Best Restaurants in Belek

Best Restaurants in Belek

Every year, lots of tourists go to the Mediterranean because its food is famous worldwide and really good. The Mediterranean diet is known for its wide range of local food, using fresh ingredients and special tastes that show the area's rich culture. We suggest trying the local food when you visit Antalya, a special city in the Mediterranean known for its great food. Antalya has many different foods to try, from savory meals to sweet desserts. It offers a taste of the best Mediterranean food, making it a place you must go to if you want to really experience this wonderful cuisine.

Local Flavours of Belek

Belek is known for its beautiful nature and lots of tasty Turkish food. Here are some of the famous dishes from Belek, Antalya:

Hülüklü Çorba (Soup) is very famous in Belek. It's also called Wedding Soup and is made with bone broth, rice, chickpeas, tripe, tomatoes, onions, lemons, mint, pepper, butter, and salt. You can eat this soup any time of the year, and it's also good when cold. Gökçesu pilavı (pilaf) is a rice dish loved by many visitors. It has rice, chickpeas, parsley, carrot, and dill. It's known for its unique taste and soft texture and you can find it in all local restaurants. Şilofta tatlısı (dessert) is known for its sweet taste. It's made with sesame, walnut, almond, fig, grape, and boiled phyllo. Antalya Piyazı is different because it's made with tahini. It's a salad that's been popular for over a hundred years and is loved by both locals and tourists. Enginarlı Girit Kebabı (the Cretan Kebab with Artichokes) is a must-try from Mediterranean cuisine. It has artichokes, cubed meat, onions, and tomatoes. Hibeş is a mix of tahini, garlic, cumin, salt, lemon, and red pepper. It's a versatile flavor that can be used as an appetizer or a sauce. In Antalya, kabak tatlısı (pumpkin dessert) is very special. It's made with tahini and walnuts and gets its unique flavor from being left to sit for a while. Yanıksı dondurma (burnt ice cream) is made with goat's milk. The milk is slightly burnt during boiling, giving the ice cream a unique taste. You can find it in local ice cream shops and bakeries. Şiş köfte (shish meatballs) are cooked over a coal fire. They're a must-try in Belek because of their great flavor. Arap kadayıfı is made with cinnamon, walnuts, and sherbet. It's dough with walnuts inside and is a signature flavor of the city. Bergamot jam is a special kind of jam in Belek, where there are many types of jam. It's highly liked by tourists. Serpme Börek is a traditional dish made with cheese, minced meat, or potatoes added to thinly rolled phyllo. It's also a must-try taste of the city.

Hülüklü Çorba

Best Restaurants in Belek

Calista Hotel Restaurant

Located in the middle of Belek, this well-known place is famous for having some of the best Mediterranean food restaurants in the area. It offers a variety of different eating styles, and each restaurant in the place has its own special menu. These menus mix local tastes with food from around the world, making sure guests have a unique eating experience. The chefs pick the best seafood and meats and make each dish with a lot of care and new ideas. Whether you want a quiet dinner under the stars or a fun meal with friends, this place guarantees a memorable eating experience for everyone.



Savor À La Carte Restaurant

This place is well-known for its amazing seafood dishes. It always gives its guests great meals, with lots of different seafood options that are fresh and cooked very well. There is an outdoor seating area where you can see the sea, which makes eating outside really nice. The cool breeze from the sea and the sound of the waves make the dining experience calm and enjoyable, turning every meal into a nice break from everyday life.

The Grill House

Hidden in a quiet place full of green plants, the restaurant offers a calm and peaceful setting perfect for eating out. It's well-known in Belek as a top place for meat dishes, focusing on serving special and delicious flavors. The menu is all about red meat. The cooking methods are chosen with care to make the meat taste and feel great. This special place for food welcomes guests to enjoy deep and rich flavors, making it a go-to spot for meat fans and food lovers.



Sakura À La Carte Restaurant

This restaurant offers a big variety of Asian food, letting guests try many dishes from different places. Each dish is made with care to keep real tastes and cooking ways. The restaurant's look is carefully put together with decorations that show the culture of the food, making the meal experience better. The decorations and lights are picked to go well with the food's tastes and ideas, making a place that feels like you're in Asia.

Sun-Set Restaurant

The Sun-Set restaurant is the oldest place to eat in Belek. People say it was there before the town of Belek grew around it. It's famous for its good food and is always full of customers. But, be careful with your bill. The restaurant has different menus with the same items but different prices.



The Garden À La Carte Restaurant 

The restaurant is in a big, beautiful area that really shows off the Mediterranean's famous blue and white colors. It has a welcoming, open look that makes guests feel comfortable right away. The place pays tribute to Mediterranean culture not just in how it looks, but also in the food it serves. The menu offers a wide variety of healthy regional dishes. Guests can enjoy fresh seafood and salads full of taste. Every dish is chosen carefully to make sure guests have a great time and feel like they're at the sunny Mediterranean with every bite.

Istanbul Restaurant and Cafe

This is one of the top places to eat in the city! Every meal is very good. They make everything fresh, and they don't cook anything ahead of time. We really like a few meals here. They make the best beef steaks, shrimps with a creamy garlic sauce that taste great, and the best Belgian fries you can find around here. They also serve a good English breakfast and have fun karaoke nights every Thursday.



At Savor, you can enjoy fresh seafood. The Grill offers tasty, well-cooked meats. Sakura has rich and bright Asian tastes. The Garden brings fresh Mediterranean dishes. Each place offers a different food adventure that makes everyone happy. These places are known for their great food, made with the best ingredients, and the special feeling you get there. They are cozy, lively, and have great views. This makes Belek a top place for people who love food and want many choices.

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