Antalya Winter Travel Guide: 10 Best Things To Do

Antalya Winter Travel Guide: 10 Best Things To Do

Winter makes famous vacation spots look calm and peaceful, unlike the busy scenes in summer. Antalya is a good example, with its mix of old history, beautiful scenery, and modern Mediterranean charm. When the sun becomes gentler and there are fewer tourists, Antalya turns into a winter paradise. It welcomes those seeking a special winter getaway.

In this guide, we'll look at the top ways to have a great time in Antalya during the colder months. It gives you a look into a world where summer adventures smoothly shift into a warm and culturally rich winter experience.

Explore Historical Sites

The Ancient City of Perge

Travel back in time and discover the beauty of the old city of Perge. Here, you'll walk along streets lined with columns, visit the Roman baths, and be amazed by the remaining arches and walls that used to surround the city. The winter season offers a quieter experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the history and peacefulness of this place.

perge ancient city


Unlike any other place in the area, the remains of Termessos are located on top of a mountain, giving you breathtaking views and a feeling of being alone.

It's easier to hike to Termessos during winter, and you'll probably have the amphitheater and marketplace all to yourself.

Termessos Ancient City

Antalya Museum

The Antalya Museum has a large collection of ancient objects from different times in history. Inside, you can learn about the region's past, from a long time ago to more recent times. It's a warm and educational place to visit.

Archeology Museum

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Skiing in Saklikent Ski Center

Antalya is famous for its sunny beaches, but not many people know that it's also a place to access some amazing slopes. The Saklikent Ski Center has smooth runs that are great for people who are new to skiing or have some experience. With stunning views of the Taurus Mountains all around, it's like a dream come true for winter sports fans.

a man skiing

Winter Hike in the Taurus Mountains

A hike during winter in the Taurus Mountains is an amazing adventure. The fresh mountain air, peace and quiet, and the beauty of winter landscapes create a memorable outdoor experience. You can choose guided hikes or explore on your own.

a group of people hiking

Experience Horseback Riding in the Countryside

Explore the beautiful winter countryside of Antalya by going on a horseback riding trip. The fields covered in snow and the blue skies create a peaceful setting for a relaxing ride, where you can appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

A Woman Horse Riding

Rafting & Buggy Safari Tour

The winter season doesn't mean adventure stops in Antalya. The fast-flowing rivers now offer a peaceful white-water rafting experience, free from the summer's traffic.

Alternatively, a buggy safari through the scenic countryside adds a dash of adrenaline to your Antalya winter adventure.

Two people rafting

Enjoy The Local Cuisine

Try Traditional Turkish Dishes

Antalya is a great place for food lovers, and winter is the best time to enjoy delicious and filling traditional Turkish food. Stay warm with dishes like Iskender kebab, a popular dish with thin slices of meat in a tasty tomato sauce on crispy bread, or have a hot bowl of Turkish lentil soup called mercimek corba.

Mercimek Corba

Local Specialties: Pide and Lahmacun

And be sure to taste two popular local dishes: Pide, a bread shaped like a boat, topped with different meats, cheeses, and vegetables, and Lahmacun, a thin dough topped with minced meat, sprinkled with lemon juice, and rolled up to eat.


Kaleici's Vibrant Food Scene

The lively food scene in Kaleici, the old town of Antalya, has many restaurants, tea houses, and places to eat where you can enjoy local dishes. The old-fashioned setting and comfortable inner parts create a great atmosphere for dining in winter.

Visit the Antalya Aquarium

Escape the cold winter and dive into a world of amazing sea creatures at the Antalya Aquarium.

With one of the biggest tanks in the world, the aquarium showcases colorful fish, coral, and other sea animals that will amaze visitors of all ages.

Two Kids At Aquarium

Antalya Turkish Bath

Enjoy a traditional Turkish bath, known as a 'hamam,' to fight the winter cold. This refreshing experience involves a thorough body scrub and massage in historic and beautifully decorated bathhouses. It's a truly Turkish tradition and a must-try for anyone visiting Antalya.

Woman Having Turkish Bath

Experience the Antalya Winter Festival

Cultural Events and Performances

Antalya comes alive with a series of cultural events and performances during the Winter Festival. From local music concerts to dance shows, the festival showcases the rich cultural heritage of the region with a modern twist.

Festive Atmosphere and Decorations

Take a walk in the downtown area and experience the happiness of the season. The pleasant atmosphere shows the friendliness of the people and the sense of togetherness that characterizes Antalya.

Antalya Winter Weather

Antalya has mild and nice winter weather, with average temperatures ranging from 10°C to 18°C. Although it's not beach weather, these temperatures are great for outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing. But it's important to remember that temperatures in the Taurus Mountains, where the ski center is located, can get very cold. So, make sure to  during winter.

FAQ About Winter Trip To Antalya

Can you swim in Antalya in winter?

It is not advised to swim in Antalya during the winter because the water is cold. The sea is generally too chilly for comfortable swimming.

Does Antalya get busy in winter?

No, Antalya is not as crowded in winter as it is in summer. During the winter months, it is calmer and more peaceful, which is great for people who want a quiet time.

What to pack for the winter trip to Antalya?

For a winter trip to Antalya, bring warm clothes like a thick coat, scarves, and gloves. If you're going to ski or hike in the mountains, bring the right gear for those activities too.

Does it rain a lot in winter in Antalya?

Even though it rains a bit in winter in Antalya, it's not too heavy. Bring a small umbrella or raincoat to be ready for any showers.

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