Best Day Trips from Antalya

Best Day Trips from Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful city by the Mediterranean Sea. It's popular for its beaches and is also full of history and Turkish culture. It dates back to ancient times and has many old ruins that history lovers will enjoy. The city tells stories from the past through these ancient sites.

For those who want to see more than just beaches and city life, taking a day trip from Antalya is a great idea. You can see historical places, walk through areas with lots of orange trees, or enjoy the views of mountains. There are many exciting things to do.

We're going to tell you about the best day trips from Antalya. You can visit amazing old ruins in Aspendos, see natural flames in Chimera, or enjoy the peaceful Duden Waterfalls. Get ready for a journey where you'll see beautiful places where history and nature come together for a great experience.

Phaselis Ancient City

The old city of Phaselis is like a quiet reminder of its once busy and important past as a Lycian trade center. It sits between two beautiful bays and is surrounded by pine trees, making it a peaceful place compared to the busy city of Antalya today. Walking through what's left of the city's water system, theater, and market place, you get a feel of the bustling life and business that used to happen here. This place is more than just old ruins; it's like a doorway to history where each stone has a story to tell about wealth, trade, and the sharing of cultures. For those who love quiet places and want to learn about history, Phaselis is a perfect spot to visit for a memorable step back in time.

Alanya Excursion

Alanya is a city with a lot of history and long, sandy beaches. It's a great place for people looking for adventure and peace. The city is known for Alanya Castle, which is high up and can be seen from everywhere. This castle shows how important Alanya was in history. The views from the castle are breathtaking and will make you feel like you're on top of the world.

Alanya has a famous place called the Damlatas Caves. These are big holes in the ground that go deep underground. They have cool rock shapes hanging from the ceiling and growing from the ground. People found these caves in 1948 and now many visitors go there because they look special.

If you want to relax, go to Cleopatra Beach. It's named after a famous queen from Egypt who is believed to have swum there. The beach has very clear water and white sand that feels soft. It's a good place to lie in the sun or swim.

Alanya is not just about nature and old places. It also has a fun nightlife. There are many bars, clubs, and places to eat along the streets. You can walk near the water where the boats are and pick a place to eat while you look at the lights and the water.

Day Trip to Düden Waterfalls

A short drive away from the busy city of Antalya, you can find the Düden Waterfalls, a peaceful place in the middle of nature. The upper part of the waterfalls, also called 'upper Düden,' flows down the cliffs beautifully. This creates a stunning view of water falling down and makes a calming sound, giving you a break from the fast pace of daily life.

If you go further down, you reach the lower Düden, which is quite different because it falls straight into the blue Mediterranean Sea. This special sight lets you see up close how strong and powerful water can be, making it a memorable experience to see nature's strength right in front of you.

Saklikent Gorge

If you love adventure, going on a day trip to Saklikent Gorge is a great way to see the beauty of the Taurus Mountains. Saklikent Gorge is one of the deepest canyons in the world. It's really beautiful, with high walls made of limestone from the Bulgar Dagi mountain that go up hundreds of meters above the river at the bottom of the gorge. It looks amazing. People who visit can go hiking, swimming, or rafting in the narrow canyon. They will see beautiful rock shapes and very cold water.

Olympos and the Eternal Flames of Chimera

Located at the base of Mount Olympos, the old city of Olympos invites travelers with its rich history and interesting old ruins, offering a journey back in time. As you look around, let the nearby natural wonder of the eternal flames of Chimera amaze you with its unique charm. These natural flames, called the "Chimera Fire," have been burning for thousands of years. They are thought to be caused by methane gas leaking from cracks in the rocks. Seeing this amazing sight is truly a memorable experience.

Taurus Mountains Excursion

The Taurus Mountains, very tall and located behind the coastal city of Antalya, are a wonderful place for people who love adventure and nature. If you take a day trip from Antalya to these mountains, you'll find many exciting things to do with beautiful nature all around. You can walk through forests that have not been changed by people, listening to the stories of the earth, or go on exciting rides off the main roads that make your heart beat fast. The Taurus Mountains have many surprises. Also, you can walk through old water channels built by the Romans, which is a special way to see how people in the past made things and feel connected to history in a memorable way.

Myra, Demre and Kekova Ancient Cities Tour

Going on a trip from Antalya to Myra, Demre and Kekova lets you see and learn about the old Lycian culture. This trip takes you through places and history that go back hundreds of years. In Myra, you get to see tombs that were cut out of rock a long time ago. These tombs show us how the Lycian people cared a lot about remembering those who had died.

These tombs are carved into cliffs and show that Myra was a rich and important place long ago. The designs on the tombs are very detailed and show us that the Lycians were great at making art and building things.



This trip also includes visiting the Church of St. Nicholas in Demre. This place is very important because it's connected to the story of Santa Claus. The church is an old place that shows how Christianity started to spread in this area. Visiting here helps us understand how Lycian traditions mixed with new Christian ideas.

Seeing the Lycian tombs and the Church of St. Nicholas gives you a deep look into a culture that isn't around anymore but is still interesting and important. This trip isn't just about seeing different places in Turkey, but it's also about really getting to know the stories and the history of the ancient Lycian people and St. Nicholas.


Every trip from Antalya is a chance to discover something new. There's something for everyone - people who love nature, those interested in old stories and history, and those looking for excitement. You can see ancient cities, magical flames, big mountains, and clear blue waters near the coast. The trips from Antalya offer a wide range of experiences. You could walk in an old city, or go on a thrilling adventure down a fast-moving river. These adventures help you really get to know Antalya's culture and beautiful nature. If you love exploring, Antalya and the areas around it are full of things to find and enjoy.

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