Land of Legends Detailed Review: Entrance Fees, Accommodation, Transportation and More

Land of Legends Detailed Review: Entrance Fees, Accommodation, Transportation and More

Land of Legends in Antalya is not just any theme park - it's a luxurious, all-inclusive experience that combines stories, fun, and excitement. From thrilling roller coasters to relaxing river rides, this magical place has something for everyone in the family. Let's explore the popular attractions together, including ticket prices, exciting entertainment, delicious food, and more.

Ticket Prices and Park Opening Hours

For many people, one of the first things they think about when planning a visit to a theme park is how much it will cost. That's where Land of Legends stands out, it's affordable.

Ticket Prices

The park's ticketing system is flexible. You can choose to enter either the theme park or the water park, or get the Platinum Experience that includes both. The cost changes based on the season and package. Families can easily afford the flexible packages. When visiting Land of Legends, the average entrance fee for kids is set at $20, while adults can enter for $25. This budget-friendly pricing ensures that families can enjoy the park without financial concern. Keep in mind that these prices are an average, and actual prices may vary slightly depending on the season and any ongoing promotions.



Opening Days and Hours

Land of Legends is open every day of the week, so you can easily visit. The theme park and water park have longer hours to make sure you have a great time. Park is usually open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, during busy times and special events, the hours may be extended to let visitors enjoy shows and nighttime attractions. To avoid any surprises, we suggest checking the official website before you visit.

Land of Legends Theme Park Waterslides Antalya

Games and Entertainment Activities

As the sun rises, the park comes alive with adventures for all ages.

People who love excitement will enjoy many thrilling rides and roller coasters. If you prefer a calmer experience, the park also has areas, shows you can interact with, and places to play games that inspire creativity and competition.

Don't miss the amazing water world! For an extra fee, you can explore its attractions. Enjoy wave pools, slides, and the beautiful Crystal Lagoon. A day at the water park is the ultimate summer fun experience.

Accommodation at the Hotel in the Park

Staying at the Kingdom Hotel adds an extra layer of magic to your vacation.

The Hotel Experience

The Kingdom Hotel within the park's boundary offers luxurious accommodations, blending modernity with the timeless comfort of a stay. Guests enjoy the perk of direct entry to the park and are close to the heart of the excitement at every hour.

Opportunities and Services

The hotel takes care of everything you need. You can enjoy delicious meals, relaxing spa treatments, and personalized services. It's a peaceful place in the park where you can escape the busyness and unwind.

Restaurants and Cafes

Dining options at Land of Legends are as diverse as they are delightful.

Food enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of cuisines, including Turkish, Italian, and international favorites. The park's restaurants have a menu created by expert chefs, offering options for everyone, even those with particular tastes.

Although the prices may be a bit higher compared to regular dining, the quality and portion sizes often make it worth the cost. Whether you're craving a simple burger or a fancy gourmet meal, you can choose from a variety of food options, from simple snacks to satisfying meals.

Land of Legends Theme Park Shops Restaurants and Cafes

Transportation Options

Getting to the Land of Legends from the heart of Antalya is a breeze.

The park is very close to the city of Antalya. There are regular shuttle services, public buses, and taxis available, so getting there is easy. Visitors can pick the transportation option that works best for them in terms of time and money. For those who want a simpler experience, there are packages that include roundtrip transfer services. These packages are designed to make your journey to and from the park convenient and comfortable, so you can fully enjoy your time inside. With these complete packages, visitors don't have to worry about transportation logistics and can fully immerse themselves in the Land of Legends adventure.



In-Park Travel

In the park, there are walkways and electric carts that make it easy to get around for young and old visitors. These transportation options in the park are convenient and the waiting times are not too long.

Special Events and Shows

No day at Land of Legends is ordinary with its lineup of extraordinary shows.

The park takes visitors on a journey to a place where myths and reality come together. They have amazing shows like acrobatics and breathtaking fireworks that showcase how the park creates special and magical moments.

You can find the park's schedule online to see the detailed show program, which may change depending on the season. It's important to plan your visit around these programs to fully enjoy the park's charm.

Land of Legends Theme Park Night Shows

Security Measures and Visitor Rules

Amidst all the fun, safety remains a top priority.

Safety First

Land of Legends prioritizes the safety and well-being of its guests above all else. The park has awesome security technology and a dedicated team to handle any situation.

