Top 10 Adventure Activities To Do in Antalya

Top 10 Adventure Activities To Do in Antalya

Antalya is a beautiful city on the Turkish Riviera that attracts many people. It's famous for its history and stunning natural landscapes. People come from all over to enjoy adventures here. The city has a lovely coastline with old ruins from Roman times and green areas perfect for exploring. It's a great place for those who love excitement and beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

The city is near the Taurus Mountains, where people can hike or climb and enjoy great views. The clear blue waters of the Mediterranean are great for diving and swimming, with lots of fish and other sea life to see. Antalya is also a good place for paragliding, giving people a chance to see the area from above.

Adventure Activities To Do in Antalya

White Water Rafting

The Koprucay River flows through the beautiful Koprulu Canyon, which is about 90 km away from Antalya. For white-water rafting, Koprulu Canyon is a great place. The rapids in this river range from easy to moderately difficult (Levels II to IV), making rafting here a thrilling experience. While rafting, people can see amazing views of rocky landscapes and green pine forests. This activity is not just exciting; it also lets people enjoy nature up close in a very beautiful setting. The best time to go rafting here is from spring to early summer because the water levels are just right for a safe yet fun adventure. This offers rafters an amazing chance to experience Turkey's natural beauty.


Adventurers looking for a special experience can go up into the sky from one of the most beautiful places to start, the big Taurus Mountains, which sits right by the lovely coastline. When you start paragliding from Taurus Mountains, you'll see amazing wide views of the big sea and the rough mountains, letting you fly through the air smoothly like a bird. Flying together with someone else, known as tandem paragliding, is the most popular choice for those looking for excitement. It's easy for anyone to try and gives you an exciting adventure where you're paired with skilled instructors for an unforgettable flight. This activity is open to fans all year, making it easy to find a good time to do it. But the best time to try this unique experience is from April to November, when the weather is just right for flying high and seeing the world from up high.



Scuba Diving

The clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea near Antalya are very attractive for people who like diving. This area under the water has lots of different sea animals, hidden caves to explore, and old sunken ships with stories from the past. It's a place where every dive is a new adventure, and it offers one of the best scuba diving experiences you can find. In the summer, the sea near Antalya is even more welcoming. The water becomes calm and very clear, making it perfect for divers to see everything clearly and enjoy the beauty under the sea. Whether you have been diving many times or are just starting, diving near Antalya when the conditions are this good is something you should definitely do.

Scuba diving trips in Antalya usually start from the marinas. Many centers there have PADI certification. They offer equipment for rent and teach beginners how to dive.


In Antalya, there is a beautiful area full of canyons and narrow paths between mountains, perfect for people who love canyoning. Experienced guides lead this exciting activity where you get to go down waterfalls with a rope, swim in calm waters between tall mountains, and slide down natural slides made smooth by water. It's more than just an adventure; it's a fun journey that lets you see beautiful places and feel excited at the same time. The best time to go canyoning in Antalya is from April to October because the weather is nice for being outside. Whether you have done a lot of adventurous things before or this is your first time trying something like this, canyoning in Antalya is something you will always remember because of the fun you have and the beautiful views you see.

You can find skilled guides for canyoning in places like Manavgat, Köprülü Canyon, and the areas around Alanya and Antalya. Here, you have the option to book trips that last for one day or go for several days.

Jeep Safari

Go on a fun jeep trip in Antalya's countryside. This exciting ride takes you off-road, where you get to see small, old villages and learn about how people live there. You'll also see ancient sites that show Turkey's long history. This trip lets you see the different natural scenes of Turkey and learn about its past, making it great for anyone who loves adventure. You can go on this jeep safari any time of the year. Each season shows a different side of the area, from green springs to winters with snow-covered views. This adventure is more than just a trip through nature; it's a chance to really understand Turkey's culture and history.

In Antalya, local tour companies have many jeep safari trips. These trips go to different places like the Taurus Mountains and old villages in Turkey.



Mountain Biking

The Taurus Mountains are a beautiful place with lots of mountain biking paths for both new and experienced riders. People can ride through green forests, quiet valleys, and past old ruins. This mix makes biking here a fun adventure that also lets you see the history of Antalya. If you want to try this, it's best to go between October and April when the weather is cooler. This time is perfect for being outside and enjoying the views and history of the Taurus Mountains without getting too hot.

You can rent mountain bikes and go on tours in Antalya. There are companies that can help you find the best paths for your biking skills and what you like to do.

