Top 10 Things to Do in Antalya with Kids

Top 10 Things to Do in Antalya with Kids

Antalya is a beautiful place by the blue Mediterranean Sea and is perfect for people who love history, beaches, and looking for a place where families can have fun and relax. It's in the south of Turkey and offers a lot for everyone, especially families. Antalya is filled with old historical sites that tell stories from the past, beautiful beaches that go on for miles, and many fun places for kids.

This place is more than just pretty views. It's a chance for families to learn about different cultures and enjoy nature. You can visit old ruins, walk around the busy marina, and make special memories. Antalya is great for families because it keeps its nature and history safe while having lots of things that kids will like.

Here is your guide to a great family trip in Antalya. There's something for everyone, no matter how old they are. Antalya offers many different and fun experiences for the whole family.

Why Antalya is Great for Families

Antalya is a great place for families because it's easy to plan a trip there. It has wonderful weather which is perfect for lots of outdoor activities. Families can enjoy the sunny beaches or go on exciting hikes. Antalya has many different things to see and do that both young kids and teenagers will like. There's something for everyone.

Easy to Get There

Antalya's airports work really well and it has many travel links that make it easy to get there from anywhere in the world. Even when it's very busy in summer, families with kids will find it easy and nice to get to Antalya because there are many different flight choices. This easy way to get there is made even better by how welcoming the city is. This means that visitors, no matter their age, can start their holiday without stress and are ready to see all the beautiful things in Antalya as soon as they arrive.

Best Weather Climate

Antalya has a warm, sunny weather because it's in a place with a subtropical Mediterranean climate. This makes it a great spot for families who like warm weather. It gets really hot in the summer, which means a lot of people want to go to the beach and do outdoor stuff. Winters are not too cold, so you can easily go around and see cultural and historical places without feeling too hot. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit if you don't like too many people around and still want nice weather. These seasons are great for a quiet vacation.

Landscapes and Nature

Antalya is a beautiful place surrounded by nature, perfect for family trips. It has clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea and big mountains called the Taurus Mountains. The area offers many outdoor activities, so everyone in the family can find something fun to do. You can visit old ruins, play in the water at clean beaches, or walk through green forests. Antalya is a place where your family can make special memories together.

Variety of Destinations

Beach lovers will really enjoy the long 650-kilometer coast of Antalya, which has both rocky and sandy beaches. These beautiful beaches are great for swimming in clear water, sitting in the sun, and doing water activities like snorkeling and surfing. Antalya's coast has different kinds of beaches, from quiet, hidden spots to busy areas with lots of people. This means everyone can find something they like and have a great time by the sea.

Affordable Prices

Antalya is a great place that offers a lot without costing too much, making it perfect for a family holiday that won't break the bank. Here, you can enjoy tasty food, stay in cozy places that feel like home, and find lots of fun activities for people of all ages. All of these come at low prices, great for families looking for good deals without missing out on a great time. Whether you're visiting old places, relaxing on the pretty beaches, or getting into the lively local life, Antalya gives you a memorable trip that's both cheap and fancy.

Diversity and Hospitality

The city has a long and interesting history that you can see everywhere. It's known for its rich culture and heritage as well as its very welcoming people. Visitors are made to feel like they are part of the community. Families will feel especially at home because the local people are very friendly and always ready to help. This makes sure visitors have a good and memorable time. The mix of a lot of culture and real friendliness makes the city a great place to visit for an authentic experience.

Top 10 Things to Do in Antalya with Kids

Antalya has many fun things for families to do. Here are the top 10 simple but great activities to have fun with your kids.

1. Antalya Dolphinarium

Going to the Antalya Dolphinarium is a fun trip that kids will remember for a long time. Watching these smart sea animals perform is exciting and teaches you a lot, making it a great way to spend an afternoon with the family. The Antalya Dolphinarium is known for letting visitors, especially kids, meet and interact with the dolphins up close. This special chance lets kids learn about marine life by actually touching and seeing the dolphins. The shows are made to be fun and teach people why it's important to protect sea animals. So, your visit is not just enjoyable but teaches you something important too.

2. Antalya Aquapark

If you're looking for fun and want to cool down from the hot sun, Antalya Aquapark is a great place to go. It has many water slides for all ages and for those who want excitement. Families and friends can go fast down steep slides, move through curvy tunnels, and land in clear water pools. Whether you like scary drops or just want to float calmly on water, there's something for you. Spend a day at Antalya Aquapark for lots of water fun and happy times you won't forget.

3. Antalya Aquarium

The Antalya Aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. When you visit, it's like going on an amazing trip through the waters of the Mediterranean and the Amazon, all under one big roof. This amazing place is home to thousands of different kinds of sea creatures. You'll see everything from small, brightly colored fish that live in warm tropical waters to the strange and mysterious animals that live deep in the ocean. Visitors can walk through different areas, each showing off a different part of the ocean world. The Antalya Aquarium is also a great place for learning. It's perfect for kids who are curious and want to know more about the oceans of our planet. With its modern facilities and interesting things to see, the aquarium is a place that families, people who love nature, and anyone who's interested in the underwater world should definitely go see.



