While scuba diving in Antalya, you can see busy sea life and old sunken ships on the sea floor.

Everyone can dive here. There are easy places for beginners and special caves under the water for those who have dived a lot.

It's very important to plan your dive with a trusted company and make sure all the diving gear is okay. This makes sure you have a fun and safe time underwater.

Quad Biking

For a fun day in the Mediterranean sun, riding a quad bike is an exciting way to see more of the land and enjoy the different landscapes of Antalya.

You can pick from many paths, like going through the Taurus Mountains or by the beautiful sea.

You get a helmet and learn about how to stay safe. It's very important to follow these safety rules.

Make sure to ride only on the paths allowed and avoid places that could be harmed.

Rock Climbing

If you love rock climbing, you'll enjoy the Taurus Mountains. They have tall walls made of limestone perfect for climbing.

Geyikbayiri is famous for climbing. It has more than 1000 paths for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

You can rent climbing equipment if you don't have your own. It's very important to check your gear carefully before you start climbing.

If you're new to climbing, you can join a tour. They will teach you how to be safe and improve your skills, so you can climb with confidence.

To learn more about rock climbing in Antalya and get tips on the best paths, how to stay safe, and see amazing views of the Taurus Mountains, check out our detailed blog post about it by clicking here.

Zip Lining

Feel the excitement as you zip line across different areas of Antalya from high up in the air.

Adventure parks have many levels of courses. Some are easy for beginners, and some are hard for people who like big challenges.

All the safety gear is very good, and the courses are made and kept up well to make sure everyone is safe.

Zip-lining is fun for the whole family. Both kids and adults can have a good time doing it.




Walking in and around Antalya is a great way to see the area's natural beauty slowly.

You can walk on the famous Lycian Way or old paths made by the Romans that go along the coast and show beautiful views of the sea.

The Taurus Mountains offer paths for walking that are sometimes easy and sometimes hard, but they always give great views from the top.

Drink plenty of water, know about the path you're going to take, and always walk with someone else to make sure you have a fun and safe trip.

Bungee Jumping

For an exciting experience, bungee jumping near Tahtalı Mountain offers an amazing fall with great mountain views.

You jump from almost 200 meters high, feeling scared and happy at the same time in a way you've never felt before.

The place where you bungee jump should meet all the safety rules to make sure you go down safely.


Antalya is more than a place to relax on the beach or look at old ruins. It's a great spot for people who love exciting activities. When you're in Antalya, try to do things that are new and challenging. You can do lots of thrilling things here, either by following experts or on your own. The experiences you'll have will be amazing. Antalya offers you the chance for an incredible adventure, so prepare yourself and get ready for some great stories.

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