Visitor Guidelines

General Entrance Rules

  1. At The Land of Legends Theme Park, entrance bracelets are used for park access and to make payments for services that have fees. You can get a list of free and paid services and facilities at the ticket booths.
  2. Payments within The Land of Legends Theme Park can only be made with the bracelets given to you upon entry. If you need, you can load money onto your bracelet using cash or credit card at designated spots in the park.
  3. According to the park rules, guests under the age of 4 are considered infants; under the age of 12 are considered children. When buying entrance bracelets, you must show a valid ID or passport to confirm their ages.
  4. Season pass numbers are personal. When you visit, you must show your pass number and ID at the ticket booth to get your bracelet for the day. If the ID doesn't match the records, they will go by what's in the system and may refuse entry.
  5. Keep your bracelet in its original condition; if it breaks or gets lost, please visit Guest Relations. They may ask for ID and signature for a replacement. Keep your bracelet and receipt with you until you leave. Fake or misused bracelets can lead to legal actions.
  6. Weather or maintenance can affect the operation of rides. If a ride is closed for technical reasons, please ask Guest Relations for information.
  7. Bracelets are valid for one day, within the park hours.
  8. Refunds or cancellations of bracelets are not allowed. Once you've paid for an activity or a cabana, they can't be canceled or refunded.
  9. Adults must take care of the people they're with, and kids under 12 can’t enter the park alone. A guardian for a child under 12 must be at least 18 years old.
  10. Don't bring flammable, explosive things, sharp objects, weapons, or other dangerous items into The Land of Legends Theme Park.
  11. Pets are not allowed in The Land of Legends Theme Park.
  12. Don't bring items that can be disruptive, like frisbees, balls, or things that can affect foot traffic, like scooters, skateboards, bikes, roller skates, etc.
  13. The park management or those authorized by management can stop people from entering or remove them if they steal, act aggressively, break park rules, try to cut in line, don't follow safety rules, or do anything that threatens peace and security in the park.

Food & Drink Rules

  1. It's forbidden to bring any food or drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, into The Land of Legends Theme Park.

Clothing Rules

  1. You must wear proper swimwear in pools and on slides.
  2. It's required for visitors to wear suitable footwear throughout their visit.
  3. Babies and toddlers under 3 must wear special swim diapers in the pool areas. Regular diapers are not suitable.
  4. You're responsible for your belongings. The park isn't liable for lost or stolen items.

Rules to Follow

  1. Rides have restrictions for safety, including health conditions, weight, height, age, and if an adult needs to ride with a child. You must follow these.
  2. Any photos or video taken by you are for personal use only. Commercial use without permission is strictly prohibited.
  3. Cameras monitor the park for security reasons.
  4. Smoking is allowed only in certain areas, according to law.
  5. Pregnant women, those with heart and blood pressure issues, physical disabilities, skin infections, or open wounds can't use pools and rides. You are responsible for any issues that arise if you ignore this rule.
  6. Be sure about your health before coming to the park. If you have chronic health problems, get advice from a doctor. Check the website or call the park for information about policy on guests with disabilities.
  7. Special restrictions are posted on signs and should be followed. Park staff checks compliance with these rules.
  8. Rides have inherent risks. By participating, you accept these risks and must behave responsibly. Follow all written warning signs and staff instructions.
  9. The Land of Legends Theme Park takes necessary precautions for a safe, fun experience. You must follow posted signs and staff instructions. Still, the park can't be held responsible for personal injury, death, lost or damaged belongings if these are due to your own negligence, inability to swim, or not following park rules. This does not affect mandatory responsibilities under the law.
  10. The Land of Legends Theme Park can change any terms or conditions anytime without notice.

Policy for Guests with Disabilities

  1. Guests with disabilities must enter the park with an adult companion over 18.
  2. To determine if they can go on a ride, guests with disabilities and their companion should watch someone else ride first and read all safety signs and instructions before getting on. If in doubt, don't ride. Park staff can't assess if someone is fit to ride, but they can check if you meet the visible restrictions.
  3. If you have questions, talk to Guest Relations before joining a queue.
  4. Companions of guests with disabilities are responsible for deciding if the disabled person can handle the natural risks of riding. Park staff can help with seating and exiting, but cannot lift disabled guests for safety reasons.
  5. Park staff can prevent someone from riding if there's a clear risk to their health.

Land of Legends is more than just a theme park - it's an exciting story waiting to be discovered every time you visit. With amazing experiences, great entertainment, and friendly service, it creates unforgettable vacation memories. Whether you want to have a fun time with family or friends, or simply enjoy a fantasy come true, this park should definitely be on your list.

Experience the ultimate theme park haven and create lasting memories at Antalya's Land of Legends. Whether you spend a day or stay at the Kingdom Hotel, prepare for joy, wonder, and thrilling adventures that will leave a lasting impression.

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