Everything You Need to Know Before You Go Belek, Serik

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go Belek, Serik

Located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Belek, Serik is known for its nice sandy beaches, golf courses, and interesting history that attracts travelers looking for a great vacation. Whether you want to relax under the sun or check out old stuff, Belek have a mix of chill and fun things to do, making it a good spot for different kinds of tourists. This guide is for those getting ready to explore Belek, making sure your trip goes well like the calm waves in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Visa Requirements

Turkey makes it easy for tourists from many countries to get a visa. You can usually get an e-Visa fast. Check what you need for your country before you plan your trip. Go to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the latest visa info.


The main language in Belek is Turkish, but English and German are widely spoken in tourist spots. Learning some simple Turkish phrases like "Merhaba!" (Hello!) or "Teşekkür ederim." (Thank you.) can make your trip better and let you talk to locals.


Knowing the weather in Belek is important for packing and planning your trip. These areas have hot summers and mild, wet winters, so you can enjoy things to do all year.  You can expect temperatures to be around 30 °C (86°F) during the summer months and around 15 °C (59°F) during the winter months. Be prepared for rain showers, especially during the winter season.


Antalya International Airport (AYT)

Your trip to Belek starts at Antalya International Airport.  This modern airport is located 35 km (22 miles) away from the city center. You can easily find transportation to Belek, including shuttle buses, taxis, and rental cars. It takes around 40 minutes to reach Belek from the airport.

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How to Go from Belek to Antalya Airport

If you're in Belek and need to go to the airport, you have a few good ways to get there. You can take a taxi, use a shuttle, or hop on a local bus.

Local Transportation

After you arrive, getting around Belek is easy with different ways to travel. Taxis, shared minibusses called dolmus, and renting a car give you options. Guided tours are a simple way to explore without any trouble.

Average Taxi Fees

In Antalya, the average taxi fees are 25 TL per 1 km. If you plan to use taxis a lot, it's a good idea to talk about the cost before you get in. You can also ask your hotel to suggest a taxi company for a safe and fair trip.


In Belek, you can find places to stay for all budgets. There are fancy resorts, cute small hotels, and family-friendly places. To have a good time in Belek, Antalya, you need to find the right place to stay. There are different hotels to choose from. If you like luxury and relaxing, go to Rixos Premium Belek. You can reach easily from this hotel to the Land of Legends Theme Park. Families might like Innvista Hotels Belek for kids and nearby fun stuff. If you're on a budget, try Dionisus Hotel Belek&Spa. They all give a friendly welcome and a taste of Turkish hospitality.

Attractions and Activities

Belek offers a wide range of attractions and activities for all ages. From historical sites to water parks, there's something for everyone. Here are some popular places to visit while in the area:

  • The Ancient City of Perge - Explore the old city of Perge. Walk around ancient ruins from 1000 BC. Imagine how people lived there long ago.
  • Troy Aqua Park -Take your family to Troy Aqua Park for a fun day out with water slides, pools, and lots of activities for everyone to enjoy.
  • Kursunlu Waterfall National Park -Visit Kurşunlu Waterfall National Park to enjoy nature. See a big waterfall in green trees. Relax and explore this peaceful place.


Health and Safety

In Turkey, if you have an emergency, call 112, 155, or 110. Dial 112 for medical, fire, or police help. Use 155 to reach the police and 110 for reporting fires. It's important to know these numbers for quick help during unexpected situations. The emergency services in Turkey are ready to assist with various problems and keep people safe.

Time Zone

Turkey follows Turkey Time, which is 3 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+3). The time stays the same all year because Turkey doesn't do Daylight Saving Time. This helps everyone know what time it is without changes in summer or winter.

Electrical Outlets

Electricity in Turkey uses 220-volts with two-pin Europlug (Type C) and Type F outlets. Make sure you bring the right plugs for your devices. You can get the adapters you need at local stores or buy them before you go. And remember, don't plug in too many things at once to stay safe. Also, check if your gadgets work with the outlets in Turkey before using them.

This guide helps you plan your trip to Belek confidently. Learn what you need for traveling to this beautiful part of Turkey. Enjoy local culture, tasty food, and make lasting memories. Check our blog for more tips. We look forward to welcoming you to our piece of paradise on the Turkish coast. Travel safely.

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