Antalya Festivals and Activities 2024

Antalya Festivals and Activities 2024

Festivals bring a city's culture to life. Antalya has colorful and lively events that draw people from all over. These celebrations showcase art, traditions, and modern life in the city. If you love travel, music, or culture, Antalya's festivals are a must-see. Come dance, enjoy, and explore the fun events.

Antalya Dance Festival

Antalya is more than just a city with beaches and old stuff. It's a place where top dancers from around the world come to show their moves. This May, the Antalya Dance Festival happens, turning the city into a stage, a class, and a party spot. They have all kinds of dance styles from old Turkish dances to new ones. The festival wants to bring people together through dance. It's all about different cultures dancing as one big happy group. Everyone can join in, mixing local and international folks for a fun time celebrating togetherness.

When: May 2024

Where: Antalya Cultural Centre (AKM) Muratpasa/Antalya

Aim of the Festival:

  • Promote dance for sharing cultures
  • Show Antalya as a place for global dance collaborations

How to reach from Antalya center:

Many bus routes and tram lines link the city center to festival places. The Antalya Cultural Centre (AKM) is a popular spot that often has shows and is easy to reach by public transport.

Antalya Paragliding Festival

As the city wakes up from winter, people who love excitement gather for the Antalya Paragliding Festival. It's a fun event where colorful parachutes fill the sky and you can hear laughter from the people flying in the air. The festival goes on until March 31st and shows off how beautiful Antalya is. People come from nearby and far away for this event. There are competitions, training, and flights where beginners can try flying.

When: Until the 31st of March 2024

Where: Antalya's famous cliffs, such as Mount Tahtalı (Olympos)

To get to the festival area from Antalya's busy downtown, take a nice ride along the coast. You can use private shuttles or taxis. Some companies provide rides to the starting points with guides and gear.

Aim of the Festival:

  • To make more people know about paragliding as a fun sport
  • To get good paragliders for big contests and practice

How to reach from Antalya center:

The trip to the festival's famous paragliding areas, such as Mount Tahtalı, gives amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. People can either get a ride or organize a private drive from their hotel to the starting area.

Antalya Acro Yoga Festival

In October, the Antalya Acro Yoga Festival happens. People who like acro yoga meet there. The festival is from October 12th to 16th. It's not just about doing acrobatics or yoga. It's about learning about yourself. There are classes by famous teachers, music, and meals. It helps you grow and connect with others.

When: 12th to the 16th of October 2024

Where: Kumluca/Antalya

Aim of the Festival:

  • Give a place for people who do acro yoga from all over
  • Help the environment with eco-friendly yoga at the beach, to support sustainable tourism

How to reach from Antalya center:

The festival has buses from the city to the clean beaches. If you want to match the festival's ideas, you can bike or walk there too.

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Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival

The Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival happens this September in Antalya. It showcases classical music and theater at the ancient Aspendos Roman Theater. Opera singers, ballet dancers, and orchestras perform to honor the city's culture. The festival starts on September 2nd, aiming to move and change the audience with classic performances.

When: 2nd to the 29th of September 2024

Where: Aspendos Ancient Theater, Serik

The trip from Antalya to the Aspendos Ancient Theater in Serik is a journey through history. Some people rent a car or join a tour to see the old places there.

Aim of the Festival:

  • Keep and support traditional arts performances
  • Improve local and global culture with top-quality shows

How to reach from Antalya center:

The theater is easy to reach by car or bus. Buses go from the city to Serik. If you like going with a group, tours usually have a trip to the festival included.

Alanya International Jazz Days

The Alanya International Jazz Days in Antalya is a celebration of jazz music from around the world. It brings jazz fans together to enjoy different styles of music. In April, the festival fills the streets of Alanya with jazz music. Along with concerts, there are workshops and partnerships that share different cultures through music. It's a fun event for people in Alanya and visitors to enjoy music together.

When: 1st to the 30th of April 2024

Where: Alanya/Antalya

Going from Antalya to Alanya for the festival is an adventure. You can see the coast and the big Taurus Mountains. You can take a bus or go in a private car.

Aim of the Festival:

  • Share different types of jazz music
  • Help global and local artists work together and learn from each other

How to reach from Antalya center:

Bus routes join the two cities, so people who like jazz and culture can easily go to Alanya International Jazz Days. The festival place is near Alanya's main transport center, so you can walk or take a quick ride there.

State Theaters Antalya International Theater Festival

The Antalya International Theater Festival in State Theaters is a big event in the city. It celebrates plays, dramas, and stories. The festival has different kinds of shows that many people like.

When: 17th to the 27th of May annually

Where: Haşim İşcan Kültür Merkezi, Antalya

This important place in the middle of Antalya is getting ready to show plays from all over the world. People can walk or take the city's buses to watch many different shows at the theater.

Aim of the Festival:

  • Show different types of plays
  • Let actors from different countries share stories and skills

How to reach from Antalya center:

Theater fans can walk to the Haşim İşcan Cultural Centre in Antalya. The theater is easy to find using a map on your phone or by asking people nearby.

International Festival of Dance and Songs "Turkish Paradise"

As autumn arrives in the city, the "Turkish Paradise" Dance and Song Festival brings together dancers from around the world to perform different dances.

When: 2nd to the 6th of October 2024

Where: Various locations in Antalya

The Turkish Paradise festival happens in different places in Antalya, mixing city and nature vibes. Each spot adds its special touch to the cultural sharing.

Aim of the Festival:

  • Bring different cultures together with dancing and singing
  • Show off Antalya as a top place for festivals

How to reach from Antalya center:

The festival's different venues are spread throughout the city and nearby areas. You can get there easily using public transport or festival shuttles. Plan your schedule carefully to enjoy all the different events.


Antalya has many festivals that show its mix of old and new. Festivals like the Antalya Dance Festival, Paragliding Festival, and Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival bring in lots of tourists and give a peek into Turkey. When you plan your trip, think about going during one of Antalya's festivals to really get a feel for the city and its people. Start by joining in the fun at the festivals and learn about the city's stories, one celebration at a time.

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