Aquaparks in Fethiye: Entrance Fees, Opening Hours, Comparison of the Aquaparks

Aquaparks in Fethiye: Entrance Fees, Opening Hours, Comparison of the Aquaparks

When Fethiye is mentioned, the first things that come to mind are sea, sand, sun, nature, and tranquility. These are undoubtedly the most beautiful details of Fethiye. However, for adrenaline enthusiasts, the option of Sultans Aquapark with its fantastic design slides should also be considered.

Aquaparks in the Fethiye region welcome children of all ages, offering families a great option for spending quality time. They feature slides and swimming pools designed for babies and middle-aged kids. For adrenaline enthusiasts, planning a holiday in Fethiye allows them to make the most of their 24 hours. Early morning starts with paragliding, then a visit to the aquapark at noon, and enjoying a meal with a view of the sunset in the evening. Of course, the night is filled with unlimited fun and enjoyment.


Sultans Aquapark

Sultans Aquapark is open everyday from 10 AM to 6 PM and has been actively welcoming visitors every summer since 2002. Located in Calis Beach, it is one of the most beautiful aqua parks in Fethiye with over 10 slides. It has wonderful fun pool sections for kids. Definitely a great choice for families. Food is not allowed to be brought into the facility, but there are dining areas inside. There is also a swimming course at the water park, 2 days a week and course lasts 1.5 hours.

Various Pools and Play Areas Available

There are 1 swimming pool at a depth of 140 cm, 1 diving pool at a depth of 110 cm, 2 children's pools at depths of 40 cm and 50 cm, and 1 children's play area at a depth of 40 cm.

Slides at the Water Park

List of slides available at the water park includes a Hill Bugi (Cobra Snake) Slide, a Black Hole (Tube Slide Closed) Bottomed, a Light Blue Slide, a 4-Person Rainbow Slide, and various children's slides such as Elephant, Rabbit, and Dog Fish.

Entrance Fees for Sultans Aquapark

Adult tickets are available for purchase at 500 Turkish Lira each, making sure people have a good time exploring. For the younger ones, children's tickets are priced at 400 Turkish Lira, offering a fantastic opportunity for families to enjoy together. Moreover, children under 4 years old can enter free of charge, making it a trip everyone can join.

Location: Foça, Mustafa Kemal Blvd., 48300 Fethiye/Muğla




Orka Aquapark

Orka World Waterpark is the biggest water park in Fethiye. Visitors can have a fun day there. Guests staying at Orka World Hotel can go to the water park for free and use the shuttle service for free at certain times. They can also try out all the activities in the water park. Orka World Waterpark is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Inside the Aquapark

There are 13 Slides (7 for both children and adults, 5 for children only, and 1 exclusively for adults), 4 Pools, 4 V.I.P. Cabanas, fast food areas, cafes, bars, markets, and many more places to enjoy. There are changing cabins, showers, and toilets. You can also rent lockers for your personal belongings.

You need wristbands to purchase items at the water park. To put more money on your wristbands, visit 2 cash desks at the park near the Icon Bar.

Food and drinks at the water park cost extra. You can't bring your own food or drinks. No pets allowed.

Entrance Fees

Orka World Waterpark is all about fun rides and chill-out spots for guests. Anyone can come for the day at a fair price. They have deals for groups and regular visitors. Ask about family offers and kid discounts to have a great time without spending too much.

To get into Orka, adults pay 300 TL, kids pay 250 TL. Kids under 4 enter free. Prices are the same on weekdays and weekends.

Location:  Ölüdeniz, Sarnıç Cd. No:21, 48340, 48340 Fethiye/Muğla





Comparison of the Aquaparks

Comparing Orka Aquapark and Sultan's Aqua City shows the different water fun you can have in Fethiye. Orka Aquapark is big and free if you stay at Orka World Hotel. It has 13 slides for all ages. Sultan's Aqua City is different with its own cool stuff. It has water activities and special events, plus deals for families. Choosing depends on what you like, like more slides or pools, or if you stay at Orka World. Both promise fun, but they have different things and prices for different people.

If you are a family with children, you can choose the Orka facility. You can also benefit from hotel accommodation services if you wish.



To sum up, if you want a fun day with water slides or a nice pool day with family, you can choose Orka Aquapark or Sultan's Aqua City. Both places have something for everyone. Orka Aquapark is good for families because it has lots to do and you can stay at the hotel there too. Have a great time in the water at these parks and make some special memories in Fethiye.


Add Paragliding Activity to Your Fethiye Aquapark Fun!

If you've tried the water park in Fethiye, now book a spot for paragliding! Don't miss out on parachuting in Fethiye Oludeniz. You can be one of the skydivers you watch up there.




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