Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai

Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai

One of those cities that offers so much more than what first meets the eye is Dubai. You must see the award-winning eateries, cultural hotspots, and amazing souks that lie beyond the building facades. There are a lot of excellent activities in Dubai, scattered around the entire city.

1) Visit The Ancient Fishing Village of Al Bastakiya

The region was full with little fishing settlements that spotted the beach before Dubai became Dubai. Spend a moment away from the  metropolis and visit the time-tested Bastakiya Quarter.

Al Bastakiya Dubai

2) Stay in The Desert For The Night

Numerous options exist for spending a night in the desert; some emphasize touring the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, while others concentrate on stunning, elegant tents in the Bedouin way. Whichever route you take, it's definitely one of the greatest things to do in Dubai.

Dubai Desert

3) Enjoy The City's Sunrise

Air ballooning is an arguably one of the best ways to see a sunrise. The best part is that you'll be back in the city just in time for brunch and a quick swim.

Dubai Airbaloon Sunset

4) Look for Gold and Spices in The Souks

Dubai's souks, which were once an active center of regional trade, are still fascinating places to visit. Appreciated by tourists, they can get crowded, but that shouldn't deter you from going; instead, just accept the throng and have fun.
However, if you wish to escape the majority of tourists, go there early in the morning, when the souks have historically grown. Pick up some local spices, browse the gold souks, and even try your hand at bartering—a skill in and of itself—with local shopkeepers.

5) Attempt to Master Falconry

Falcon handling is the skill of "handling" the falcons that are so well-known in Dubai and have a rich cultural heritage in the area. Make reservations for an adventure, discover more about the lives of these magnificent birds, and try your hand at piloting a falcon in a desert environment. Also, falconry has a significant role in this region's history and is recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Item to help preserve and promote it.

Falconry Dubai


6) Visit Bur Dubai Abra Dock to See The Historic Fishing Vessels

Go to Bur Dubai Abra Dock after spending the afternoon in the city's elegance to take a stroll along the boardwalk and learn about some of the traditional trades that used to support the area. Even though very few of the boats are used for fishing these days, they are all still present. Get on board and take in the views of the water for a peaceful coast tour of the city—just remember to bring sunscreen. Even if it could be among the greatest things to do in Dubai, if you don't cover yourself, it will still burn you.

Bur Dubai Abra


7) Explore the Dubai Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden in Dubai is an artistically created garden that is tastefully located inside the city. Cultivated and designed to display some of the UAE's most exquisite gardens. When you go early in the day, you may explore some of the most beautiful gardens—truly works of art.

9) Check out the Third Line Gallery

Dubai is gaining recognition as one of the top global destinations for experiencing and viewing various forms of art. There are cultural centers, museums, and galleries all across the city. Don't forget to visit the Third Line Gallery, which features alternating themed collections every few months.
The focus on modern Middle Eastern artists results in a diverse blend of cultures, artwork, and interpretations that are enjoyable to all of us.

 Third Line Gallery Dubai

10) Try Brunch

Dubai is becoming known for its excellent cuisine, dishes, and restaurant openings that have won awards.The fact that Bubbalicious' brunch blends classic brunch cuisine with regional cuisine from all throughout the Middle East is one of its best features.

Dubai Brunch

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