Antalya Aquarium Detailed Review: Ticket Prices, What To Do and How To Go There

Antalya Aquarium Detailed Review: Ticket Prices, What To Do and How To Go There

Imagine entering a place where the noisy rush of everyday life is quiet, replaced by the gentle movements of sea animals. Welcome to the big Antalya Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums globally, found in the middle of the Turkish Riviera. This easy guide is for people who enjoy fish, excite travelers, and interest families planning trips. Get ready to explore an underwater world in this amazing display of sea life.

Antalya's big aquarium is a top spot in the city. It's huge at 12,000 square meters and not just for looking at fish. It's a fun place to learn and have a good time. The aquarium's building shows how people and nature can live together.

Location and Accessibility

The Antalya Aquarium is in a great spot that attracts people from around the world. It's close to old things and clean water. You can find it at Konyaalti Beach, making it easy for tourists and locals to visit. If you're in downtown Antalya, just hop on a tram to get there and enjoy the pretty ride by the sea. Also, there are packages including the transportation to the Aquarium.



Exploring the Aquarium

When you arrive, you'll see a huge aquarium split into different theme areas. The main building is tall with a great view of the Gulf of Antalya. Outside, there are nice gardens and play areas. Inside, you'll start a journey through Poseidon's world, getting closer to all the cool stuff inside.

Mother and Son Exploring the Aquarium

Exhibits and Marine Life

The main attraction at Antalya Aquarium is its sea animals. You can see lots of fish and big sea creatures like sharks. People who love the water will enjoy seeing rare and amazing creatures here. The aquarium is a place to learn about underwater life.

Interactive Experiences

At Antalya Aquarium, you don't just watch - you get to play with the sea animals. You can touch, feel, and feed them in a safe place that teaches you stuff. In the Touchpool, you pet starfish and rays, which is fun for everyone.

Distinct Zones

The aquarium is split into different areas with themes. Each part shows a different habitat. They pay close attention to how it looks, the temperature, and the lights to copy nature. You can see the middle of the reef, the stingray area, the Amazon rivers, and a huge tunnel with 5 million liters of sea water.

Educational Opportunities

Antalya Aquarium is not just for tourists. It teaches things. It has good school programs, workshops, and talks about saving the ocean. Butterflyworld, a butterfly place there, also teaches about how land and sea are important together.

Two Kids Observe Fish Tank

Entertainment and Shows

The entertainment area is fun for those who want a break from walking around the displays. There are lots of shows to watch, like 3D movies at Oceanride XD, glassblowing demos, and Snow World. It's a nice change and fun for everyone in the family.

Family-Friendly Features

Antalya Aquarium is a great place for families to have fun and learn together. Kids can play games and do puzzles in the Little Explorers Area. Parents can relax while knowing their kids are safe and having fun in a special area just for them.

What Visitors Say

Every part of the visitor experience is planned to make sure you have the best time. The place is easy to get around in a wheelchair, and there are lots of places to rest and things to use. If you want to keep memories, you can get pictures taken by pros to remember the aquarium even after you leave.

A Fish in the Aquarium

Ticket Information and Timings

Antalya Aquarium aims to be as accessible as possible, with a variety of ticket options that meet the needs of visitors' different times and likes. The place is open for a long time, so you can visit during the day or at night, depending on the season. Online booking is recommended, not just for the convenience it offers, but it often includes exclusive discounts and package deals that can amplify the experience. The Antalya Aquarium has different ticket prices for adults and kids. Adults pay about $30, and kids pay about $20. Prices can change, so check the official website for the latest prices and any discounts. They might have deals for families or groups too.

Dining and Shopping Options

At Antalya Aquarium, you can eat in simple or fancy places, with lots of food choices. You can see sea animals while eating. The stores there have things to buy like memories, gifts, and learning stuff, so you remember your visit even after you go.

Attractions Nearby Antalya Aquarium

Visitors at Antalya Aquarium can enjoy more fun after their visit by checking out nearby places. Right next to it is Konyaaltı Beach, great for sunbathing or taking a walk by the sea. For some excitement, Aqualand is close by, offering water rides for all ages. If you like history, the Antalya Museum is not far, showing artifacts from the area's past. These spots near Antalya Aquarium are good for tourists who want a full day of fun and learning.


Antalya Aquarium is not just a cool place with sea animals; it shows how amazing the underwater world is. It's fun for families and teaches us to protect the ocean. Whether you love nature or want a fun family trip, Antalya Aquarium is a must-see. Visit, enjoy the sea life, and learn its secrets. You'll have an unforgettable experience with underwater animals. You read the info; now go and have fun!



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