Do’s and Don’ts For Visiting Dubai

Do’s and Don’ts For Visiting Dubai

Planning to visit the most exciting place in the Middle East? You're probably thinking about all the fun and adventure you can have in Dubai. But today, we want to talk about some important things you might not be thinking about when visiting Dubai.

Remember, Dubai, the UAE's most exciting city, has its own cultural and religious values and rules. Knowing these rules won't ruin your vacation. In fact, you can still have one of the best vacations ever. But it's important to know what you should and shouldn't do as a tourist in Dubai.

Do's in Dubai

When you go to Dubai, you can do so many things, almost anything. The city has lots of activities for everyone. If you like adventures, history, art, or nature, there's something for you to enjoy and make great memories in Dubai.

If you're visiting Dubai or thinking about living there, people will give you lots of advice on what to do and see. But, they might not tell you about the cultural rules and how you should behave. We will tell you about these things today, so you can have the best time in the city!

Dress to Impress but Make Sure It's Modest

When you visit the UAE, it's important to respect the local culture and dress in a way that's considered appropriate especially when you go to religious places. This doesn't mean you have to dress exactly like the locals do. You can wear what you want in places like hotels, resorts, and beaches. But, it's good to dress more conservatively, especially in busy places in Dubai.

Here are some simple tips for how to dress in Dubai:

  • Only wear swimwear at private beaches and pools
  • It's against the law and offensive to sunbathe without a top

Choose your clothes based on when you're visiting. It's hot most of the year, but December to February can be a bit cool, so a light jacket is enough. Remember, breaking the dress code can lead to arrest.

Follow the Local Customs and Traditions

People often like to learn about a city's traditions and culture because it helps them feel connected to the place and its residents. In Dubai, the local customs are shaped by the Islamic religion. If visitors are careful not to do things that might upset locals, Dubai offers them a memorable time without problems. Islam is known as a religion that values peace and respect. If you smile at someone or say hello in the Islamic way, which is just "Salam" for short, you'll likely be welcomed warmly. This is because it shows you're trying to fit in with the local way of life.

Here are some tips to avoid offending anyone:

  • Don't use hand gestures that might be rude.
  • Always show respect to women.
  • Don't offer to shake hands with someone of the opposite gender unless they suggest it first.
  • Never drink alcohol in public places.

Take the Metro

This is a mistake many people make when they first visit Dubai. If you want to save money while traveling around the city, you should use the metro. It's the cheapest way to get around Dubai. Taking the metro instead of a cab can save you a lot of money and time because you won't get stuck in traffic.

Here's what you need to know about the Dubai Metro:

  • The cost depends on how far you travel.
  • Tourists usually buy a silver card or a red ticket.
  • The red ticket is good for 90 days, and the silver card lasts for 5 years.
  • Make sure to get on the correct train car or you might get a fine.
  • Kids who are 5 or younger or shorter than 90 cm can ride for free.

Bring Your Prescription Meds to Dubai

Dubai has very strict rules against drugs. This includes both illegal drugs and some prescription medicines. If you bring medicines without knowing the rules, you might get into trouble. Make sure to check all your medicines before going to Dubai. Carry your prescriptions with you and avoid taking any medicine that is not allowed. The goal is to have a good time, and getting into trouble with the law is not worth it.

Check Timings

It's very important to know the right time to visit places in Dubai because you don't want to go there and find out they are closed. Dubai has different weekend days than most places. Their weekend is on Fridays and Saturdays, and people go back to work on Sundays.

So, you need to check the opening times for all the big tourist spots in Dubai. It's a good idea to plan your day before you go out. This way, you can enjoy the best parts of the city without any trouble.

Dont's in Dubai

In Dubai, when they say don't, they really mean it. No exceptions. We've listed some key don'ts you need to know to avoid trouble while you're on vacation in Dubai. Don't think Dubai is very conservative. Actually, Dubai is home to many expats and welcomes a large number of tourists. But, being a Muslim country, it's important to respect Islamic culture and values.

Don't Drink in Public

In Dubai, you can find alcohol in places that have a license, like some restaurants and pubs. But, it's against the law to be drunk in public places. If you're visiting Dubai, you really don't want to end up being deported or going to jail for being drunk outside. If you do drink a bit too much, it's best to just get a taxi and go straight home without making any trouble. Remember, you need a special license to buy alcohol in Dubai. So, if you're a tourist, you'll have to stick to drinking in places that are allowed to serve alcohol.

Don't Take Photographs Without Permission

No matter how good that photo looks for Instagram, it's not right to take pictures of people or some buildings in Dubai without asking. Many people find it rude if you take their photo without permission, so it's better to ask first. However, you can take as many selfies as you want. Also, don't take pictures of airports, police stations, docks, royal homes, and military buildings.

Don't Drink and Drive

This rule is very strict, similar to Dubai's drug rules. No alcohol allowed in your system at all. If found, you could end up in prison. Dubai is very safe because it has many rules and works hard to keep it that way. No drinking and driving is allowed. If you speed, cameras will catch you and you will have to pay a big fine. If you race or use your phone while driving, you will also get fined.

Here are some simple rules to follow in Dubai to avoid trouble. Remember, these rules are for your safety, but don't forget to enjoy your time in this amazing city.

  • Don't use bad hand signs
  • Don't point at people
  • Don't eat, drink, or smoke in public during Ramadan
  • Don't use bad words
  • Wear appropriate clothes in religious places like mosques
  • Don't smoke in malls, offices, and government places
  • Don't take drinks from strangers in clubs
  • Don't throw trash around, or you will have to pay a big fine


Visiting the busy city of Dubai can be very interesting. You'll see amazing buildings, big shopping places, and beautiful deserts. It's important to follow some simple rules to be safe and respect the local ways. This makes your trip better and easy. Dubai is special because it has both new and old things together; knowing and following its rules makes your visit even better. These rules help keep Dubai a safe and peaceful place, known all over the world. Enjoy everything Dubai offers, like its tall buildings, peaceful beaches, and the rich culture of this amazing city.

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