4. Pirate Boat Tour

The Pirate Boat Tour in Antalya is a fun and exciting trip, perfect for families who want to have a good time on the sea. It's a special trip where you get to pretend to be pirates for the day. The boat looks like a real pirate ship, which makes the adventure feel even more real. Both kids and adults can dress up as pirates, look for hidden treasure, and do fun pirate activities.



The tour isn't just about the pirate experience, though. It also takes you around Antalya's beautiful coast. You get to swim in quiet bays and see the lovely blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This mix of fun activities and beautiful sights makes the Pirate Boat Tour a great choice for anyone visiting Antalya who likes adventure and the sea.

5. Explore History at the Antalya Museum

The Antalya Museum is a place full of history and ancient things. It is interesting for both kids and adults because it tells stories about the past. The museum has a big collection of old things. Some of these things come from the old city of Perge and other important places in the area. Each item in the museum helps us learn about Turkey's rich history. It gives visitors a special chance to see and learn about how ancient people lived and how they affect our world today. If you like history or just want to see amazing things from long ago, the Antalya Museum is a great place to visit. It takes you on a detailed trip through history.

6. Biking at Konyaaltı Beach

Rent a family bike and go for a nice ride along Konyaaltı Beach. You'll see beautiful views of the blue sea and feel the cool, salty air on your face. The beach has good paths for biking or skating, making it a great way to see the coast. With the sun shining and the sound of waves, it’s a special way to spend a day by the sea with family or friends.

7. Visit Kaleiçi

Kaleiçi is the old part of Antalya and it's a great place for families to visit. Its narrow streets, made of stone, take you back in time. Here, people can see the old city walls that have been there for centuries, and check out Hadrian’s Gate – a big, old gate from when the Romans were around. This gate is really impressive because of its detailed work and size. It stands like a big, old guard at the entrance, welcoming everyone to come in and see what the past was like. As you walk around, you'll find lively markets and small coffee shops where you can take a break. Exploring Kaleiçi is a fun adventure for families who want to see and learn about the history and culture of Antalya in a simple way.

8. Enjoy a Cable Car

Plan a special adventure for your family by going on a cable car ride up the Taurus Mountains to see the amazing views of Antalya from above. As you go up, you'll see wide views of the city, the sea, and the land around it. This will be a fun experience for everyone in your family. You'll get to see Antalya in a way you've never seen before and take great photos. This is a great chance to make lasting memories with your family. Don't miss it.

9. Play and Picnic at the Düden Waterfalls

The Düden Waterfalls, located in Antalya, are a great place for families and kids to have fun in nature. You can swim in the pools and have a picnic on the grass. It's very peaceful and beautiful there, perfect for relaxing and enjoying Antalya's natural beauty.

10.Discover Creativity at Tünektepe Toys and Souvenir Shop

Located at the top of Tünektepe Hill, this shop has lots of local crafts, toys, and souvenirs that show the area's culture. Parents can look at many special items, while kids have fun with activities. This makes shopping fun for the whole family. You can find everything from beautiful crafts to fun toys, making it easy to find something to remember your family trip by. These memories will last for years.

Planning the Perfect Family Trip to Antalya

To have a good family holiday in Antalya, it's important to plan early. First, look up the places and activities you want to do. Make sure there's something fun for everyone in the family, like old places, water parks, or beach days. Antalya has a lot to see and do.

Then, book your hotel and any special activities before you go, especially if you're going when it's very busy. This way, you can get spots in popular things to do and find the best prices.

When packing for Antalya, remember it's usually warm and sunny, so bring light clothes that keep you cool in the day. It can get a bit cold at night, so pack a light sweater or jacket too. Also, take things to protect from the sun like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

By doing these things, your trip to Antalya with your family will be fun and easy, with lots of activities and chances to relax for everyone.

Getting Around

Renting a car in Antalya lets you move around freely, but don't forget about buses and taxis. They are good for getting around the city easily. Think about how far places are from each other and plan your time well. This includes choosing when to do activities and when to relax. Also, think about where you're staying and how close it is to the places you want to visit. This will help you pick the best way to get around. Planning well means you can enjoy both seeing things and relaxing in Antalya.

Staying Safe and Healthy

To keep your family safe from the sun, always use sunscreen with a high SPF, wear wide-brimmed hats, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It’s also a good idea to know where the nearest hospital or clinic is in the place you’re visiting. Know where your country’s embassy or consulate is too, just in case you run into any problems. Be careful with drinking tap water and eating raw food because they can sometimes make you sick, especially in other countries. By taking these steps, you can have a fun and safe trip with your family.


Antalya is a great place for a family vacation. It offers a lot of different activities that everyone can enjoy. If you like learning about history, there are old ruins and museums that tell stories from the past. If you love nature, there are beautiful beaches, green parks, and big waterfalls to see. For fun, there are theme parks, water parks, and places to do adventure sports, where you and your family can spend the day having fun and laughing.

Going to Antalya with your kids is a great way to make special memories that will last forever. It's also a chance for your kids to get excited about exploring and learning new things. You'll be able to share new discoveries and enjoy watching your kids be amazed by each new thing they see.

Don't wait to have these experiences. Start planning your trip to Antalya now. There are many reasons why Antalya is great for families. It's a friendly place with lots of different things to do for people of all ages. It's also safe and easy to get around. Your family will have a great time and will talk about the trip for years to come.

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