Belek Golfing Guide for Luxury Travellers

Belek Golfing Guide for Luxury Travellers

Playing golf in Belek is more than just a game; it's a way of life by the beautiful coast of Turkey. Located next to the Mediterranean Sea, Belek is a perfect place for golfers with great courses, modern training spots, and calm luxury hotels. If you want to enjoy golf and luxury together, this guide will help you have a memorable time in Belek.

Golf Courses in Belek

For golf fans, Belek is known for its famous and challenging golf courses that have hosted big events in Europe. Belek has four standout courses known for being great and beautiful.

Carya Golf Club: Carved through a green pine forest, the Carya Golf Club is an 18-hole course made to challenge experienced players. The design is inspired by traditional courses in England with hilly fairways, bunkers, and special lights for night golf.



Montgomerie Maxx Royal: Designed by golfer Colin Montgomerie, this 72-par course is a tough golfing challenge. It's a top course in Belek with great fairways, water hazards, and an exclusive feel.



Gloria Golf Club: Gloria Golf Club has three 18-hole courses - Old, New, and Verde - offering variety. Each course has its own style, from the hilly greens of the Old to the lakes at Verde, making every round unique and fun.

Golf Lessons in Belek

Belek is not just about top golf courses; it's a great place for improving your game. It has some of the best golf schools for all skill levels.

Belek National Golf Academy: With experienced instructors, this academy is perfect for anyone wanting to get better at golf. They help players of all levels improve every part of their game.



Private Lessons: If you prefer one-on-one sessions, you can choose private lessons with Belek's well-known golf teachers. These sessions focus on your needs and can really improve how you play on the course.

Places to Stay in Belek

Make your golf trip extra special by picking a top golf resort in Belek. They all have super comfy rooms and make sure golfers have everything they need.

Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort: This fancy resort is next to Carya Golf Club. You can play golf and enjoy the spa, food, and nice rooms.



Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort: Great place for golfers with easy access to Montgomerie Maxx Royal course. Fancy buildings, good food, spa treatments, and awesome golfing.

Golf Events and Competitions Happening in Belek

Dive into the exciting atmosphere of competitive golf at Belek's top tournaments and events.

Belek Golf Festival: Every year, the Belek Golf Festival welcomes golf fans worldwide. Join in various tournaments and social gatherings to meet other golf enthusiasts and have fun.

Special Events: Belek hosts different themed tournaments and golf activities throughout the year, which can add some extra fun to your golf holiday. Keep an eye out for these events to make your golf trip even more enjoyable.

Where to Find the Best Golf Gear

Renting or buying the right golf clubs can really improve your game. In Belek, there are good golf stores where you can get what you need.

Golf Shop Turkey: This shop has a lot of golf stuff. You can find clubs, clothes, accessories, and gifts all in one place. They also rent out gear if you don't want to bring your own.

Golf USA: This store is all about golf. They have nice golf equipment for you to use while playing golf in Belek. You can also attend training sessions or workshops to improve your game even more.

Golfing in Belek is not just playing a game. It's a fun experience that mixes sports, free time, and luxury. Belek has challenging golf courses, good training places, and fancy hotels. It's a place where you can relax like nowhere else. This cool spot on the Turquoise Coast is perfect for golfers. You can enjoy exciting games, comfy rooms, and the nice Turkish people. Get your clubs, practice, and get ready for a golf trip full of great memories and stories.

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