Trendy Date Places in Dubai

Trendy Date Places in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its fancy way of living and tall buildings. It also has many special and unforgettable things for couples to do on a date. They can find something different than usual, whether they want to relax or see local culture. This lively city offers everything. Couples can eat outside under the stars or find places not many people know about. Let's look at the best options that will make your dates more magical.


For over ten years, Pierchic has been known as one of the most romantic places in the city, and it's easy to see why. You get to it by walking on a raised wooden path, which looks beautiful at night because of soft lights. The restaurant is on its own private pier, surrounded by the water of the Arabian Gulf. The Italian chef, Beatrice Segoni, cooks amazing food that reminds her of Italy. While you eat, you can see the famous Burj Al Arab hotel shining nearby. It's best to book a table at night when everything looks its most impressive.

Address: Jumeirah Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah


Top Golf

Start your romantic evening or have some fun competing with a day at the driving range. Top Golf welcomes everyone, no matter if you're really good like Tiger Woods or if you're just starting and miss a lot. It's all about having a good time, but there's a scoreboard to see who can hit the ball into areas on the green to score points. The green is big and you can see the tall buildings of the Marina around it. You can order food and drinks right where you're playing, and you can book a spot for a big group or just for two people. Going at sunset is the best because it looks very beautiful.

Address: Emirates Golf Club, Emirates Hills 2


Blind Tiger

This stylish bar has dark and moody inside decor that looks very impressive. It has old-fashioned velvet chairs that are comfortable to sit in, a quiet atmosphere like secret bars from the past, and skilled bartenders who make both traditional and new cocktails. They also give out free small snacks, and there’s a menu for larger meals if you’re hungrier. Four times a week, there’s live music, with jazz playing on Thursdays.

Address: Jumeirah Al Naseem



Reserve a table at the front for a dinner-and-show night in DIFC and enjoy being entertained by others for the evening. The place is elegant, and so is the food – look forward to dishes like Wagyu beef, langoustine, lobster, and truffle. Performers wearing sequins and feathers put on shows at different times during the night. They do singing, dancing, circus acts, and acrobatics. It's a night that will surely give you a lot to talk about.

Address: Podium Level, Gate Village 05, the DIFC.


The Guild

If one restaurant isn't enough, try a place with five different dining areas. At The Guild, you can find The Nurseries, The Potting Shed, The Rockpool, The Salon, and The Aviary. Each spot offers something unique, but they all have the feel of classic European and New York places to eat and hang out. Begin your evening with a drink among the plants at The Nurseries. Then, move on to The Rockpool for a dinner full of seafood like crabs and oysters, where you can see them live. If you're not ready to go home after dinner, there's a secret spot for a drink called The Aviary that you enter through a curtain at the back. It's a cozy place for a cocktail, and it's just been opened.

Address: ICD Brookfield Place, the DIFC


Brass Monkey

Want to play pool, then go bowling, and play some Street Fighter? Brass Monkey is a place where you can have fun competing in games. It's not the usual romantic spot, but this adult game center on Bluewaters Island is great for people who don't follow old romantic comedy rules. The food and drinks are simple, it's always lively, and lots of people go there, which is good for avoiding any awkward quiet moments.

Address: Bluewaters Island



Dubai has many different places to eat and have fun that suit everyone's likes. Whether you want a fancy night with live shows, a food journey with different kinds of restaurants, or a fun night with games, you'll find something special. Each place adds something unique to Dubai's lively night scene, mixing the city's mix of cultures with influences from around the world. Don't miss the chance to check out these spots and enjoy what Dubai has to offer.

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