Suluada Island - All You Need to Know Before You Go

Suluada Island - All You Need to Know Before You Go

A hidden paradise known as Suluada Island in Turkey is renowned for its vividly blue waters and lack of overcrowding by tourists. This blog post delves into a trip to the island and the discoveries made there. Suluada Island boasts stunningly clear waters, lush greenery, and offers a serene escape from the bustling tourist areas.

Situated a short boat ride from the well-known tourist city of Antalya, Suluada Island stands out for its cleanliness and abundant wildlife. Dubbed “Water Island” due to its fresh water springs believed by some to possess healing properties, the island is not only a natural beauty but also steeped in history, with tales of pirates and ancient times adding to its allure.

What to Do in Suluada Island?

When you go to Suluada Island, there’s a lot you can do to make your visit fun. You should definitely try snorkeling in the clear water. You can see a lot of fish and underwater shapes clearly. If you like walking on paths, there are paths that go through green areas of the island. 

Swimming in the natural springs is something else you shouldn’t miss.These waters offer a refreshing and healing swim. For those interested in history, looking at the old ruins and hearing stories about pirates can make their trip even more interesting.

Finally, you need to relax on the beaches. The island has quiet beaches that are great for those who want to relax away from busy places. Bring food for a picnic, find a nice spot, and enjoy the quiet and beauty of Suluada Island.

Suluada’s Beaches

Imagine beaches that are pristine and stunning, with waters that shimmer in brilliant blue under the sunlight. These spots on Suluada are the island's treasures, offering serene retreats as well as vibrant areas for snorkeling enthusiasts eager to explore the aquatic life beneath the crystal-clear waters. The island remains untouched by human influence, making it a sanctuary for nature lovers. It boasts breathtaking views and is home to flora and fauna rarely seen elsewhere. Here, one can immerse in nature, marvel at the diversity of life, and relax in the tranquil beauty of the island. Suluada is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure in nature.

Best Time to Visit Suluada Island

Suluada Island, located in the Mediterranean area, experiences hot summers and relatively mild winters. Visiting in late spring offers great weather—warm enough for swimming, yet not overcrowded. The optimal times to visit are from April to June or from September to October, when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities and the island isn't too crowded.

How to Get to Suluada?

The adventure begins with a journey to discover Suluada Island, starting from the colorful coast of Antalya with an exciting boat trip. This trip offers a wonderful opportunity to witness the clear blue waters and rugged landscapes. It provides unforgettable experiences, showcasing beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, the cool spray of the sea, and the natural beauty of untouched places.

The boat ride to Suluada Island takes about two hours, during which passengers can behold hidden bays, high cliffs, and the sparkling sea. Various types of trips cater to all kinds of explorers. One can join a group tour for a fun and social experience or opt for a private charter for a more personal sea journey. With options available for all budgets, Suluada Island and its beauty are accessible to everyone.



Suluada Boat Tours

These tours are exceptionally well-organized, providing a fantastic avenue for witnessing the island's breathtaking sights, such as its hidden caves and the stunning, crystal-clear water springs nestled along the shores. Each stop introduces you a lot of of activities; from snorkeling to relaxing on serene beaches framed by the softest sand, the boat tour unveiled the unparalleled beauty of Suluada in full glory.

Where to Stay in Suluada?

For those searching for luxury and peace, two great places stand out. The LB Boutique Hotel, with its beautiful ambiance, treats every guest exceptionally well, ensuring a feeling of exclusivity. The Luwi Life Concept offers a different experience with its peaceful environment and excellent facilities, ideal for a getaway from daily life.

For nature enthusiasts looking for comfort, the Karaöz Sapphire Bungalows are an excellent choice. These simple yet comfortable homes are nestled in a beautiful natural setting, perfect for relaxation after a day of exploration. Each of these places offers something special, enhancing the trip with their great service.

Tips for Visiting Suluada Island

To make the most of your visit to Suluada Island, follow these simple tips:

  • Bring lots of sunscreen and a hat because the sun is very strong.
  • Wear water shoes to walk comfortably on rocky beaches.
  • Remember to take your camera because the views on the island are beautiful like a postcard.
  • Finally, take care of nature by not leaving trash and not bothering the animals.


When thinking about a trip to Suluada Island, it's not just the clear water or the green areas that are memorable—it's the calm and timeless atmosphere that stands out. Suluada is more than just a destination; it's a retreat for deep relaxation, a perfect escape to enjoy untouched natural beauty.

It's recommended to visit Suluada to appreciate its natural beauty and create personal memories on its serene beaches. It's possible that, in its calm seas and soft sands, one might discover a new part of themselves.



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