Where and What To Eat In Dubai?

Where and What To Eat In Dubai?

Dubai is a very interesting city because many different cultures come together there. This mix is easy to see in the food. There are many good places to eat that mix traditional Arab tastes with others.

Dubai has a lot to offer. It has everything you could think of and always has new surprises. Even as the city grows quickly and becomes more modern, it keeps the traditional culture of the Arab Emirates. You can see this mix in the food too.

In Dubai, you can find all sorts of food places. There are places that serve traditional Arab tea, Lebanese food, the best American steaks, and dishes from Italy or Greece. If you're getting hungry, here's a list of the best places to eat in Dubai.

1.Common Meals at Arabian Tea House Restaurant Café

If you want to learn about UAE culture and eat local food in Dubai, go to the Arabian Tea House. This place looks great and many people like its style. They serve a lot of good food.

The best food here includes Tahta Laham, which is a traditional dish made with meat, rice, and spices, and breakfasts full of Arab tastes. The service is really good, so it's a great place to try Dubai's traditional food. The restaurant is located on Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai, Bastakiya. The average cost for one person ranges between 10€ to 30€. It's a great place for couples, families, and groups of friends.


2. Tribes Carnivore for meat lovers

If you want to try luxury dining and Western-style food in Dubai, go to Tribes Carnivore for some of the best meat in the city, including American cuts and dishes. The restaurant is in the Dubai Mall, so you can see the Burj Khalifa while you eat. They serve big portions of steaks, burgers, and ribs, but they also have vegetarian and halal options. It’s a popular place, so booking a table is a good idea if you want to enjoy a meal with a great view.

3. Eat Greek Kouzina

Dubai is famous not only for Arabic food but also for its variety of tasty spicy dishes. It's a great place for people who love food, offering top restaurants for all kinds of tastes. If you're into Greek food, you should check out the Eat Greek Kouzina restaurant located in the Mall of the Emirates. This place has a large menu featuring all the well-known Greek dishes, and it's popular among both tourists and locals. They're especially famous for their souvlaki skewers and moussaka, but everything they serve is delicious and feels like it's straight from Athens. You can find it in the Mall of the Emirates, Barsha, 1. Eating there costs about 20€ to 30€ per person. They're famous for their Greek dishes. It's a good spot for tourists who enjoy Greek cuisine.


4. Italian pasta at Eataly

In Dubai, there's a special area for everyone who loves pasta and pizza. Inside Dubai Mall, you can find a section with many stores selling Italian food, and close to it, there's Eataly, one of the top Italian restaurants in the city. This place serves high-quality food and is known for its excellent dishes. Seafood, carpaccio, and pasta with mushrooms are some of their specialities. You can also buy your favorite ingredients there. Located on the Ground Level of The Dubai Mall, the average cost per person ranges from 30€ to 50€. They are known for their Italian food and products, making it a perfect spot for couples and individuals who love Italian cuisine.


5. Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge

Just a short drive from the city center, in the middle of the Rub' al Khali desert, you'll find one of the world's top resort hotels and an amazing restaurant with a great view. If you get a chance to visit Dubai's desert, I suggest you eat there. The restaurant is right in the sand dunes and has a great menu with local food and some Western-style dishes. It's a perfect place for a romantic date or to fully experience the Emirates.

6. Al Mahara and Al Munhata

If you want a fancy and relaxing experience in Dubai, places like the Al Mahara and Al Munhata restaurant in some seven-star hotels are perfect for those who can afford it. This restaurant has a big fish tank and a special feel. The prices are a bit high, about €70 for each person. But, if you see it as a special experience and enjoy the big menu, you'll have a nice romantic dinner watching fish and getting great service.

7. Ayamna, a real Lebanese experience

Located on one of Dubai's man-made islands, The Palm Atlantis has one of the top Lebanese restaurants in the city. Both locals and tourists like this type of food. At Ayamna, you can enjoy delicious dishes in a beautiful place with views of the sea and palm trees.

If it's your first time there, you should try the Lebanese Culinary Experience, which lets you taste a bit of everything they're known for. Their dishes use beans, breads, rice, meat, and spices to please any picky eater.


8. Feast Restaurant

Dubai is a city where you can see many different things, and this is true for its food too. Even if you're not staying at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, you should try eating at its restaurant, the Feast Restaurant. This restaurant mixes food from the United Arab Emirates with food from Asia.

If you enjoy food that combines different styles, especially from China or Japan, you'll like this restaurant. It has an open kitchen, so you can watch your food being made. They are also known for their great desserts, so make sure to save some room for these sweet treats from the Arab world.


9. Operation Falafel

Eating good food doesn't have to be expensive, and Operation Falafel understands this. This restaurant's goal is to serve a big selection of typical Arab dishes, just like the locals eat, but at a low price. Because of this idea, it's become one of the top-rated restaurants in Dubai.

As you might guess from its name, its main dish is falafels. But, they also offer a lot of shawarmas and a dessert that mixes banana and chocolate on a pizza, which is really delicious.

10.Catch 22

If you're walking around Dubai Marina and feel like eating something quick and good, make sure to visit Catch 22. It's a simple place with lots of tasty dishes. Even though it looks very American, the best dishes are sushi and fish.

You can enjoy a delicious seafood stir-fry at a low cost and pair it with classic American shakes. Plus, its location in the middle of Dubai Marina means you'll get to see beautiful sea views.


How Much Money Do You Need to Eat in Dubai?

Dubai is known for being expensive and fancy, but it's also a place where you can eat out without spending a lot of money. You can find many places that offer good, traditional food that fits any budget.

If you want to eat at fancy places with nice views and special menus, Dubai has some of the best restaurants in the world. But, there are also a lot of local restaurants and food spots that serve great food at low prices. So, the cost of eating out can be as low as 5€ or go up to more than 100€.

What Are The Most Common Foods in Dubai's Cooking?

Dubai's cooking includes many special foods. Some of these are rice with meat, fish, and vegetables. There are also small fried dough balls covered in sweet syrup. Bread that is very thin and bread that is stuffed with meat or cheese are also popular. People in Dubai enjoy eating dates and drinking coffee with cardamom, a type of spice. These foods are part of what people in Dubai eat often.

Dubai's food, and that of the Arab Emirates in general, is heavily influenced by Arabic cooking. This means you'll find lots of dishes with beans, sour sauces, spices like turmeric or cumin, and flavored meats. Some popular dishes include hummus, mezze, tabbouleh, and mackbus. These dishes often mix cooked meats with fresh, citrusy flavors and lots of spices, making them unique. Pork is not allowed in the country because of Muslim laws, and the pork that is available for tourists usually isn't very good, so it's best to avoid it.


Dubai has a great food scene that fits everyone's budget and taste. You can enjoy fancy meals with amazing views or simple, tasty local food. The city offers a mix of dishes that show the rich culture of the United Arab Emirates, with flavors that are deep and enjoyable. Even though Dubai is known for being fancy, everyone can find something good to eat here. The food in Dubai includes both international dishes and local favorites, making sure there's something for everyone. Whether you want something fancy from around the world or traditional local food, Dubai's food will definitely make you happy.



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