Antalya's Currency and Budgeting Guide: Tips for Travelers

Antalya's Currency and Budgeting Guide: Tips for Travelers

Antalya is a great place to visit, mixing old and new with the beachy feel of the Mediterranean. Money management is key for a good trip. Our guide is for travelers looking to save money while exploring Antalya. Covering currency, budgeting for stay, food, and travel, we offer practical tips for a memorable and affordable trip.

Currency in Antalya: The Turkish Lira (₺)

The Turkish Lira (TRY) symbol '₺' , is what you use in Antalya. Turkey's economy has been up and down lately, so visitors need to get the local money facts. When you switch your cash, think about a few things. Skip the airport - bad rates and more fees. Go for local banks, exchanges, or good hotels for better deals. Watch out for ATM fees - they add up fast with lots of withdrawals.

Exchange Rates and Conversion Tips

For good deals, watch daily FX rates from trusted sources. Learn about "bank buying" and "selling" rates - go for the lower selling rates. Check the money you get matches the receipt. Be careful with street sellers offering exchange services, they might give you less Lira than you expect.

A Hand Holding Turkish Liras

Accommodation Options in Antalya

Picking where to stay affects how much money you spend when you travel in Antalya. You can go for fancy hotels by the beach, but they cost a lot. Or, if you're on a budget, you can stay at cheap hostels or rent an apartment for a comfy, do-it-yourself option.

Average Fees: Hotel, Hostel, and Rental Houses

A standard room in a mid-range hotel costs start from 450-500 TRY per night, depending on the season. Hostel costs start from 300 TRY per night. Rental places vary but can be affordable, especially for groups or longer stays. For a long stay, apartment rentals in Antalya cost between 12,000 to 30,000 TRY per month. Prices may change depending on where it is, what it offers, and the season. Renting monthly can save money for travelers staying more than a few weeks, lowering the cost per night and giving a homely feel. Check booking sites to compare prices and find deals for big savings.

Pro Tips for Paying Less in Place

Think about where you stay. City center costs more; try places away from the beach or old town for cheaper rates and local vibe. Travel off-peak for lower prices and peaceful surroundings.

Three Friends at a Hostel Room

Eating Out and Shopping on a Budget

Antalya has Turkish food & other international dishes. To taste local food without spending too much, pick where you eat wisely & shop smart.

Average Costs of Meals and Shopping

A meal at a cheap restaurant costs 140-400 TRY. Street food is between 50-80 TRY. Visit Antalya's markets, like Antalya Bazaar, for souvenirs, spices, and fabrics at good prices if you're fine with bargaining.

Budgeting for Meals

Budget smartly by balancing your meals - have some sit-down restaurant meals and mix it up with cheap local food. Water isn't free at restaurants. Also, pick restaurants outside tourist spots for cheaper, authentic dining.

Shopping in Antalya's markets is a cultural experience. Sellers expect you to bargain, so go ahead and ask for a better deal, especially if you're buying a lot. Check for good stuff and see if the price is fair.

Friends at a Cafe

Nightlife and Activities in Antalya

Enjoying the city's lively nightlife doesn't have to be expensive. During the day, Antalya has plenty of things to do that are either free or cheap.

Nightlife Options and Average Costs

Antalya's nightlife has something for everyone. Some places charge to get in and have expensive drinks, while others are free to enter with cheaper drinks. Costs can be different, so plan ahead and know where you're going to avoid spending too much. For a budget-friendly night out, check out the local bars and pubs instead of fancy clubs.

When it comes to enjoying a cold beer in the vibrant atmosphere of Antalya, budget-conscious travelers should note that an average bottle of beer costs between 50-200 TRY. This price may vary depending on the venue and its proximity to popular tourist destinations. To save on costs, seek out local taverns away from the main attractions or buy beer from supermarkets to enjoy on a seaside picnic.

Night Club

Free and Low-Cost Attractions

Antalya has lots of history and nature to enjoy for free. Check out cliffs, waterfalls, and beaches for outdoor fun. Visit the old town, Kaleici, for free sightseeing, or go for a hike to see the beautiful landscapes without spending much.

Transportation Costs and Tips

Transportation is a way visitors can save money. Antalya's buses and trams are cheap and reliable for getting around the city and nearby places.

Transportation Expenses

Public transport in Antalya is managed by the city government, so the prices are set and cheap. A tram ride costs only 15 TRY. Buses in the city are also affordable. If you're traveling a lot, get an "Antalya Kart" for big savings over single tickets. You can also read our blog post about transportation in Alanya.


To save money on travel, try walking or biking short distances. Antalya is easy to walk around with pretty paths away from busy roads.


Antalya is a nice place for budget-friendly trips. Plan your money, pick cheap places to stay and eat, and do affordable stuff. Save money, make smart choices, and enjoy Antalya without spending a lot. Have fun exploring ruins and chilling at cafes without spending too much. Have a safe and budget-smart trip in Antalya!

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