Rock Climbing

Antalya, a very special place in Turkey, is famous for having some of the best places for rock climbing in the world. It invites climbers of all levels with its big rocks and high cliffs that are both fun and challenging. This area is well-known for its special type of rock, limestone, which gives climbers lots of different paths to try and is very appealing to those looking for adventure. The weather in Antalya is also great for climbing because it has mild winters and warm, dry summers, making it a perfect place for rock climbing. The best times to go rock climbing here are from September to November and from March to June. During these times, the weather is cool but not cold, and it doesn't rain much, so climbing is enjoyable and safe. Whether you are just starting to climb or have been climbing for years and are looking for a new challenge, Antalya's beautiful views and top-notch climbing places offer an experience you won't find anywhere else.

Antalya is famous for rock climbing spots like Geyikbayırı, which is a 25-minute drive from the city, and the area around Alanya. Local climbing gyms can give you the information you need and let you rent gear. You can also go on a guided tour to get a complete experience.

Quad Biking

Quad biking in Antalya is a great adventure you shouldn't miss. It lets you see beautiful places at fast speeds, and anyone can try it, even if they've never done it before. It's perfect for people who love excitement and enjoying nature. When you ride a quad bike, you feel the wind on your face as you move fast over rough and dusty ground. You'll get excited going places you've never been, and crossing rivers makes it even more fun. This activity gives you a feeling of freedom as you ride through beautiful natural areas. You can enjoy quad biking any time of the year, and it's a different way to have fun outdoors. Taking a tour with a guide is better because it's safer, and they show you special places you wouldn't find on your own, making your adventure safe and more interesting.

You can reserve a four-wheeler ride with many companies in Antalya. They offer rides for one person or for groups.




Antalya has beautiful countryside with many paths for hiking. These paths are good for both beginners and experienced hikers. You can choose an easy walk through green areas or a challenging hike over tough land. Antalya is a great place for this. One special path is the Lycian Way. It gives hikers amazing views of the blue sea. People around the world know about this path because it's very beautiful and is one of the best long walks you can do. The best time to go hiking here is in the spring. This is when the countryside has lots of colorful wildflowers and the weather is nice and cool. It's a perfect time for being outside and exploring.

You can take short walks in city parks or go on longer hikes for several days on the Lycian Way in Antalya. There are many paths to choose from, and they range from easy to hard. If you like, there are local companies that can take you on these hikes with a guide for a more organized trip.


For a fun and exciting activity in the air, choose a top zipline course in Antalya. These exciting paths let you move very fast over the area's deep valleys and rivers that twist and turn. It's both safe and full of fun. Ziplining is a different and exciting way to see the outdoors, different from usual walking trails. It lets people see the beautiful views of Antalya from high up, above the trees. You will fly through the air, feeling excited, as you look around at the wide views that make this a special experience. The best time to go ziplining in Antalya is from the start of spring to the end of autumn. This time is great not just for the fun ride but also to see the changing beauty of the area.

In Antalya, there are zipline rides above Köprülü Canyon and Tyrolean Traverse. They are both exciting and safe. Trained experts are there to make sure you have a great time safely.

Safety Tips and Best Practices

Be Prepared

Before going on an outdoor trip, it's very important to look at the weather forecast and check the ground conditions to keep safe. You need to bring the right stuff with you. Make sure you have strong shoes that are right for where you're going, enough water to drink during your trip, and a good first-aid kit for any small injuries or emergencies. Getting ready properly can help you have a good time instead of a hard one.

Know Your Limits

It's important to choose activities that match how good you are at something and how healthy you are. This makes sure you can have fun without taking unnecessary risks. Even if you think you're good and can handle things, you should listen to what local guides say. They know the area and what to expect very well. They can give you really good advice to keep your adventure safe and fun. Trusting what they know can help you have a great and safe time.

Stay in Touch

Always tell someone your adventure plans, like where you're going, especially if it's far from the city in remote places. Tell them when you're leaving and when you plan to come back. This makes sure someone knows where you are and can get help if you don't come back on time. It's an easy way to be safe that can really help in emergencies.

Respect the Environment

Always watch and follow the local rules when you're out exploring. It's very important not to leave any trash. Any litter can ruin the beauty of nature and hurt animals. By working hard to keep the natural places we visit clean and beautiful, we help save them for people in the future to enjoy too.

Listen to the Experts

Being outside can lead to many changes and surprise challenges. The weather can change quickly, and the ground might be harder to move through than expected. People who lead tours or teach outdoor skills know a lot about these issues. They know the local weather and land well and have seen many different situations in the wild. So, it's smart to listen to them and do what they say. Their knowledge can help keep everyone safe and make the time spent outdoors better.


Visiting Antalya is a great chance to enjoy nature, try new things, and make lasting memories. You can walk on the Lycian Way's tough paths, ride quad bikes for fun, or fly over the Köprülü Canyon. But, it's important to always be safe and take care of nature. Make sure you're ready, know your limits, and listen to what local experts say. This way, you can have a safe and enjoyable adventure in Antalya's outdoors.

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