How to Get a Dubai Visa?

How to Get a Dubai Visa?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country located in Western Asia. It operates as a type of government where one family rules, and it is made up of seven areas called Emirates. These are Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, and the biggest one, Abu Dhabi, which is also where the government is based.

The UAE is known for having very modern buildings close to old and important cultural spots. This makes a lot of tourists want to visit every year.

If you're thinking about going to the UAE, you might need to get a special permission called a visa, but this depends on what country you are from. Some people from certain countries can visit the UAE for short times without needing a visa because of agreements with the UAE government.

What is a UAE Entry Permit?

If you need a visa to go to the UAE, you must get a UAE Entry Permit. This permit lets you stay in the country for a certain number of days, depending on why you're visiting.

Before you go to the UAE, your sponsor needs to get this permit for you from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). How long you can stay with an entry permit depends on your visit's purpose:

  • For a short stop or transit, you can get a permit for either 48 or 96 hours.
  • If you're visiting as a tourist, your permit can last up to 30 days.
  • If you're going for a job, your permit is good for up to 60 days, and so on.

So, a tourist visa and an entry permit are basically the same.


Do You Need a Separate Dubai Visa if I Have a UAE Visa?

No, you don't need a separate visa just for Dubai because Dubai is not a country. It's part of the United Arab Emirates, or UAE. If you have a visa that lets you into the UAE, then you can go to all the parts of it, including Dubai.

The Types of UAE Visas

The UAE offers four main types of visas:

  • UAE Tourist Visas are for people who want to visit the UAE for fun or short visits under 30 days without working or living there long-term.
  • UAE Residence Visas are for people who want to move to the UAE. These include:
    • UAE Student Visa for those going to school there.
    • UAE Work Visa for those who have a job there.
    • UAE Family Visa for those moving with family.
    • UAE Retirement Visa for retirees.
    • Dubai Digital Nomad Visa for those working remotely.
    • Long-Term Residence Visas (Investor Visa) for those investing a lot of money in the UAE. You can get this visa for 5-10 years without needing a local sponsor.
    • UAE Transit Visas are for people who need to pass through the UAE for a short time. These visas are for 48 or 96 hours.

What is a UAE Residence Visa?

If you want to live in the UAE, you need two things: an Entry Permit and a Residence Visa. First, you get an Entry Permit to enter the UAE. This permit lets you stay for a short time. Then, if you want to stay longer, you need a Residence Visa. You get this after you're in the UAE. Your sponsor, who must follow GDRFA's rules, applies for your Residence Visa for you.

What You Need for a UAE Visa

When you want to get a tourist visa for the UAE, you need to give several important papers with your application, like:

  • Copies of your passport and your sponsor's passport. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Copy of the important pages of your passport. Sometimes, you might not need to give your actual passport. You can give copies of the important parts of your passport (or all the pages).
  • Passport-sized photos that meet the UAE visa photo rules.
  • A ticket that shows you will leave the UAE. If you are getting your visa through an airline, you should have a ticket from that airline.
  • Proof of where you will stay in the UAE, like your hotel booking.
  • Proof that you bought travel medical insurance for the UAE.
  • A letter from you that says why you are visiting and how long you plan to stay.
  • Proof that you live legally in the country you are applying from (like your visa or residence permit) if you are not a citizen there.
  • If you are staying with someone in the UAE:
    • Proof of how you are related to the person you are staying with
    • Proof that they live in the UAE: A copy of their UAE Resident Visa and/or their Emirates ID
    • Proof that they have enough money: A certified copy of their work contract or their salary certificate
    • Proof of places you have traveled beforeIf you have been to the UAE in the last year, give copies of the stamps in your passport
    • Copies of any visas you got in the last 5 years for the USA, UK, Schengen Area, Canada, Russia, Australia, or New Zealand
    • You might also need to give: Proof of how much money you have, proof of where you live now, marriage certificate, any other papers the visa office in Dubai/UAE asks for.

How to Get a Visa for UAE?

In the UAE, you can't get a visa from their embassies or consulates outside the country. Also, you can't apply for a UAE Visa by yourself. You need someone in the UAE to sponsor you or you need to go through an authorized agency that can apply for you. These can be:

  • A person who lives in the UAE and agrees to be your sponsor.
  • A travel agency that is allowed to do this work, where you bought your travel ticket. Some travel agencies in your country might work with a local tour operator in the UAE and offer tourist packages. Just make sure the travel agency is trustworthy and has the right license before you give them money.
  • The hotel you will be staying at in the UAE.
  • One of these airlines, but only if you are flying with them: Etihad Airways - Emirates Airline - Fly Dubai - Air Arabia

How Long can You Be in the UAE with a Visa?

When you get a UAE visa, you usually have 60 days to enter the country with it. Once you're in the UAE, how long you can stay depends on why you're there. If you're visiting as a tourist, you can stay up to 30 days. If you're just passing through, you can stay for up to 4 days. If you're there for work, the visa is good for up to 2 months. During that time, you must change it to a Residence Visa or leave the UAE.

Is It Possible to Make a UAE Visa Last Longer?

Yes, you can extend your UAE visa or entry permit two times from 2018. Each extension gives you 30 more days for a fee of 600 AED. Make sure to apply for the extension before your current visa runs out to avoid fines for staying too long.

However, you can't extend your UAE visa if you are in one of these groups:

  • Visitors or tourists from GCC countries
  • GCC residents coming with a GCC national
  • Holders of a special entry permit
  • People with a 96-hour permit for special missions

What Happens If You Stay too Long in Dubai with a Tourist Visa?

If you stay in Dubai longer than your visa allows, you must pay a fine. This fine is AED 100 for each extra day you stay. If you need to stay longer, you should ask for a longer visa before your current one runs out.

Is It Allowed to Work in Dubai With Tourist Visa?

No, you can't work with a tourist or visitor visa in the UAE. You need a UAE Work Visa and Permit to work there. Working without permission can get you deported and you might have to pay a fine.

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