Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Antalya

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful place on the Turkish Riviera, loved by people who enjoy sun and history. It has beautiful blue seas, sandy beaches, and old ruins, which makes many travelers love it. But what if you have pets?

Planning a trip with pets can be hard, especially when you need a place to stay where your pet is welcome and comfortable. Luckily, Antalya isn't just about old sites; it's also friendly for pets. We have put together a detailed guide to show you the best places to stay in Antalya with your pets, making sure your whole family can enjoy the trip.

Pearly Hotel

Location: Konyaaltı Beach - 9 minutes by foot, Antalya Airport - 30 minutes by car

Pearly Hotel is more than just a place to feel sand between your toes; it's also a place for pets. It offers rooms that let you see the sea, and it's very close to the beach. This makes it a great place for people with pets. You can have breakfast from a big selection of food with your pet right next to you, making for a very relaxing morning on your holiday.

The Marmara Antalya

Location: It takes 25 minutes to drive from Antalya Airport and 7 minutes to Hadrian's Gate.

The Marmara Antalya is not only friendly to pets but also treats them very well. The hotel offers comfortable places to stay and a restaurant on the top floor with a great view. This hotel makes sure both you and your pet enjoy your time there.

Around the hotel, there are places to eat:

  • İskele Balık Pişiricisi - 1 minute walking
  • Balıkçı Gemisi - 2 minutes walking
  • Turkish Coffee - 1 minute walking
  • Çikolata Evim Lara - 1 minute walking
  • Sponge Pub Lara - 1 minute walking

The hotel offers a buffet breakfast, a pool, and is very close to the beach.



Akra V

Akra V is very close to the beach; it's a 5-minute drive to Hadrian's Gate and 22 minutes to Antalya Airport. Akra V aims to make its guests feel comfortable and is a pet-friendly hotel. This means you can bring your pet and they will take good care of them. Akra V offers many services for your pet and is close to many interesting places. It's a great place for pet owners to stay. The hotel has a pool, buffet breakfast, gym, spa, and many restaurants and cafes nearby:

  • Pablito Bistro - 8 minutes walking
  • Starbucks - 2 minutes walking
  • Soho Club - 2 minutes walking
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees - 2 minutes walking
  • Başka Ol - 2 minutes walking



Casamax Suites

Location: Casamax Suites is a 4-minute drive from Konyaaltı Beach and 28 minutes from Antalya Airport.

The place is not just good for pets; it makes sure they are comfortable and well taken care of. The staff at Casamax Suites works hard to make sure every family member, including pets, feels happy and welcome.

Nearby Cafes and Restaurants:

  • Starbucks - a 4-minute walk
  • Arabica Coffee Casamax - a 3-minute walk
  • Tezgah Burger - a 4-minute walk
  • Dürümcü Bedir Usta Uncalı Şube - a 9-minute walk
  • By Simitçi - a 9-minute walk

There's an extra charge of 30 EUR per pet per day.



Secret Garden Bungalows Hotel

Location: Çıralı Beach - 4 min walk, Antik Olympos - 5 min drive, Antalya Airport - 95 min drive

The Secret Garden Bungalows Hotel in Antalya is a calm place for pets and their owners to stay. It's in a quiet area called Çıralı, close to beaches and old ruins. This hotel is great for people who love their pets because it's very welcoming to animals. It's a top pick for pet owners who want a nice place to stay.

Tips for Staying in Antalya with Your Pet

When you go to Antalya with your pet, here are simple tips to have a great time together:

  1. Look at Hotel Rules for Pets First: Before you pick a hotel, check if they let pets stay and what their rules are, like how big your pet can be or how many pets you can bring.
  2. Plan What to Do: Find out about places in Antalya where pets are allowed, like beaches, parks, and cafes where you can sit outside. It's best to check these places allow pets before you go.
  3. Keep Your Pet Cool: Antalya can be very hot, especially in summer. Make sure your pet can stay in the shade and has lots of water when you're outside.
  4. Know Where the Vet Is: Find out where the closest vet is to where you're staying, just in case your pet needs help.
  5. Follow the Rules and Be Nice: Always use a leash for your pet when you're in public places and clean up after your pet. This helps everyone enjoy their time.

Following these simple tips will help you and your pet have a fun and stress-free time in Antalya.

Pet-Friendly Antalya Activities

There are lots of fun things to do in Antalya with your pet:

  • Go to Düden Waterfalls: This is a beautiful place you must see in Antalya. You can bring pets on a leash and they can even play in the water.
  • Walk Around Old Town: Walk with your pet through the old streets of Kaleiçi. Many cafes and shops let pets in, so it's a great place for a relaxing walk.
  • Enjoy Konyaaltı Beach: This famous beach lets pets on leashes come with their owners to enjoy the sun and the blue sea.
  • Go on a Boat Tour: Some boat companies in Antalya let pets come on their tours. This way, you and your pet can see the beautiful coast from the water.
  • Visit a Pet-Friendly Cafe: Antalya has many cafes that are happy to see pets. This means you can easily find a place to have coffee or eat something with your pet right next to you.

Keeping Your Pet Safe and Comfortable in Antalya

When you take your pet to Antalya, you want to make sure they are safe and happy. Here are simple tips for a good time with your pet:

  • Bring What You Need: Take your pet's food, water, dishes, leash, bags for cleaning up waste, and any medicine they need.
  • Keep Them Cool and Hydrated: Antalya can be very warm, especially in summer. Carry a portable bowl for water and find shady spots where your pet can rest.
  • Use a Leash: In some areas, pets can go without a leash, but it's safer to keep them close and controlled.
  • Watch the Heat: Pets can get too hot just like people. Don't walk them during the hottest part of the day and look out for signs they're getting too hot, like panting a lot or acting tired.
  • Clean Up: Always pick up after your pet and throw away their waste. This is polite and keeps the area clean.
  • Know Emergency Contacts: Before you go, find out where the nearest vet is and how to contact them, just in case your pet needs help.

Pet-friendly hotels in Antalya are more than just places to stay; they're about welcoming everyone, showing love, and having fun adventures. Your pet is part of your family, and the right hotel lets them be part of your travel fun too.

Whether you're enjoying a calm day on the beach or spending a nice evening at a local place to eat in Antalya, your pet will love being part of the fun. These hotels that welcome pets are a great starting place for your visit to Antalya, where you can get closer, discover new things, and enjoy every moment with your faithful friend.

Get ready for fun times with your pet, enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Anatolia, and make memories you'll never forget.

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