Where to Stay in Dubai: Dubai's Best Areas

Where to Stay in Dubai: Dubai's Best Areas

Dubai is a big and shiny city that comes up from the desert. If you're new and trying to find the best place to stay, it might feel hard because there are so many choices. But, we have a list that helps you find the best places to stay when you're there. You can choose from very fancy hotels that are easy to see in the city, or you can find something quieter and more private in the United Arab Emirates. This guide talks about different areas and hotels to help you find the best place for your visit. It helps you find a place that fits your money, style, and what you want, making sure your time in Dubai is something you'll always remember.

Dubai Marina

One of the top areas to stay in Dubai is the Marina because it has a lot of bars and restaurants. It has a long walkway, 7km, along the water where you can walk in the early morning or evening. It's a good place to look at fancy boats. On the west side of the Marina, the hotels have great views of the sea.

Jumeirah Beach Residence Area

Most of Dubai Marina's tourist spots are around luxury beach hotels. These hotels are now surrounded by many tall buildings. A big part of this area includes the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). JBR is the biggest single-phase living area in the world. It has forty tall buildings where ten thousand people can live. It covers an area of 1.7 km.

A main part of JBR is The Walk at JBR, or just "The Walk." This is a nice walkway on the side facing the sea. It has many small shops, pizza places, coffee shops, and places to get burgers. Next to the sea at The Walk, between the Sheraton and Hilton Jumeirah Beach hotels, there is a place called The Beach at JBR. This place has a group of small buildings.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is on the south side of Dubai Creek and is the oldest part of the city. Here, you can still see parts of old Dubai that have been around before the city grew so fast. Some places near the water look very old, with buildings that are the color of sand and a skyline that looks like it's from an Arabian story, with lots of wind towers and a few tall prayer towers.

Far from Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai feels newer and more focused on business. Al Fahidi Street is very busy, with shops that have bright lights and sell many phones and watches. This area is also known as the city's Little India because there are many simple restaurants that serve curry, shops that sell shiny dresses, and people who try to sell you fake watches or scarves.

Al Fahidi

Think about Dubai, a city in the desert known for its tall, shiny buildings. You might not expect to find an old part of town there. However, Dubai does have a place with history. In the north part of the city, there's an area called the Al Fahidi Historical District. This place shows what Dubai looked like before all the modern buildings and big roads. It used to be a quiet place where people fished.

The houses in this area are made of teak wood and sandalwood and are a sandy color. They sit along narrow streets. There are small shops and places where artists work, hidden in small yards or behind big wooden doors. Not many people visit this area, but it's the best place to stay in Dubai if you want a quiet vacation.

Downtown Dubai

If you have a lot of money to spend and want to go shopping, Downtown Dubai is the top place to stay in Dubai. This area has the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the big Dubai Mall with many shops and places to eat that can keep you busy for days. Make sure to see the fountain shows at Burj Lake, which look even better at night.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Most people visiting Dubai will often travel along Sheikh Zayed Road. This road goes from the airport and is surrounded by tall buildings, showing off the city's interesting buildings. The road is big and open, but there aren't many places close by where you can walk to for food or shopping. So, it's better for people who have a car.

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is a big symbol of wealth and luxury. It is an island made by people, located near the coast close to Internet City, which is a technology business area. This island has places for holidays, fancy hotels, and waterparks on its branches. If you want to stay near the beach, this is the best place to be in Dubai.


Few people choose to stay in Deira when they visit Dubai. This older area doesn't have the shiny look Dubai is known for. Instead, it feels like a real city where people live and work. If you're looking for a different experience from the newer parts of Dubai, which can feel a bit empty and just for tourists, Deira is a great choice.

Many people who have moved to Dubai from other countries live in Deira. The area is better because of this mix of people. You can find food halls serving Asian dishes, cafes that offer Indian chai, and shopping malls that bring together different cultures from the Eastern Hemisphere. Choose to stay here if you're interested in a lively, active, and more authentic Dubai experience.

Al Barsha

Al Barsha is a lively area where people live and work. It is famous for its many shops, hotels, and places to eat, which makes it a favorite spot for staying in Dubai. One big attraction in Al Barsha is the Mall of the Emirates. This mall has a big ski slope inside and many high-end stores and places to eat.


When you're deciding where to stay in Dubai, it really depends on what you want to do. If you like fancy places and want to be right by the beach, Palm Jumeirah is where you'll find a lot of luxury. If you're into shopping and fun activities, check out Al Barsha because it has lots of stores and places to have fun. If you want to see what Dubai is really like and enjoy its many different cultures, Deira is a great place to go. It's full of life and gives you a real feel of the city. Each area has its own special thing, making Dubai a great city for all kinds of people.

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