Best Places to Go Shopping in Belek: What to Buy, Shopping Advices

Best Places to Go Shopping in Belek: What to Buy, Shopping Advices

Belek is famous for its beautiful coastline and fancy resorts, but it's also known for its diverse and lively shopping scene. You can explore busy markets, check out trendy malls, or find traditional Turkish stuff. This blog post will show you the best places to shop, suggest what to buy, and give you tips to be a smart shopper in Belek.

Shopping Districts in Belek

Belek Bazaar

It is a lively market where you can experience Turkish culture and buy local products. It has fresh food, spices, and colorful fabrics. You can find traditional crafts, leather items, and jewelry there. The market is busy, and the sellers are friendly.

People at a Bazaar


FORSAMALL is a modern mall with local and international brands. It also has cafes and restaurants if you want a break. The mall is comfortable and has parking. Look for Turkish fashion and leather items there.

A Big Shopping Center

Local Markets

Belek also has local markets where you can see how locals live. You can buy fresh food, olives, olive oil, and try street food. Visiting these markets supports the community and lets you experience Turkish hospitality.

Local Market full of Vegetables and Fruits

Must-Buy Items in Belek

When you go shopping in Belek, there are a few things that really represent Turkey and are great to bring back as a souvenir from this special place.

Turkish Delight

This sweet treat is a beloved Turkish specialty. Enjoy different flavors like rose, pistachio, and unique combinations like pomegranate and coconut. You can find a wide selection of Turkish Delight at the Belek Bazaar.

Turkish Delight on a Plate

Spices and Tea

Turkish cuisine is known for its delicious flavors. Bring a taste of Turkey home by buying authentic Turkish spices and teas. Visit the spice markets and choose from a variety of blends. These make great gifts for food lovers.

Spices on a Table

Carpets and Kilims

Turkey is famous for its beautiful carpets and kilims. These woven textiles are perfect for decorating your home. Look for reputable rug shops that sell high-quality, handmade pieces. You can also learn about the different styles and patterns, each with its own cultural meaning.

A Colorful Carpet

Ceramics and Pottery

Turkish ceramics are known for their beautiful designs and vibrant colors. From decorative plates and bowls to traditional Turkish coffee sets, you'll find a variety of ceramic treasures for your home. These items are visually striking and showcase Turkey's rich pottery heritage.

Tips for Shopping in Belek

To have a good shopping experience in Belek, here are some important tips to remember:


It's common to bargain prices in Belek's markets. Treat it like a friendly game and start by offering half the price. Try to meet somewhere in the middle for a good deal.

Local Customs

Respect local customs when you shop. Dress modestly, especially in traditional markets, and be polite when taking pictures. Learning a few basic Turkish phrases will help you connect with the locals.

Best Time to Shop

Avoid crowds and the midday heat by shopping in the early morning or late afternoon. This is when the markets are busiest and the lighting is good for examining items.

In conclusion, shopping in Belek offers a variety of experiences, from traditional bazaars to modern malls. Explore unique items and interact with locals to find great souvenirs and make lasting memories. Remember to haggle, respect local customs, and shop during the best hours for the full Belek shopping experience. Enjoy your shopping!

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