What to Pack for Your Dubai Trip?

What to Pack for Your Dubai Trip?

Dubai is a city that has both old desert charm and new city wonders. If you're going there, you need to plan well, especially for packing. You might go to see the tall buildings, shop in fancy places, or learn about the local culture. Knowing what to pack can make your trip better.

Dubai's Weather

Knowing the weather in Dubai helps you pack right. Dubai has a desert climate, which means it's usually hot or even hotter. From November to March, the weather is cooler and nicer, with temperatures between 20°C and 30°C (68°F to 86°F). This is the best time for being outdoors and seeing the sights. Sometimes it rains during these months, so bringing a light jacket or a raincoat is a good idea. From April to October, it gets much hotter, with temperatures going over 40°C (104°F). During these hot months, it's important to wear light and airy clothes. Also, don't forget to use sunscreen with high SPF, wear sunglasses, and a hat to keep the sun off your face. No matter when you visit, inside places like malls and restaurants are kept cool with air conditioning, so having a light sweater with you is a good idea.

Packing Clothes

The clothes you should wear depend on where you're going and what you're doing. For example, it's okay to wear a bikini at the beach or a pool. However, you shouldn't walk through a hotel lobby or go to a beach shop in your swimsuit. It's smart to bring a dress to wear over your bikini when you're walking around. 

When visiting religious places like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, wear clothes that are loose and not see-through, and make sure they cover your knees and shoulders. Before, you could borrow a long cloak called an abaya at the mosque, but now you can't. You must bring your own or at least a scarf to cover your head when visiting the mosque.

Packing Footwear

When you pack for your trip to Dubai, especially if you plan to go on a desert safari and do other adventure activities, make sure to take two types of shoes. Choose sneakers as one option because they are good for the long walks you will do. They give your feet support and are comfortable, which is great for walking on different types of ground. Also, remember to bring a pair of sandals. Sandals are perfect for when you are just relaxing or walking around the city. They let your feet breathe and feel comfortable after a busy day of activities. Having sandals will help keep your feet happy during your whole trip, so you can fully enjoy everything Dubai has to offer.

Skincare Products

Remember to pack a moisturizing lotion with strong sun protection. Even if the sun doesn't feel as strong as in Australia, it's still very hot. In summer, it can get up to 40°C, and you could easily get sunburned. People think when it's cooler, the sun isn't as strong, but that's not true. Even in winter, the sun can be very strong and harmful. Besides sunscreen, take Vaseline with you. It's important for protecting your lips and elbows from getting dry and sore, which can happen in hot or cold weather. Keeping your skin moist and safe from the sun is important all year round.

Other Essentials

Always bring a water bottle to keep hydrated, a hat and sunglasses to protect from the sun, and hand sanitizer for cleanliness in busy places. It's smart to carry a good deodorant to stay fresh all day and face wipes for a quick clean. Also, take some ibuprofen or painkillers for any headaches or soreness from walking a lot or jet lag. These things will help you stay comfortable and healthy while traveling.

Cards Or Cash

Most places take credit and debit cards, but sometimes you need cash, especially for small buys or places that don't take cards. Using cash is handy and often liked in traditional markets, where you can really get into the local way of shopping, and at the souvenir shops in Karama Market, which have a lot of cheap gifts and keepsakes. Also, for people who like to pay without touching things, many shops now take GPay, making paying easy and safe. For using credit cards, Mastercard and Visa are the most accepted in Dubai, making shopping easy for travelers all over the city.

Don’t Carry Drugs, Poppy Seeds, or Prescription Medicines

When going to the UAE, you need to be careful about what you pack. Surprisingly, you can't bring poppy seeds, which are found in many foods, into the country. The UAE is very strict about drugs, including both illegal drugs and some medicines that need a doctor's prescription. If you're bringing medicine, you need to have the right paperwork and sometimes even approval from the UAE's health department to avoid problems when you arrive.

Besides drugs, there are other things the UAE is strict about. Even though you can wear religious symbols, you can't bring in certain types of art like stone sculptures or certain prints, especially to Dubai. The UAE wants to protect its culture and religious feelings.

Also, anything from Israel or with an Israeli logo is banned because of the UAE's political views.

When choosing clothes to bring, pick ones that respect the local culture. Don't wear clothes with messages or pictures that could upset Muslims. This means avoiding clothes that could be seen as rude.

By following these rules, you can have a smooth trip to the UAE and enjoy what the country has to offer.


To have a good trip to Dubai, it's important to learn about its special customs and rules. Make sure to know the local laws about medicines, religious items, art, products from Israel, and how to dress appropriately. This shows respect for the UAE's culture. Understanding and following these rules helps avoid any legal problems and lets you enjoy Dubai's rich culture and many attractions better. Remember, packing right means not just taking what you need, but also respecting the place you're visiting. This makes your trip better and more enjoyable.



Can I bring medication to Dubai?

Yes, you can take medicine to Dubai, but you must have a prescription or a note from a doctor in English to show the medicine is for you only. Some medicines, especially ones with controlled substances, might need extra explanation or special permission from the UAE's health officials.


Are there any restrictions on electronic devices?

Usually, you can bring electronic items like phones, cameras, laptops, and tablets to Dubai without any problems. But, you should not take pictures of government buildings, military places, or other important areas unless you have permission.


Can I bring alcohol to Dubai?

If you are not Muslim and coming to the country through Dubai Airport, you can bring a small amount of alcohol for your own use. Usually, this means no more than four liters of alcohol or two boxes of beer (each box having 24 cans, with each can holding up to 355ml). Remember, this alcohol is for private use only. You should not drink it in public places.


Is it okay to pack food items in my luggage?

Yes, you can put food items in your bags, but it's better not to bring things that can spoil quickly. Foods that are in packages or snacks are usually okay, but all food must follow the UAE's strict rules for bringing things into the country. These rules help keep people and the environment safe. It's a good idea to look up the most recent rules before you travel.

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