Top Free Things to Do in Dubai

Top Free Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is famous for being luxurious and flashy, but it also has many free things to do. You can enjoy lots of activities in Dubai without spending any money, like exploring different cultures, enjoying nature, and seeing famous places. You can learn about the city's culture, visit green parks, or look at beautiful views for free. To have an adventure without spending, check out our list of free things to do in Dubai.

1. Spend a Day at JBR Beach

You can enjoy a day at the beach in Dubai without spending money. JBR Beach is a great place to go in the summer. It's open for you to relax or have fun any time. At this beach, you can do yoga, take a walk on the soft sand, swim, and relax looking at the clear blue water. There are also fun activities in the afternoon like street shows, outdoor movies, and more. If you live near Dubai Marina and want something free to do, check out JBR Beach. It's a lively spot you should visit.


It's in Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Opening Hours

Open from 7 am to 10 pm from Saturday to Wednesday, and from 7 am to 11 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

2. Tour Mohammed Bin Rashid Library 

The Mohamed Bin Rashid Library is a new spot in Dubai that many people who love to read were excited about before it opened. This library has a big and impressive building, the latest facilities, and uses modern technology to operate.

This library has up to 1 million books in different languages. You can find books on any topic you like because there are 7 floors with 9 different libraries, each focusing on a certain kind of book. It's a place you should definitely visit in Dubai if you like books, and it's free.


You can find it near Khalil road, in the Al Jaddaf area of Dubai.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Saturday: Open from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Friday: Open from 2 pm to 9 pm.
  • Sunday: Closed.

3. Enjoy Nature at Al Qudra Lakes 

Al Qudra Lakes are near Dubai but away from the busy areas. They are known for their two heart-shaped lakes where you can enjoy nature and relax. It's a great place to find peace and enjoy the view of the water. You can also camp, have a barbecue, or just hang out in the green spaces. If you love adventures, you can bring your tent, food, and drinks, and camp by the love lakes. It's a perfect spot to spend a night under the stars. Al Qudra Lakes is a unique and free place to visit in Dubai.


It is in the Al Qudra desert in Dubai.

4. Watch Dubai Fountains 

Watching the dancing fountains again and again is always fun! It's something cool you can do in Dubai without paying. The Dubai Fountains offer a great show at night for free. You'll enjoy the beautiful lights and music! It's a good place to go for a short trip with friends after work. The fountains are at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, in Downtown Dubai, Dubai.

5. Go to Dubai Mall 

This time, you won't use all your money at Dubai Mall, we promise! Dubai Mall is not just for shopping; it has some fun free stuff to do too.

Inside Dubai Mall, you can see sea animals and even small sharks outside the aquarium. It's amazing to see and will amaze you. Remember to take a picture there.

If you want to see more sea animals, you need to buy a ticket because seeing them inside the aquarium costs money.

Also, have you ever wondered what a real dinosaur looked like? Well, at Dubai Dino in the Souq Dome area, you can see an actual dinosaur skeleton. It's a great place to enjoy different free things inside Dubai.

All these awesome experiences are available at Dubai Mall for no charge!


Dubai Mall is on Financial Center Street, right next to the big tower, Burj Khalifa, in downtown Dubai.

6. Visit Al Seef By Meraas 

Let's think about going back in time to see what Dubai used to be like? This is a fun idea! Meraas has created a project called Al Seef that shows you the old city. It's a great place for free sightseeing in Dubai.

Al Seef is by Dubai Creek. When you're there, you can walk through old narrow streets and along the water, breathing in the fresh air.

Al Seef is a place you can visit for free in Dubai when you need a break from the busy city life. It's worth seeing.


It's on Al Seef Street in Dubai.

7. Walk on the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk 

When you feel bored or stressed, going for a walk can make you feel better. In this amazing city, there are many great places where you can walk without paying anything. One of the top spots to go walking in Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk.

This boardwalk is on the outer edge of Palm Jumeirah. You can walk there and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. If you were looking for something free to do in Palm Jumeirah, walking here is a good idea. Remember to bring your headphones and listen to your favorite music to help you relax and temporarily forget about everything else!


You can find it on Crescent Road in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

8. Visit Ras Al Khor Sanctuary 

Have you been to a sanctuary? If not, you should visit the Ras Al Khor Sanctuary in Dubai. It's a great place to go for free and offers a fun experience. You can see lots of wild animals and birds there that you might not have seen before. It's a great spot for a family outing on the weekend.

At Ras Al Khor Sanctuary, you'll find different types of plants, reptiles, mammals, fish, and birds. It's a top spot in Dubai to visit without spending money and you get to see these creatures up close.


You can find it on Ras Al Khor Road, in Ras Al Khor, Dubai.

Opening Hours

  • From October to March (summer time): Open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • From April to September (winter time): Open from 6 am to 6 pm.

9. Jog Along Kite Beach 

If you want a simple and cheap way to keep fit, jogging every day is a good idea. Kite Beach has a special track for jogging. It's nice because there are no stops and it's free to enter. You can go there any time you want, morning or early evening. It's even better if you jog with a friend because it's more fun and motivating.


You can find it in Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah 3, Dubai.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday to Wednesday: open from 10 in the morning until 10 at night.
  • Thursday to Saturday: open from 10 in the morning until midnight.

10. Have a Picnic  

Picnics are always fun. Dubai has lots of beautiful parks where you can enjoy good times. You and your friends can bring tasty dishes to share. Don't forget to bring a volleyball and some card games for extra fun.

Dubai's parks are pretty and free to enter. They have lots of space and beautiful views. Inside, you'll find lots of things to do and services to make your visit great.

You'll have a great time making memories with your loved ones. For the best picnic, consider these parks:

Al Barsha Pond Park

This park is a favorite in Dubai. It has water ponds which make it a perfect spot for a picnic. Visiting Al Barsha Pond Park is a great free activity for families.


Across from Al Barsha Mall, in Al Barsha 2, Dubai.

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 8 am – 10 pm. Weekends: 8 am – 11 pm.

JLT Park

JLT Park is another great place for families and it's free. You can visit any time, morning or afternoon. It has big green spaces. There are playgrounds for kids too.


At Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

Opening Hours

24 Hours


Finding free things to do in Dubai, like having a picnic in its green parks or exploring its busy markets, is a good way to enjoy the city without spending money. You can visit places like Al Barsha Pond Park or go to JLT Park any time, day or night. Dubai has lots of free activities for everyone. Families can have fun together, and people alone can enjoy the nature and city views without paying anything.

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