Antalya's Rich Culture: Orange and White Houses, Handicrafts, and More

Antalya's Rich Culture: Orange and White Houses, Handicrafts, and More

Located on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, Antalya invites travelers to explore its rich culture in the old streets and lively markets. With a lot of history and beautiful nature, this city in southern Turkey is great for beach fans and those who like tradition. Let's dive into Antalya's customs and history, discovering their unique culture together.

Orange and White Houses

Walking through the old town of Antalya feels like stepping into a colorful painting. The houses there are painted in bright orange and white for a long time. These colors are important because they show the city's history and if someone could marry into the royal family. The buildings mix Greek, Roman, and Byzantine styles, giving Antalya a unique look that you won't forget.

orange and white house

Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Antalya is a place where local artists make special things. They make ceramics with old stories on them and carpets that last a long time. These crafts are not just things to buy; they're part of the city's history. You can smell fresh wood and hear sounds of tools in the streets. If you buy something, you bring home a piece of Antalya's spirit.

Ancient Ruins and Museums

Discover the history of Antalya. Every street, old things, and old buildings tell stories of the past. The city has many old things to visit, like ruins and museums. The Antalya Museum has lots of old things from long ago. There are also chic old buildings to see, like the Side Ancient Theater and the Perge Ancient City. Discover Antalya's history.

Yoruk Culture

In the valleys around Antalya, there's a group called the Yoruks, who are Turkish and used to move around a lot. They like their old customs and live a simple life. They show their way of life through music, dance, things they make, and food. The Yoruks have vibrant village celebrations where they keep their old ways alive. You can see their bright clothes, hear their old songs, and look at their pretty rugs. It's a celebration of the past and present, full of noise and color.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Antalya's food is a tasty mix of what grows in the fields, what comes from olive trees, and what's fished from the sea. The cooking here shows the region's past, with each dish telling a story of Antalya's different influences. Whether it's the famous Turkish breakfast, small dishes to share, or a kebab from the grill, Antalya's food is a treat for food lovers. It's a mix of flavors that will excite your taste buds.

Traditional Dance and Music

In Antalya, music is more than just noise, it tells stories and feelings. People there really like their cultural dances and songs. There are lots of parties and shows that celebrate this love for their art. The Yoruks, who do lively dances like zeybek and halay, have a big impact on Antalya's traditional dance scene. The music for these dances is usually played on old instruments like the baglama and saz, giving you an old-timey feeling.


In Antalya, old and new mix together nicely, making it a beautiful place to explore. You can enjoy yummy food, watch traditional dances, and listen to music. Antalya shows the spirit and culture of the Mediterranean. It's a fun place to visit, with surprises everywhere, good food, and cool dances and music that have been around for a long time.

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