Best Iftars in Dubai 2024: Book Now For Delicious Feasts and Great Deals

Best Iftars in Dubai 2024: Book Now For Delicious Feasts and Great Deals

Ramadan is an important month in Dubai. It's a time when Muslims fast from dawn until dusk for 29 or 30 days. This year, Ramadan starts on Monday, March 11, and it's the first time since 2000 that Ramadan falls in winter. When the sun sets, the fast is broken with a meal called iftar. People often have dates, dried apricots, and special Ramadan juices before evening prayer. Then, they enjoy big meals with family and friends. Many restaurants and hotels in Dubai offer iftar meals. As Ramadan is approaching, venues are announcing their iftar plans. Whether you're fasting or just want to join the celebrations, here are some of the best iftar options in Dubai for 2024.

Vietnamese Foodies

If you want tasty and healthy food, try the four-course iftar special at Vietnamese Foodies. They offer six choices of South Vietnamese dishes for each course: appetizer, soup, salad, and main course. You can also upgrade your main dish to the chef's special. Appetizer options include grilled chicken satay, vegan spring rolls, crispy coconut prawns with sweet chili sauce, and dynamite shrimp. Salads include vegan mushroom and cabbage salad, green papaya and prawn salad, and beef salad with tamarind dressing. For soup, choose from beef brisket pho, vegan pho, or tom yam soup. Main dishes include pho tron, vegan curry, and Sichuan chicken stir fry.

The price per person for the special iftar meal at Vietnamese Foodies is AED 109. This budget-friendly deal lets diners enjoy a variety of tasty dishes, including both classic choices and modern flavors. It offers a good quality dining experience at a reasonable price, perfect for Ramadan.

Adress: North Promenade, Dubai Creek Residences - No.3 Tower 1 - Ras Al Khor - Dubai Creek Harbour - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: (04 876 0438)




When you eat at Anise, you get to enjoy traditional dishes like ouzi and saj bread. There are different food stations to explore. Mama Jamal’s House Station serves Levantine dishes such as meat qawarma, fatteh, and kibbeh saniyeh. The local food station has homemade meat harees and chicken madrouba. Additionally, there are eight live cooking stations with food from around the world. Save some room for dessert.

At Anise, the cost for an iftar meal is AED 299 for adults, AED 125 for kids aged six to 12, and it's free for kids under six.

Adress: InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Lobby floor - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: (04 701 1111)



Luma Pool Lounge

The pool lounge at Address Grand Creek Harbour provides a relaxed iftar experience. They serve three different menus each day with classic Middle Eastern meals. You can also try different types of shisha while listening to a live oud performance every day.

The cost of an iftar meal at Luma Pool Lounge is AED 275 for adults, with kids enjoying half price, and free for children under five.

Address: Grand Creek Harbour - Ras Al Khor - Dubai Creek Harbour - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: (04 275 8888)


Go to Sirocco for a big buffet that's perfect for the whole family. They have food from around the world, like Arabic dishes and Levantine favorites. The chef suggests trying Lebanese bread, chicken shawarma, braised lamb, and stuffed veggies.

The cost of an iftar meal at Sirocco is AED 179 for adults, AED 75 for kids aged six to 12, and it's free for kids under six.

Adress: Holiday Inn & Suites - Dubai Festival City - Dubai

Accents Restaurant and Terrace

Get ready for a feast at Accents Restaurant and Terrace with iftar classics like lamb ouzi, Arabic mixed grills, lamb okra stew, chicken maklouba, and more. Save room for delicious desserts like kunafa and umm Ali at the dessert station.

The cost of an iftar meal at Accents Restaurant and Terrace is AED 195 per person.

Adress: InterContinental Dubai Marina, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 559929102



Café Society

Finish your fast with an Arabic-style meal, including all the traditional dishes. Remember to save room for dessert.

At Café Society, the iftar meal is a blend of tradition and modern culinary art, offering a variety of dishes that cater to every taste. The cost of an iftar meal at Café Society is AED 165 for adults, AED 85 for kids aged seven to 12, and it's free for kids under seven.

Adress: Cafe Society, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: (04 318 3755)




Zaytoun serves a variety of genuine Arabian dishes mixed with Levantine favorites and global tastes. Enjoy freshly grilled meats and seafood at the Mashawi Station. They also have whole lamb ouzi and street food options available.

The cost of an iftar meal at Zaytoun is AED 199 for adults, AED 85 for kids aged six to 12, and it's free for kids under six.

Adress: Rebat St - Dubai Festival City - Dubai

Phone: (04 701 2222)

Constellation Ballroom

Enjoy an iftar with friends and family at the Constellation Ballroom. There’ll be an array of traditional delicacies and interactive live cooking stations to choose from.

The cost of an iftar meal at the Constellation Ballroom is AED 210 for adults, and a special group rate of AED 200 per person for groups of 15 or more.

Adress: 34HR+24F - Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai Marina, Dubai

Phone: (04 436 7777)

Counter Culture Café

Explore an iftar buffet with traditional and international dishes. You'll find soups, hot and cold appetizers, antipasti, dumplings, pasta, grilled kebabs, shawarmas, and a variety of desserts with dates, nuts, and refreshing Ramadan drinks.

At Counter Culture Café, the iftar buffet is priced at AED 175 for adults. The menu has a wide range of soft drinks and classic Ramadan juices that go perfectly with your meal.

Adress: Ground Level Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites, King Salman Bin - King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St - Dubai Marina - Dubai 

Phone: (04 319 4000)



MasterChef, the TV Experience

Have a different iftar experience at MasterChef, the TV Experience. This special dining experience lets you enjoy unique dishes inspired by the global MasterChef show. It adds a fun touch of culinary competition and creativity to your dining experience.

The iftar meal at MasterChef, the TV Experience, costs AED 150 for adults.

Adress: Millennium Place Marina - Ground Floor - Al Marsa St - Dubai Marina - Dubai

Phone: (04 550 8111)




If you want to have a classic iftar with family, try international flavors, or enjoy a unique dining experience inspired by a global TV show, Dubai has many options this Ramadan. Each place has tasty food, a friendly vibe, and the spirit of the season, making them great for breaking your fast.

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