Useful Information for Your Visit to Belek

Useful Information for Your Visit to Belek

In the middle of Turkey, Belek is like a shiny jewel in the sunny Mediterranean. This place is known for its nice golf fields, fancy hotels, and golden sandy beaches. People from all over the world come here for a sunny vacation and to experience the local culture. The airport in Antalya brings in lots of tourists who want to visit this historical area. Here's a simple travel guide to Belek with useful tips to help you make the most of your trip.

Time Zone of Belek

Knowing the local time is really important, especially when you're on vacation in a different country. Belek is in a time zone that's one hour ahead of big European cities, like London or Paris. This is key for planning your day, getting around, and meeting up with local services. Whether you're booking a round of golf or a dinner reservation, keeping track of the local time is crucial for a smooth Belek trip.

Language Used

Language can act as a wall or a path to understanding different cultures. In Belek, most people speak Turkish, but the town is open to chatting in English, German, and Russian. This mix of languages shows how Belek welcomes people from all over the world. It's great for tourists who speak different languages. Signs, menus, and rules are often translated for those who don't speak Turkish. This makes Belek a cool place where everyone can talk to each other. Whether you're shopping or need directions, knowing a few languages will help you in Belek.


Navigating foreign money can be scary, but don't worry – Belek's money is the Turkish Lira. It has lots of history, like the markets where you spend it. Changing money is easy with many booths around Belek giving good rates. Also, shops in Belek often take Euros, Dollars, and Pounds Sterling too. But remember, using Lira for local buys is usually cheaper. Keep Lira handy for shopping and eating without stress.

turkish lira

City Transportation

In Belek, you can use buses and minibuses to get around. They're cheap and come often, taking you between Belek's areas and Antalya's busy center. You'll see how locals live as you travel with them. If you prefer a private ride, taxis are available to take you where you need to go. With these transport options, you can easily explore Belek and the nearby areas.

Traveling to the City Center

The road from Antalya Airport to Belek goes along the Antalya-Burdur highway, a beautiful drive showing the pretty views of the coastal town. You'll see nice landscapes, like the big Taurus Mountains, watching over the blue Mediterranean Sea. This nice road is like an introduction to the great things waiting for you in Belek. It lets you enjoy the fresh mountain air and look forward to the calmness of the coast as you get closer to your stop.

Transportation from Antalya Airport

After you arrive at Antalya Airport, you can start your trip to Belek. You can either rent a car, take a taxi, or use a transfer service provided by your hotel. These choices give you different options for how you want to travel - easy, fast, or getting to know the area better. Taxis go straight to Belek, renting a car lets you go wherever you want, and the hotel transfer is a comfy way to start your trip with a guide from the airport to your hotel.

antalya airport


Belek has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm for the beach lovers, winters are mild for golf fans. It's sunny about 300 days a year, giving you lots of sunshine during your stay.

Summer (June-August) is hot, great for sunbathing and swimming. Spring and fall are mild, good for hiking and exploring old stuff. Winters are mild too, not best for water sports but great for golf in Belek's green courses.


In Belek, you can shop a lot. There are many stores in the busy city center. You can find old-style Turkish markets to buy cheap souvenirs and spices. Also, there are big shops with brands you know. In Antalya nearby, they have a big sale called Shopping Fest. You can buy things cheap and enjoy the fun. Belek has all kinds of stuff to buy, like rugs and glassware. It's good for all types of travelers.

Traffic Situation

In Belek, keeping people safe and calm is important. Drivers are careful and give way to walkers, so it's safe to walk around with pretty trees and flowers. You can enjoy Belek's nice buildings without too many cars. Walking around the city's streets or crossing the square is more enjoyable when you know the city cares about people walking.

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Health Facilities

When you travel, plan for unexpected situations to have a stress-free trip. In Belek, you can get medical help at Serik State Hospital and Belek Aspendos Anadolu Hospital. They can handle various medical needs from check-ups to emergencies. You can also easily find family doctors and medical staff where you stay for quick help. Know where these places are and their contact details for peace of mind during your Belek trip.


Anchored by Antalya Bay, Belek is attractive and diverse. It has nature, history, and modern stuff for a great trip. This guide helps you explore Belek, so you can go there confidently. To enjoy Belek, be open to new things, respect traditions, and be a bit adventurous. Have a fantastic trip with warm hospitality and beautiful sights in Belek. Use these tips to make lovely memories in Belek's sunny land.

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